10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Almost every owner of a house or apartment considers this property as an investment that can be sold at any time. This is actually so, but you want to sell as profitably as possible! How to increase the value of a house or apartment before the sale will be told by Our advice site.

A house or apartment is usually the owners’ largest asset. Getting the highest possible price for it is the main goal of the sale. Realtors have long identified the main points that can induce potential buyers to stop trading and agree to the price offered by the seller. Let’s listen to them.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

First advice

Prepare documents in advance. The portal wrote in detail what it takes to sell an apartment. Including independently, without the help of realtors. It is very important to prepare all documents of title, to prove that there are no debts on utility bills. If the buyer is convinced that the transaction can be completed in the shortest possible time, he will most likely agree to your price. Usually no one wants to wait for the preparation of a package of documents.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Second tip

Correct presentation. Take the best pictures of your home from the best possible angle to make it look like the picture. An ad with such high-quality and attractive illustrations will “bite” the buyer faster and will have a positive attitude.

Important! The main thing here is not to overdo it. When entering a home for the first time, a potential buyer can be very disappointed. “You showed me something completely different in the photo,” he exclaims and begins to think that he was initially deceived. So beautiful photos are important, but they should correspond to reality as much as possible..

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Third tip

Choose the right time. As the practice of realtors shows, in summer property prices usually go down. And in the fall and spring, the market begins to show an upturn, demand, and therefore prices rise. In addition, it is best to show an apartment or house in the daytime, in clear weather, so that the rooms seem brighter and more spacious..

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Fourth tip

Focus on furniture that will definitely remain in the apartment. It is clear that any rubbish such as a sofa that has collapsed against the wall will only scare away potential buyers. But a brand new or perfectly preserved, updated kitchen will be a big plus. If the kitchen set is made to order according to the given dimensions, it makes no sense to pick it up. Tell potential buyers that three years ago they gave a solid sum for this German furniture, show how high-quality the fittings are, the countertop and how much storage space. The same applies, for example, to the built-in wardrobe. You can include the cost of the remaining furniture in the price of the house.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Fifth advice

Set up your dressing room. Realtors claim that houses and apartments with dressing rooms are selling better and faster. If you have a pantry that is still used as a warehouse for old things, buy storage systems and convert it into a wardrobe. The investment will pay off, experts say.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Sixth tip

It’s trite, but just put things in order! Rake up the trash on the balcony and loggia, wipe off the dust, take care of your site if it is in disrepair. You need to make a good impression, meet potential buyers fully armed. As a last resort, if you have no time to do this, hire a space organizer to, for example, clean up the garage. And workers to clean the site.

In the case of an apartment, of course, it is very desirable that everything be fine at the entrance, but, we understand, you will not make repairs here on your own. This is the responsibility of the management company. At least clean up your site.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Seventh tip

Make sure there is a pleasant aroma in the house or apartment. No traces of damp smell! Ventilate the premises before customers arrive, buy an air freshener. Or just put a bouquet of fragrant flowers with a sprig of mint, make coffee – at the same time treat those who came by talking about the advantages of your home.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Eighth tip

Don’t invest a lot in renovations! Makeup will be enough. Remember that apartments in new buildings are eagerly bought with bare concrete walls. If the apartment is in more or less decent condition, just refresh the walls with paint or wallpaper. Choose neutral colors that appeal to the vast majority of potential buyers.

Important! If an apartment or a house is being sold in a completely “killed” state, it is best to remove the old finish altogether, strip the wallpaper and floor coverings, and prepare everything for renovation. And focus on a good location of housing, a beautiful view from the windows, and other advantages.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Ninth tip

Offer an energy efficient and independent option. The presence of solar panels on the roof, a well and a modern septic tank on the site is a huge plus of the property. Tell us how the facade is insulated, emphasize that you save on heating without sacrificing comfort, the sewage system has never been blocked, there are energy-saving lamps in each room. If you have an apartment, the advantage will be wall insulation outside and inside, no problems with heating and new risers. In general, the excellent condition of all utilities is a huge advantage when selling, because this is a very expensive item of repair.

10 Ways to Increase Home Value Before Selling

Tenth tip

A friendly atmosphere during the inspection of the property and the right bidding. It is very important to be friendly, open, and tell the story of the house or apartment. Make it clear that you are not moving because you don’t like it. It was just the circumstances. Note that you have good relations with your neighbors, and the overall atmosphere in an apartment building or cottage village is great. Be honest about the bidding. Indicate the amount that is acceptable for you and say that you will not go lower, the house costs exactly that much. You may also notice that other buyers are already interested in your property..

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