Capital market of warehouse real estate

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Modern business needs high-quality storage facilities that are part of the logistics system of any enterprise. In modern market conditions, effective turnover is not possible without warehouses and competent warehouse logistics. That is why the demand for high-quality premises in the warehouse real estate market has recently exceeded supply..

Capital market of warehouse real estate
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This trend leads to a shortage of good warehouses in the capital market, many enterprises often have problems when searching for suitable premises..

We also note that entrepreneurs are increasingly ready to consider offers from warehouses located not only directly in Moscow, but also in the Moscow region. Therefore, many Moscow developers have begun to build new modern logistics centers outside the Moscow Ring Road.

In this article, we will consider what criteria must be considered when choosing a warehouse and what is the current cost of renting warehouse premises in Moscow and the Moscow region..

Warehouse selection criteria

Location of the complex

When choosing a warehouse, entrepreneurs must first take into account its location. Here, one of the key criteria for assessing the quality of a warehouse is how close it is to the main transport routes, that is, how quickly the goods will be delivered. When evaluating a warehouse, this parameter must be given close attention. Since if the time spent on the delivery of goods is significant, this can not only delay the delivery process, but also lead to unnecessary costs and even losses..


In addition, it is important that high-quality roads with high traffic capacity lead to the warehouse. Frequent congestion has a negative effect on deliveries – the efficiency of delivery of goods decreases, there is a downtime of freight transport, which leads to significant losses.

Also pay attention to the quality of the road surface – bad roads not only make it difficult to deliver goods, but can also lead to serious costs for repairing the car fleet.

Compliance with the functional requirements of the premises

The entrepreneur must also understand that since the warehouse is intended for storing goods, then the premises must be appropriately equipped. Warehouse premises should be spacious, ventilated, have a complete set of equipment that will maintain the required temperature regime. If the warehouse cannot provide the storage conditions necessary for your goods, then it cannot be considered suitable..

Before concluding a contract, it is also recommended to check the serviceability of utilities. If there are any malfunctions, this will require additional costs from you in the future..

All these parameters must be taken into account in a complex, in accordance with the needs and goals of the enterprise.

Warehouse rental cost by district

Warehouse rental cost by district
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The cost of renting warehouse premises depends primarily on their location. Below we give the average rental prices for warehouses in different districts of Moscow and the Moscow region.

MKAD, rental rate – $ 150 per square meter per year

The MKAD – one of the oldest highways in Moscow – captures most of the capital. It should be noted that at present, some sections of the road are being reconstructed, which in the future will unload the highway and increase its capacity, as well as the speed of movement. The close proximity to the city is the main advantage of warehouses located in the MKAD area. It is this fact, in spite of the high rental prices, that determines the constant demand for warehouse premises in this area..

Novorizhskoe highway, rental rate – $ 150 per square meter per year

New Riga is one of the youngest tracks in the capital. It is the only highway in the city where there are no traffic police posts and traffic lights at all, this ensures a sufficiently high speed of vehicles along this road..

Also in this case, the key pricing factor is the proximity of the Novorizhskoe highway to the Leningradskoe highway, which, as you know, leads to the capital’s Sheremetyevo airport.

It should also be noted that mainly high-quality warehouses (class A) are located on the Moscow Ring Road and in the Novorizhskoye Highway area. that is why these areas are considered the most expensive in the warehouse real estate market.

Kievskoe highway – Minsk highway, rental rate – $ 140 per square meter per year

Kievskoe highway is one of the best highways in terms of the level of livability on the territory of the Moscow region. The track has an excellent road surface, many overhead pedestrian crossings and modern road junctions. However, this direction has a small drawback – the road is often congested. The fact is that there are a lot of transit trucks constantly passing by, as well as Muscovites going to the nearest Moscow region and Vnukovo airport..

Minsk highway is part of a large European transport corridor that provides road links between Eastern and Central Europe. It is in this direction that the main flow of goods supplied by road from Europe follows. However, even here, movement is often difficult. Freight transport, many settlements, shopping centers near the highway, as well as railway crossings and traffic lights seriously complicate the transport situation in this area. The quality of the road surface is also not very high.

According to experts, the popularity of Minsk and Kiev highways among tenants of warehouse premises is quite high. This is due to the reconstruction of the road in Kievskoye and the proximity of Vnukovo airport. Nevertheless, transport problems that periodically arise on these routes make warehouses in these areas somewhat cheaper than in the area of ​​the Moscow Ring Road and New Riga..

Leningradskoe shosse – Dmitrovskoe shosse, rental rate – $ 135 per square meter per year

Leningradskoe highway is one of the busiest. The speed of movement here is also limited by numerous traffic lights, traffic police posts and pedestrian crossings. The transport situation is somewhat complicated by the work on the reconstruction of the track. Due to its long length, there are always a lot of large freight transport.

Leningradskoe shosse leads to Sheremetyevo international airport, so a warehouse in this direction is often rented by companies engaged in international transportation. The route is in demand, despite frequent transport problems – more than 30% of all warehouse space in the capital region is located on the Leningradskoye highway, more than 90% of which are class A warehouse complexes.

Dmitrovskoe shosse is also one of the busiest roads in Moscow; you can see a large number of trucks at almost any time of the day. The highway begins from the capital’s Garden Ring and leads to the north of the Moscow region. The quality of the road surface is good, there is also the necessary lighting. Along Dmitrovskoe highway, a large selection of high quality warehouses is currently offered for rent. We also note that this route is a reserve one for Sheremetyevo International Airport..

Simferopol highway – Novokashirskoe highway, rental rate – $ 135 per square meter per year

Simferopol highway is one of the freest in the Moscow region, because it was built to bypass large settlements. One more point – to the west of Serpukhov, they are going to build a bypass road specially for transit transport. The main drawback of this route is the terrible quality of the road surface, which creates great difficulties for large carriers..

Novokashirskoye highway is also not heavily loaded, although its throughput is considered to be quite high. There is also a problem here, that on the Simferopol highway there is a terrible road surface. Immediately after leaving Moscow, the road problems become obvious, unfortunately the road does not correspond to the status of the federal highway.

However, builders have become more active in the direction of Simferopolskoye and Novokashirskoye highways recently, as tenants show great interest in this area due to the high traffic capacity of the roads. If the authorities take care of the quality of the roadway, then this direction will soon be able to compete with other metropolitan highways.

Novoryazanskoe highway, rental rate – $ 130 per square meter per year

Novoryazanskoe highway is one of the most demanded highways at the present time, that’s why big traffic jams are often formed here. Most often, traffic jams are formed on the outskirts of Moscow. On the territory of the Moscow region, the highway has a good road surface. However, in some sections of the road, due to the large number of freight transport, there is rut.

Despite this, the popularity of this area among tenants is very high. They are mainly attracted by large logistics complexes – at Belaya Dacha and in Tomilino, which offer a wide range of services for safekeeping and warehousing, as well as provide an opportunity for enterprises to rent an office.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the commercial real estate market, including warehouse, is developing in Moscow and the Moscow region. As demand grows, developers are striving to keep up. The supply of quality premises (class A) is increasing, which is a good trend. However, as the cost of construction is growing, so are the rental rates. The most expensive warehouses within the Moscow Ring Road – $ 150 per square meter per year.

If you want to rent a warehouse, then when choosing, rely primarily on the location of the premises, its quality and transport accessibility. If you are engaged in international transportation, then it is better to choose warehouses on the Leningradskoye or Novorizhskoye highway. In other cases, the choice will depend on the direction of transportation that you will carry out. Remember that the closer the warehouse complex is to Moscow, and the better the quality of the access roads, the more expensive its rent will be..

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