Elite real estate in St. Petersburg – exquisite splendor of the Northern capital

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Elite real estate is, in general, a much more diverse and interesting phenomenon in the residential real estate market than conventional economy and even business class residential complexes. Apartments, cottages, mansions and penthouses belonging to the category of “elite” have not only a number of advantages, but also simply must be something special, exclusive, for which buyers are willing to pay such solid sums.

Each city has its own, sometimes a small, sometimes much more significant part of real estate, which has received the right due to its location, original design project, special planning or other advantages to bear the proud title of “elite”. St. Petersburg, the second city of the Russian Federation in terms of importance, size and status, is no exception – the real estate market of the Northern capital also has its own special, expensive, unique offers.

And although the price level of St. Petersburg is very far from Moscow standards, however, this city has its own charm, is unlike any other settlement in our country, so the elite real estate market of this “northern pearl” is also distinguished by its special specifics..

“Golden Triangle”

The northern capital has its own special area, which is considered to be the most prestigious and expensive – the “Golden Triangle”. This area of ​​the city, which is bounded by Nevsky Prospekt and the Fontanka and Neva rivers, has become the focus of all the exquisite beauty of St. Petersburg, and the old St. Petersburg, proud of its roots and in no hurry to part with the classic mansions in the style of “Peter’s Baroque”.

It is here, in the historical center, that the main attractions of the city are located: the Admiralty, the Russian Museum, the Hermitage, the Mikhailovsky Theater and the Summer Garden. Here are the most pretentious shops and boutiques designed mainly for tourists and foreign guests of the city; in the “Golden Triangle” there are business centers “Atrium”, Singer House, “Northern Capital” and “Nevsky, 25”, mini-hotels and hotels : “Kempinski Moika 22”, Grand Hotel “Europe” and a number of others, as well as shopping centers “Grand Palace”, “Passage” and “Gostiny Dvor”.

Elite real estate in St. Petersburg - exquisite splendor of the Northern capital The historical center of St. Petersburg. Fontanka river embankment

According to one of the leading St. Petersburg real estate agencies Rysev Realty. Elite apartments “, in 2011 on the territory of the” Golden Triangle “there were about 15 thousand apartments for sale. Experts note that many of them do not differ in special merits and received the right to enter the category of “elite real estate” of the city only because of their outstanding location.

The cost of one square meter of residential properties in the “Golden Triangle” ranges from 5 to 30 thousand dollars, the most popular are apartments in new or completely renovated buildings. That is, despite the fact that historical buildings dating back more than a hundred years look attractive and are valued for their unique architectural merits, modern buyers still prefer the comfort and the latest achievements of civilization in the field of engineering communications..

The most expensive and prestigious are apartments in houses located in such corners of the “Golden Triangle” as:

  • the so-called “Quiet Moika”, stretching from the bend of the Fontanka River to the Capella;
  • buildings along the Field of Mars, that is, from Moika Embankment 1 to the Lenenergo buildings;
  • the entire Palace Embankment. Buildings 10, 24 and 28 remain the most popular;
  • Griboyedov embankment, 2b, Mikhailovsky Garden area;
  • practically the entire Admiralteyskaya embankment, house No. 10 or Nabokov’s house enjoys a special reputation;
  • Malaya Konyushennaya street.

It is interesting that earlier, before the 2008 crisis, the real estate of St. Petersburg’s Golden Triangle usually did not even get into the listings of real estate agencies – the demand for it was so high that apartments were sold immediately, and buyers paid without bargaining. The financial crisis has somewhat changed the situation, in addition, after thinking sensibly, it is impossible to recognize the Golden Triangle as an ideal place for permanent residence, especially with family and children – there are too many tourists here, it is in this area that the main city festive events take place, and so on. … That is, too noisy, even the Summer Garden is not able to significantly improve the ecology, and cramped courtyards do not differ either in the presence of parking spaces, or in modern, cozy playgrounds.

Now most of the buyers of real estate in the “Golden Triangle” are foreigners, Muscovites or investors planning to rent an apartment in the future..

However, there is a category of apartments that do not differ in outstanding species characteristics and are located in the depths of the district, a little further from the noisy embankments – they are pleasantly distinguished by a more affordable price and, in principle, can be considered as an option for permanent residence.

By the way, renting an apartment in the St. Petersburg “Golden Triangle” will cost from 60 to 100 thousand rubles a month, the most expensive offer recorded last year – 350 thousand rubles.

Golden Triangle and Golden Mile

Comparison between the most prestigious districts of St. Petersburg and Moscow, which received such “speaking” names – “Golden Triangle” and “Golden Mile”, suggests itself. There really is something to compare – both areas are located in the historical centers of Russian capitals, are located on the banks of rivers and differ in approximately the same cost per square meter – about 15-30 thousand dollars.

Elite real estate in St. Petersburg - exquisite splendor of the Northern capital The Golden Mile. Moscow, Sechenovskiy lane

Nevertheless, the “Golden Triangle” and “Golden Mile” (the area between Prechistenskaya embankment and Ostozhenka) have a number of differences:

  1. If in the St. Petersburg “golden” area you can find apartments, the cost per square meter in which starts from 5 thousand dollars, in the elite area of ​​Belokamennaya there are simply no such offers – the cheapest housing in a new building here costs 15 thousand dollars per square meter. But the upper price limit is approximately the same for both capitals – about 30-40 thousand dollars per square meter.
  2. The “Golden Triangle” of St. Petersburg has managed to preserve its historical appearance to a greater extent – the number of new buildings on the territory of the “Golden Mile” in Moscow is much higher. Back in 2006, experts noted that it is difficult to find the same housing in the capital – expensive, overlooking massive construction sites and surrounded by dust from construction sites. Now there are practically no free places for building in the historical districts and in the Northern and the current capital, most often it is about the reconstruction of old mansions, the addition of additional floors and other restructuring. Thanks to massive construction, the section between Prechistenskaya embankment and Ostozhenka in Moscow looks very original – old respectable, often very dilapidated mansions side by side with pretentious high-rises.
  3. The construction of the “Golden Mile” proceeded according to the principle “strangers don’t go here”, closed territories of new residential complexes, high fences and security guards at every corner have become an invariable part of the life of this area. Petersburg mansions for the most part still managed to keep their albeit cramped courtyards open to passers-by (although not everywhere).

In general, both the “Golden Mile” and “Golden Triangle” offer elite real estate of approximately the same level and value, and Ostozhenka and Nevsky are no longer so attractive for buyers who would like to live here permanently – after all, there are traffic jams, lack of parking spaces, the tightness and unfavorable ecological situation make these areas not the best choice. Not to mention that the value of real estate is too high even for capitals.

Islands of Saint Petersburg

The greenest and most comfortable districts of St. Petersburg are the islands: Kamenny, Krestovsky and Petrovsky. It is here that most of the truly elite real estate of the Northern capital is concentrated, in particular – the lion’s share of mansions and private cottages.

Kamenny Island specialists of the agency Rysev Realty. Elite apartments “are considered somewhat overvalued – there are mainly one, two and three-storey buildings, the mansions of the governor, the senator, individual special services and the patriarch are located, it is always quiet, and the rare apartments for sale immediately find their buyers.

Petrovsky Island is called the most promising among the St. Petersburg islands. Its construction is carried out by the Atlantik company; a new elite residential complex has already appeared here. Further development of the territory is still hindered by the need to transfer numerous enterprises of Petrovsky Island outside the city limits. In the future, it is planned to build several luxury residential complexes, shopping and office centers, as well as a yacht club. So Petrovsky Island will be able to catch up with the most prestigious Krestovsky Island by the number of offers.

Elite real estate in St. Petersburg - exquisite splendor of the Northern capital Club house “Morskoy 28”, located on Krestovsky Island

The neighboring island – Krestovsky – has become the location of the most elite mansions in the Northern capital. Over the past 15 years, this area of ​​St. Petersburg has undergone a large-scale reconstruction, roads and utilities have been updated, all dilapidated and dilapidated houses have already been demolished and the development is almost completed. Only the construction of a new stadium for Zenit and the development of two fairly large land plots are underway. Experts call the most interesting proposals for elite real estate on Krestovsky Island low-rise mansions on Dynamo Avenue and residential complexes “House by the Sea”, “Fifth Element”, “Malachite”, “Lazurit” and the complex “Venice” under construction, the cost of one square meter here is in the range from 190 to 550 thousand rubles.

At the same time, many Petersburgers are dissatisfied with the new look of Krestovsky Island – initially only low-rise buildings were allowed here, however, with the connivance of the authorities, developers erected several multi-storey buildings, changing the look of this part of the city beyond recognition. The external appearance of new buildings also raises criticism – typical modern monolithic concrete “boxes” obviously did not improve the appearance of St. Petersburg.

The disadvantages of real estate on the St. Petersburg islands include an insufficiently developed infrastructure – there are no schools (there is only one kindergarten on Krestovsky Island), as well as other social facilities. But there are a lot of restaurants, cafes, sports facilities and two yacht clubs, so all conditions are created for entertainment and active recreation of residents..

Tauride Gardens

Along with the islands and the “Golden Triangle”, the Tavrichesky Garden was considered one of the most fashionable districts of St. Petersburg at all times. It was here, in a fairly green and cozy corner of the city, that aristocrats and bohemians preferred to buy apartments. Now the situation has not changed at all – the Tavrichesky Garden remains one of the best offers in the Northern capital for families with children and permanent residence, attracting a large selection of housing in buildings in the style of classicism, baroque and northern modern.

Elite real estate in St. Petersburg - exquisite splendor of the Northern capital Tauride Gardens. View of the Tauride Palace

In addition, the area of ​​the Tavrichesky Garden is distinguished by a developed infrastructure – there are many reputable schools, universities, private gymnasiums, restaurants and museums. It is in this area that the consulates general of the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, India, Austria, Cuba and other countries are located..

The most attractive for buyers are Tverskaya Street, Smolnaya Embankment and Robespierre Embankment, as well as the neighborhoods adjacent to the Summer Garden (this is where the border of the “Golden Triangle” passes).

The disadvantages of this district of St. Petersburg include a fairly large number of dilapidated buildings that have not yet undergone reconstruction, former communal apartments with inconvenient planning that need major repairs and the heterogeneity of real estate in general..

Experts named “Residences on Suvorovskiy”, “Parade Quarter”, “Smolny Park” and “Alexandria” as the most interesting proposals of the Tavrichesky Garden area. The cost of real estate here is diverse – you can find housing at a relatively low price – in the region of 110-130 thousand rubles per “square”, there are also more expensive offers – from 180 to 700 thousand rubles per square meter.

The most expensive apartments in St. Petersburg

To date, the most expensive apartment in the Northern capital is an eight-room apartment presented on the secondary housing market with a total area of ​​313 square meters, with a fireplace, a billiard room and even a fountain. It is located, of course, in the Central District of the city and will cost customers 55 million rubles. The review of the most expensive offers of Peter was made by the analytical center of the free classifieds portal Slando.

Elite real estate in St. Petersburg - exquisite splendor of the Northern capital House number 28 on Mokhovaya street with an apartment worth 55 million rubles

In second place is a five-room apartment on Pesochnaya embankment, put up for sale for 51 million rubles, its total area is 260 square meters.

In third place is a two-level, six-room apartment in the “Marine Facade” residential complex in the Vasileostrovsky district. These apartments with an area of ​​270 square meters with an open terrace of 60 “squares” cost 27 million rubles.

Of course, the elite real estate in St. Petersburg is still far from Moscow prices – the most expensive apartment for today Belokamennaya is sold for 225 million rubles (in the residential complex “Posolsky House”), that is, more than four times more expensive than the leader of the St. Petersburg rating.

However, the Northern capital has something to surprise and delight buyers who prefer classic buildings, the aura of antiquity and truly “lord’s mansions”, the St. Petersburg elite real estate market can be called very interesting and abounding in a variety of offers, among which a large number of new buildings have appeared over the past ten years.

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