How to accept an apartment from a developer

Buying an apartment is an exciting event associated with the registration of a package of documents. Among them is the act of acceptance and transfer of real estate, which is signed after the buyer has examined the apartment. Let’s talk about how to properly accept housing in a new building, what you should pay attention to.

Let us emphasize right away that some developers offer to sign an acceptance certificate without first inspecting the apartment. At the same time, they allegedly make a concession to the buyer so that he does not have to go to the site, and the documents can be processed faster. Never fall for such persuasion!

If any serious flaws are revealed in the apartment, it will be necessary to sign a defect report in duplicate. The developer will have to eliminate all these shortcomings. Only after that you can sign the acceptance certificate and draw up other documents for the apartment from the developer. If the acceptance certificate has already been signed, you will have to fix all the shortcomings on your own, because you have already taken responsibility for the housing.

Important! If the identified shortcomings of the apartment are small, for example, there is a scratch on the glass or irregularities on the plaster, you can still refuse to sign the acceptance certificate. But in this case, after two months, the developer has the right to draw up this document unilaterally.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

Before inviting the owners to inspect the apartment, the developer conducts his own expertise, in particular, checks whether the communications are working normally. Then the check-in schedule is drawn up, and buyers are invited to inspect the residential area. All questions can be agreed upon by phone, agree on a convenient time. You need to go to inspect the apartment with documents: a passport and an equity participation agreement.

In addition, we strongly advise you to bring the following items with you:

  • Lantern. Most likely, there is no light in your new building yet, no lighting devices have been installed. Of course, you need to go for an inspection in the daytime, but you still need a flashlight to get a good look at the pantry, bathroom, bathroom – rooms without windows. Bring a bright white LED flashlight.
  • A lighter or matches to help you check for draft in the air duct. In addition, you can check the traction by bringing a thin sheet of paper or film to the ventilation hole – it should stick.
  • Level to check the evenness of window sills and other surfaces.
  • Laser or regular tape measure.
  • Pen, notepad to take notes.
  • An ordinary light bulb to check the operation of the base, if their installation is provided for by the contract.
  • Wet wipes, because there is always a lot of construction dust in a new building.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

We strongly advise you to bring a “support group” with you. It can be an acquaintance or a relative who is familiar with the construction industry or who has already gone through an apartment check in a new building. If you plan to make repairs in a new apartment with the help of a team of workers and have already chosen it, invite a foreman with you – let him examine the front of the upcoming work.

If you managed to find a designer who will draw up a housing design project for you, you can also invite. Or find an independent expert who, for a certain amount, will help you identify all the shortcomings without exception. The cost of such an expert’s service is about 100 rubles per square meter. But you will be sure of the quality of the survey.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

Start your tour of your new home from the surrounding area and public areas. If the yard is not yet landscaped, be sure to ask the representative of the developer about the timing of the completion of these works. Pay attention to the quality of finishing of entrances and halls, the operation of the elevator, the presence of construction waste, which the developer must take out before you check in.

In the apartment itself, start by examining the front door and glass units. They should open easily and close tightly without additional effort. It is easy to check how tightly the windows and doors close – insert a sheet of paper into the sash and close it. If the sheet is not pulled out, the window is adjusted correctly, there will be no through. Check if the sill is level and the quality of the finishing of the slopes.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

The following points must be checked:

  1. The apartment plan is carefully checked against the BTI data. According to experts, it is not uncommon for a developer to “forget” to build a curtain wall or storage room..
  2. The area of ​​each room is also checked against the BTI plan. This is where you need a tape measure..

How to accept an apartment from a developer

Important! If the real area of ​​the apartment is less than the one specified in the contract, demand compensation! This cannot be fixed, the house has been built, and the price of even one square meter is already a solid amount. The developer is obliged to return the funds for the “lost” area.

  1. The tightness of panel seams and assembly joints is checked.
  2. There should be no mildew or darkening in the corners – this is a clear indication of poor insulation and insulation.
  3. The evenness of the walls is checked by measuring the length and width of each room, as well as the distance from floor to ceiling. The difference cannot exceed 0.3 centimeters per meter of length, and vertically – 1.5 centimeters.
  4. The evenness of the screed on the floor. The rough screed does not have to be perfectly flat, you still need to prepare the floor for installation, for example, laminate. However, the differences cannot be significant. 3 millimeters is ideal, more than a centimeter – you can think about.
  5. Both the floor screed and the plaster on the walls should be free of cracks, dents, bulges, and other defects visible to the eye.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

Important! Everything that a developer has to do before transferring an apartment to you must be spelled out in the DDU agreement. Walk around the apartment with him and check, all work must be performed according to the contract.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

Important! Sound will help to check the quality of the floor screed. Walk around the apartment, stomping on purpose – the sound should be the same everywhere.

Special attention is paid to communications. In any case, heating radiators will already be installed in the apartment. Check their condition, all joints, pipes, specify when and how pressure testing was carried out, that is, checking the operation of the system under high pressure. Radiators can be of poor quality, the developer hopes that you will change them during the renovation. Find out from which manufacturer of radiators, for how long it gives a guarantee. Whether the radiators are evenly hung, check with the level. Make sure the fasteners are secure.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

Important! If the acceptance of the apartment is carried out in the summer, there is no way to check the operation of the heating system and you will have to take the developer’s word.

The presence of automatic fuses on the dashboard is checked, sewer and water pipes are examined. There must be taps that shut off the water supply to the apartment.

Important! Open and close the shut-off valves at the entrance to the apartment at least three times. Efforts must remain the same every time.

No traces of floods or drips are allowed. Do not be lazy and ask the representative of the developer to show the apartments from below and from above to make sure that the communication connections are of good quality and there are no problems. If the neighbors managed to accept their apartments and received the keys, visit them, ask your questions. At the same time, you will meet.

How to accept an apartment from a developer

If the remote control system provides for outlets and switches, check their operation. The sockets are checked with a tester screwdriver or any electrical appliance. Of course, switches and sockets must not fall out of the wall, spark or heat up.

It is very important to record the readings of all meters: for water, light, heat and gas (if any). All indicators fit into the checklist, which is attached to the act of acceptance and transfer. It is with these readings that you will begin to pay for the utilities of the management company.

All counters must have passports, check their numbers with those indicated in the documents.

Acceptance of a renovated apartment from a developer will become even more difficult. In this case, you will have to check the quality of all finishes, flooring, plumbing, tiles …

How to accept an apartment from a developer

Do not hesitate to register all claims against the developer in the defective act. A self-respecting company will immediately provide you with a special document form. Otherwise, list all claims simply on a piece of paper, writing the details – the name of the director of the developer company and its name – by hand. A date must be put on the defective act, it must be signed by a representative of the developer, who indicates his position.

It is necessary to prescribe the terms of elimination of all identified shortcomings.

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