Elite housing in Khamovniki: offer overview

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The capital district “Khamovniki” is a picturesque area with quiet and cozy streets, located in the bend of the Moscow River. This area is rich not only in parks, but also in famous historical monuments..

Despite the fact that the complex is located on the territory of the park, it has a well-developed infrastructure typical of all areas of the Central Administrative District.

The house is located in a fenced area. There is a round-the-clock security, video surveillance is conducted along the entire perimeter. Not only the house itself, but also the adjacent territory is distinguished by a high class of landscaping and landscaping, there is even an artificial reservoir and a fountain. Professional landscape designers worked on lawns.

Residents are offered a whole range of additional services: underground parking, laundry, dry cleaning, swimming pool, gym, etc..

During the construction, advanced technologies were used, including: an automatic fire extinguishing and smoke removal system, a “smart home” system, filters for water purification, central air conditioning, OTIS elevators, satellite television, high-speed Internet.

As for the cost, an apartment in this house will cost the buyer about $ 30,000 per sq. m.

Residential complex “La Defense”

The residential complex “La Defense” is another premium-class object located in Khamovniki at the 3rd Frunzenskaya street, 19. The name was not chosen by chance: as you know, “La Defense” is a famous district of Paris located in 7 km from Place de la Concorde on the border of the historic center of the French capital, where there are many cultural and historical monuments. It is the similarity of these districts that was the reason that the residential complex in the center of Moscow was named “La Defense”.

La Defense

This complex is located about 7 km from the Moscow Kremlin and entered the so-called “golden mile” – the central area of ​​the city, which is dominated by modern elite real estate combined with architectural monuments of the past.

La Défense combines fairly simple architectural forms with wide functionality. The 9-storey residential building looks like a boomerang, the designers chose contrasting and dissimilar facades for the building, which gives the building originality. Thus, the main facade is dominated by a strict classical style with clear lines. It is made of natural stone and dark bricks, which allowed the house to blend in very harmoniously with the surrounding architectural ensemble. The second facade facing the courtyard, on the contrary, is very “light” and bright.

On the ground floor there are office premises. As for the area of ​​living quarters, in this house you can find different apartments from 80 to 257 sq.m..

There is an underground parking for 200 cars, as well as an additional guest parking in the yard. In addition, the residents have a sports and fitness center, a swimming pool, a large landscaped playground, a central air conditioning system, a supply and exhaust ventilation system, a built-in individual heating point, high-speed Internet and satellite TV. For the convenience of residents, 8 modern high-speed elevators are installed in the house.

All apartments on the second floor have winter gardens, and on the third – spacious terraces, in addition, the apartments have large windows (panoramic and stained-glass windows), which makes the premises bright and spacious.

Developers have taken care of a high level of security. The house is guarded by a private security service, has a fenced courtyard and a video camera system placed around the perimeter to ensure the security of the property. Access to the territory is carried out only through the checkpoint, and residents are issued special electronic keys that provide access to the underground parking and entrances.

The cost of apartments in this residential complex starts from 17-18 thousand dollars per 1 sq. m.

Residential complex “Fusion Park”

Residential complex “Fusion Park”, located in Khamovniki at the address, Malaya Trubetskaya street, 1, is rightfully considered one of the best multifunctional premium-class administrative and residential complexes in Moscow. The complex is distinguished by convenient transport accessibility and unique infrastructure.

Fusion park

As for the architectural concept of the Fusion Park residential complex, it contains elements of eclecticism: retro style in the elements of infrastructure is combined with the modern appearance of the building in the style of neo-constructivism and the most advanced technologies of housing construction.

The complex consists of five buildings:

  • building A – residential has 236 apartments ranging from 67 to 416 sq.m. and high ceilings up to 3.3 meters, the building includes 4 buildings of various heights (from 5 to 11 floors), with a non-residential 1st floor and underground parking for 360 cars;
  • building B – is a part of the fitness center with a swimming pool, aqua fitness area and a SPA center;
  • block B – a 5-storey office building, which also has an underground parking lot for 56 cars and a cafe located on the ground floor;
  • building G – an office building with a variable number of storeys (1, 5 and 6 floors);
  • building D – a two-storey building, which houses the Museum of vintage cars “Autoville”, as well as the famous restaurant “Moskvich”.

All buildings of the complex are equipped with life support and security systems that fully comply with modern European standards. Including there is: a central air conditioning system, a modern system of automatic fire extinguishing and warning in case of a fire, smoke removal installations, satellite TV, a “smart home” system, an individual heating point.

The territory of the complex is under round-the-clock surveillance of security, intercoms are installed in each entrance.

The adjacent territory is also landscaped at the highest level: landscape design, separate recreation areas and modern playgrounds for children.

In addition, it should be noted the proximity to the park and the developed infrastructure of the elite district of the capital, which helps to ensure a comfortable and quiet life in the center of a large and noisy city..

The cost of apartments in the residential complex “Fusion Park” starts from 15 thousand dollars per 1 sq. m.

Projects under construction

Residential complex “On Trubetskoy”

The commissioning of a new premium-class residential complex, named Na Trubetskoy, is scheduled for 2013. The complex is located at Trubetskaya street, 28.

The residential complex, which includes three buildings: a 12-storey main building located on the first line of houses on Trubetskaya Street and 10-storey side buildings, which adjoin the main building at right angles. This layout made it possible to form a closed and rather spacious courtyard..?

On Trubetskoy

Despite its location in the very center of Moscow, the complex is surrounded by park zones and squares. In the immediate vicinity of the house there is a park named after Mandelstam with a pond. The Novodevichy Convent and the exit to the Moskva River embankment are also very close by. On the other hand, the territory of another elite complex, Sadovye Kvartaly, which we will describe below, is adjacent to the residential complex on Trubetskoy..

The layout of the residential complex “Na Trubetskoy” assumes the presence of about 100 apartments ranging from 100 to 400 sq.m. The residents are provided with the most modern infrastructure, including: a swimming pool, a sauna, a gym, a solarium, a billiard room, a massage and medical room, a children’s center for little ones and a separate recreation area for adults. There is also an underground parking for 288 cars..

According to the developer’s assurances, the residential complex “Na Trubetskoy” will be distinguished by high quality finishes and advanced technical innovations.

There will be all the attributes and conditions that elite housing should have: a landscaped courtyard with a playground and a lawn, round-the-clock security, satellite TV, a central air conditioning and water purification system, modern automatic fire-prevention systems, a “cozy home” system, satellite TV and the Internet.

According to preliminary data, the cost per square meter in this house will start from 18 thousand dollars.

Microdistrict “Sadovye kvartaly”

The Sadovye Kvartaly microdistrict is a new elite complex being built on the territory of Khamovniki. 11 hectares have been allocated for construction. In the center of Sadovye Kvartaly there will be a separate park area with a pond (about 6 hectares), around which 4 residential quarters will be located, as well as a complex of infrastructure facilities for sports and recreation, social and shopping and entertainment purposes. Located in the picturesque historical center of Moscow, the microdistrict is surrounded by famous architectural and historical monuments and natural ensembles of the 17th-19th centuries. In the immediate vicinity of the Garden Quarters, there are Devichye Pole Square, the Trubetskoy Manor Park, Neskuchny Sad, and the Novodevichy Convent. The windows will see the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Moscow Kremlin, the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poklonnaya Gora and Moscow State University, as well as the Donskoy Monastery and Vorobyovy Gory.

Garden quarters

The concept of construction “Sadovye Kvartaly” implies the formation in the center of the capital of an ecologically clean space intended for human life. In addition to the park zone, it is planned to provide comprehensive landscaping of the courtyards of residential buildings, as well as the creation of additional alleys and boulevards surrounded by green spaces. It is noteworthy that the territory of “Garden Quarters” will be completely a pedestrian zone, with the exception of separate road paths set aside for passage for special purpose vehicles.

The system of seven underground parking lots will provide convenient movement of personal vehicles across the complex. Each apartment has 2 parking spaces.

It is also planned to form a multi-stage security complex, the task of which will include ensuring access control and round-the-clock security of residential buildings, the inner territory of each quarter, social facilities, underground parking and outdoor recreation areas. The Sadovye Kvartaly microdistrict will be able to satisfy any wishes of buyers in terms of the layout and area of ​​apartments. In total, it is planned to build 34 residential buildings on the territory of the complex, each of which will have about 30 apartments, ranging from 60 to 600 sq. m, including penthouses with winter gardens. All apartments will have high ceilings of about 3.5 m. Note that in 2008 the Garden Quarters project was recognized as the Best Residential Quarter Project, and in 2010 it received the Urban Awards in the Residential Complex with the Best Architecture category. The sale of apartments in the microdistrict is currently carried out under equity participation agreements. The cost per square meter starts from 10 thousand dollars. Various installment plans and mortgage lending are available.

In conclusion, I would like to note that Khamovniki can rightfully be called the “green” center of the capital. All conditions for life have been created here. The combination of modern technologies and developed infrastructure with historical heritage makes this area very attractive. That is why housing in this area is in great demand, despite the high prices.

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