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Over the past ten years, the suburban real estate market in the Moscow Region has experienced many changes and successive new trends. One of the most striking of them was the increase in the popularity of the so-called “distant dachas”, that is, land plots, ready-made cottages and country houses, which are located at least 60, or even 100 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road – the generally accepted border of Belokamennaya.

As Valery Mishchenko, chairman of the board of directors of Kaskad Family, notes, today Muscovites looking for summer cottages or land plots for the construction of a country house immediately pay attention to proposals located 80-100 kilometers from the capital..

If earlier, in 2007 and 2008, when the market experienced a sharp increase in demand and an increase in the volume of transactions, “distant summer cottages” were called plots 60 and 80 kilometers away from the Moscow Ring Road, today this category already includes land plots and cottages that are located 120 and even 180 kilometers from the metropolis, outside the Moscow region.

And these “distant dachas” are in increasing demand, buyers are not embarrassed by tens of kilometers of road and an increase in travel time. What is the reason for this trend and do the dachas, located 100 kilometers from the capital, have advantages that can attract buyers??

Issue price

All experts in the suburban real estate market are unanimous in the reasons for the increase in demand for “distant dachas” – land plots, and even more so cottages 20-30 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road are so expensive today that not all Muscovites can afford.

So, if the buyer manages to find a land plot without a contract 40 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road at a price of about 100 thousand rubles per hundred square meters, he can consider himself lucky. The average cost of such offers is usually two to three times higher and ranges from 180 to 450 thousand rubles per hundred square meters.

According to the experts of the Uniparx Service company, already 70 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road prices for land plots are significantly reduced – up to 55 thousand rubles per hundred square meters, and 100 kilometers from the capital you can find a land plot for a summer residence for only 20-30 thousand per hundred square meters.

The analytical center “Indicators of the real estate market” also notes that the difference in the cost of land plots without a contract is very noticeable – at a distance of more than 60 kilometers from Moscow, such plots are offered two times cheaper than at shorter distances.

The cost of finished cottages also differs downwardly – if a house located 30-40 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road can cost about 42-50 million rubles, then the cottages that are behind a concrete ring, that is, at a distance of at least 61 kilometers from the capital, cost an average of 6-6.5 million rubles – in fact, seven times less! The difference is so tangible that for the money saved on buying a house or a summer cottage, buyers can buy a new car and comfortably get to their “distant summer cottage”.

The popularity of plots and houses that are 80-100 kilometers away from the Moscow Ring Road is increasing, and there is also a fairly large selection in the economy class category – in the near Moscow region, free offers remain less and less, and villages with affordable prices for plots and cottages are a huge rarity. On expensive land, developers prefer to build luxurious mansions, rather than small cottages, which significantly reduces the number of potential buyers.

The main factors that affect the cost of “distant dacha” remain:

  • availability of engineering communications;
  • terrain relief;
  • developed infrastructure of the village;
  • location – the presence of a reservoir increases the cost of a plot or a cottage on the “first line” by 20-30%.

It is also worth considering the fact that if land in the Moscow region and, for example, in the Tula region, will cost almost the same, then the supply of communications outside the metropolitan area is much cheaper. For example, for gasification and electrification of a site in the Moscow region, you will have to pay at least 500 thousand rubles, and in the Tula region – only about 300 thousand rubles..

Peculiarities of the “distant summer cottages” market

If the price trend – the farther from the capital, the cheaper the property – everything is clear, then other features of “distant summer cottages” can still make potential buyers think about the advisability of such a purchase and carefully analyze all the features of the offer.

Often, land plots without a contract are offered to buyers without utilities, and in general, the state of the infrastructure of villages far from Moscow may be far from ideal.

However, today the market for “distant cottages” is developing steadily and at a fairly rapid pace, so the number of proposals is constantly growing, the infrastructure is improving, and buyers who were previously ready to purchase a plot of land without water and electricity are now becoming more demanding and do not agree to spend their own funds for the development of the territory, requiring guarantees from the developer.

However, investors who want to make money on the sale of a plot in the future often choose land plots without communications. If the selling company guarantees gas and electricity in the next year or two, this will immediately increase the value of the land, which makes such purchases a profitable investment.

It is interesting that if at a distance of up to 60 kilometers from Moscow it is customary to single out more or less prestigious destinations, then at a greater distance the difference in price is almost invisible. For example, if in the nearest suburbs of Moscow the Novorizhskoe highway remains the most “elite” direction, where most of the expensive real estate and prestigious gated communities are located, then 80-100 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road prices for Novorizhskoe plots and houses practically do not differ from the cost of proposals for Minsk, Kievsky, Leningradsky, Dmitrovsky, Yaroslavsky or Mozhaisky highways. As noted by Alexander Kovalenko, commercial director of Uniparx Service, at such a far distance from Moscow, the border between elite and less prestigious areas is blurred, and the cost of houses and plots is leveled.

Another interesting feature of pricing in the segment of “distant summer cottages” is that if literally every kilometer plays an important role at a distance of 60-70 kilometers from the capital, the difference in cost between a plot 80 and 120 kilometers from Moscow is almost invisible. At this distance, one or two dozen kilometers no longer play such an important role..

Another feature of “distant dachas” is the relatively small area of ​​finished cottages and land plots. The most popular proposals are land plots without a contract ranging from 6 to 10 acres, and the average area of ​​houses is about 100 “squares”. Among the “distant summer cottages”, cottages with an area of ​​about 500 square meters are a rarity, as are vast land areas with an area of ​​about 40-50 acres, while in the near Moscow region, mansions with an area of ​​up to 1 thousand square meters are common, especially in prestigious areas. Buyers turn to land plots and houses remote from the capital precisely in order to save money on purchases and do not want to overpay for too large an area.

In addition, usually the “distant dacha” is used only in the summer season, it is customary here to “send to nature” children with grandmothers, so most often a modest house is erected on the land plot without heating or with a fireplace and stove.

As for transport accessibility, the presence of an asphalt road and convenient access roads is an undoubted advantage of the dacha community. It is interesting that buyers of “distant summer cottages” pay more attention to the time that will be spent on the trip, rather than the distance. In fact, it will be possible to get to a site or a house on unloaded highways quickly enough, but the presence of traffic jams becomes a big problem and can increase the travel time several times.

Forest, river, pond and clean air

Along with the low cost, the main advantage of “distant dachas” is a favorable environmental situation. Experts are confident that the air at a distance of 80-100 kilometers from Moscow is much cleaner than in the nearest villages near Moscow.

It is the solitude, the presence of a nearby reservoir, river and untouched forest that often becomes the main argument in favor of such a “distant cottage”. Alexander Kovalenko emphasizes that near the cities near Moscow, buyers of land or dachas have no guarantee that a new plant will not grow here in the next few years, and the view from the window to the forest will disappear behind new buildings. Away from industrial centers, the air is much cleaner, and businessmen planning to build a new production are interested in such areas practically.

Particularly attractive from the point of view of ecology are areas in the Yaroslavl and Tver regions, where the Volga flows, as well as in the northern regions of the Tula region, on the banks of the Oka.

In addition, as the expert emphasizes, the famous Zavidovo reserve is located in the Tverskoy region, and the equally attractive and quiet Zaoksky reserve is located in the Tula region. Land near such recreational facilities is particularly popular with buyers of “distant summer cottages”.

Anna Ivanova, a leading country market analyst at the Real Estate Market Indicators analytical center, agrees with her colleague – land plots and ready-made houses along the Simferopolskoe highway, closer to the Oka, as well as along the Novorizhskoe highway, where the Ruzskoe, Ozerninskoe and Mazurskoe reservoirs are located, are in special demand , in mixed and coniferous forests along the Kiev and Yaroslavl highways.

Thus, we can say that if the “elite” directions for remote dachas loses its relevance, then the ecological situation becomes one of the decisive factors. Experts note that about 15-20% of buyers of “distant summer cottages” carefully study the environmental situation in the area where the land plot or house is located, making a choice in favor of the “cleanest” and “greenest” offers.

Most interesting offers

According to the information provided by the Real Estate Market Indicators analytical center, at present, the primary suburban housing market, located 61 kilometers from Moscow, includes 89 cottage and 103 organized settlements with land plots without a contract. All of them have already been supplied with gas and electricity. About 35% of such settlements are located along the Simferopol highway. Together with Yaroslavskoe, Kievskoe and Novorizhskoe highways, the share of these four directions in the segment of “distant dachas” reaches 76%. Such popularity is due to transport accessibility and good environmental conditions..

Among the most interesting offers of this segment of the suburban real estate market, experts point out:

  • “Aleshkino” – Novorizhskoe highway, 77 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. The price of one hundred square meters of land without a contract is 82 thousand rubles;
  • “Alpine meadows” – Novorizhskoe highway, 63 kilometers from the capital. The cost of one hundred square meters – from 60 thousand rubles;
  • “Turgenevskie Dachi” – Yaroslavskoe highway, 80 kilometers from Moscow. The price of one hundred square meters is about 45-50 thousand rubles;
  • cottage settlement “Romanovskie dachi” – Simferopol highway, 110 kilometers from the capital. The price of the land plot is 85 thousand rubles per hundred square meters;
  • Rozhdestvenno – Simferopolskoe highway, 95 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, Novikovo – also Simferopolskoe highway, 98 kilometers from Koltsevaya, Zemlyanichnaya Polyana – Kievskoe highway, 135 kilometers from Moscow, Golden Sands along the Minsk highway, 118 kilometers from capital, “Mayak” – Mozhaisk highway, 120 kilometers from Moscow, “Velegozh Park” – Simferopolskoye highway, 100 kilometers from the city, “Marenkino” – Yaroslavskoe highway, 85 kilometers from MKAD. All these are projects of the Captain Club network, the cost of a finished cottage with a plot of land with an area of ​​6 acres is in the range from 2 to 17 million rubles;
  • “Lviv Lakes” – 100 kilometers from the capital along Novorizhskoe highway, the price of a house with an area of ​​about 60 “squares” with a plot of 9 acres starts at 2.4 million rubles, plots without a contract cost 45 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters;
  • “English dachas”, 95 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Novorizhskoe highway, land price – 90 thousand rubles per hundred square meters;
  • “Bobrovy Ostrov”, 90 kilometers from Moscow along Simferopol highway, the price of a plot of 10 acres with a house of about 90 square meters starts at 3.5 million rubles;
  • the village “Biosphere” – 75 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Simferopol highway, a land plot without a contract will cost 80 thousand rubles per hundred square meters;
  • the village “Sosnovka Park” – 65 kilometers from Belokamennaya along the Simferopol highway, the price of one hundred square meters is 79 thousand rubles, the cost of a finished house with an area of ​​about 100 square meters with a plot of land of 10 ares – 2.2-2.4 million rubles;
  • “Pansies” – Novorizhskoe highway, 82 kilometers from the capital. One hundred square meters of land without a contract will cost buyers 93 thousand rubles, a house without finishing with an area of ​​about 115 “squares” with a plot of 9 hundred parts – 2.6 million rubles.

Among the “distant summer cottages” there are also prestigious offers – real estates with large plots and cottages with finished finishing in villages with developed infrastructure, intended for permanent residence. There are only a few such projects today, Tatyana Alekseeva from Vesco Consulting has managed to single out only Kriushino.ru along the Mozhaisk highway, 95 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, Yurkovo Estate along the Kiev highway, 110 kilometers from Moscow, Konakovo River club – 125 kilometers from the capital along Dmitrovskoe highway and the village “Usadba” on the Mozhaisk reservoir, 100 kilometers from the Moscow ring road. The price of such proposals can reach 20 million rubles for a cottage with a plot of 10 acres, which, however, is still lower than similar premium-class houses in the near Moscow region.

Experts note that today on the market of “distant summer cottages” in each of the villages represented with a land value of 45 thousand rubles, 10 to 20 plots are sold monthly without a contract and allotments with ready-made cottages. Muscovites seeking a break from the metropolis are ready to sacrifice transport accessibility in favor of fresh air, a beautiful landscape outside the window and their own garden. The popularity of “distant summer cottages” determines their advantages: silence, picturesque nature, low price, modern infrastructure, and if the plot with a house meets all these requirements, the new owners are found very quickly.

Anna Sedykh, rmnt.ru

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