How to get permission for redevelopment

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You can find out about the load-bearing walls and supporting structures that are in your apartment by asking in any Internet search engine a query with the wording of the type – “residential building of the series I (299) A”. In the description of this living space of this series, all supporting structures, which are prohibited to touch, will be indicated. If you do not know the series of your house, then it is easy to find out from the maintenance service serving you by calling there by phone.

Don’t make unnecessary movements. Conversion and redevelopment not requiring permits

Be aware that you do not need to obtain a permit or approval, as well as design documentation for the following such works:

  1. Repair, including redecoration of residential premises, in particular, replacement of external wooden parts without repainting and changing the configuration of these elements;
  2. Construction or dismantling of built-in wardrobes, mezzanines, which by their dimensions cannot be attributed to full-fledged rooms suitable for living, whose area is subject to separate registration in the Bureau of Technical Inventory);
  3. A change that does not lead to the movement of engineering and sanitary equipment, products that perform similar functions and are similar in their design parameters;
  4. Moving household electric floor stoves within the kitchen and replacing them with similar ones.

Required documents for obtaining permission for reconstruction and redevelopment

Obtaining permission for the reconstruction and redevelopment of living quarters that do not affect load-bearing walls, ceilings and general building communications is carried out in the “one window” service of the Moscow Housing Inspectorate of your district and similar services in other cities, for which the following set of documents is submitted:

  1. Application form that will be offered to you by the staff of the “one-stop shop” service. In this standard form, you will enter information about the apartment and a description of the planned actions for reconstruction and redevelopment.
  2. Original or notarized copy of the title document confirming your ownership of the converted premises. (For owners of cooperative apartments who have inherited this dwelling, a notarized certificate of inheritance can serve as such a document of title). If you have submitted the first copy of the title document and its photocopy to the one-stop shop, then after checking the copy with the original, you must return the original, and attach a copy to the case.
  3. A copy of the financial and personal account.
  4. Extract from the house book.
  5. Explication issued by BTI and a copy of the floor plan in triplicate. On two copies of the floor plan, draw with a bright felt-tip pen or pen what you intend to get as a result of the reconstruction and redevelopment. These figures should be accompanied by short explanations in the margins of the plan..

In Moscow and many other cities, to get an explication and a floor plan, it is better not to contact the BTI yourself. There are always huge queues. Now this service is carried out promptly and for a small fee by the BTI subdivision included in the “one window” service. The explication and the floor plan of the premises are issued to her as part of the so-called “Passport of living quarters”, which contains, in a stitched form, full information not only about your apartment, but also about the house as a whole.

Approval of the project for the conversion of residential premises

A few clarifications should be made in connection with the rules for filling out an application for the production of refurbishment and redevelopment of residential premises.

In addition to general information about the premises, its owner and the nature of the planned work, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the city of Moscow, regulating the rules for the operation of housing stock, ZhNM-2005/1 (Appendix 2 to the Decree of the Moscow Government dated 25.09.2007 No. 831-PP) (read on, the application should indicate the time frame during which these works will be performed (excluding the time for finishing work).

For premises occupied on the basis of social tenancy agreements, the application must be accompanied by the owner’s consent to the conversion and redevelopment..

Approval of the project for the conversion of residential premises

Regulated by the Decree of the Government of Moscow dated February 8, 2005 No. 73-PP (as amended on November 15, 2005 No. 883-PP and dated September 25, 2007. No. 831-PP) (read on, actions for the reconstruction and redevelopment of residential premises may be carried out either according to an agreed sketch or on the basis of an approved project, depending on the extent to which these works affect the initial structural features of the premises.

We draw and agree on a sketch of the reconstruction and redevelopment of the living space

The sketch is done manually on copies of the floor plan received directly from the BTI or through the “one window” service.

Approval of the sketch is necessary in the production of the following types of work on the conversion of living quarters:

  1. Relocation of sanitary equipment within the previously defined boundaries of the toilet, bathroom, toilet or kitchen;
  2. Moving steam heating devices and laying steam heating pipes according to a new scheme, gas heating installations (except for moving steam heating batteries into the space of glazed loggias or balconies) without laying additional supply networks.

Approval of the sketch is necessary in the production of the following types of redevelopment work:

  1. Dismantling (full or partial) of non-bearing walls and other structures (excluding dividing walls);
  2. Creation of doors, arches or windows in curtain walls (excluding inter-apartment);
  3. Laying door openings or arches in curtain walls and other partitions;
  4. Erection of additional walls or other structures that does not entail an increase in the load on the floors;
  5. Replacement of wooden parts of the building facade with new ones that change the configuration and appearance of the facade. (In addition to the “one window” service, these works must be coordinated with the bodies of the Moscow City Architecture Committee or a similar municipal structure of another city).

We order and approve the project of reconstruction and redevelopment of living quarters

For more significant works that significantly change the initial characteristics of the dwelling, project approval is required in the same “one window” service.

The project is developed at your request by a specialized design organization and is provided along with other documents to the employee of the “one window” service in the form of two copies in separate bindings with the simultaneous presentation of the original containing the approvals of this project received by the design organization.

How to get permission for the reconstruction and redevelopment of a living space

The approval of the project for the reconstruction of the living quarters is necessary for the production of the following types of work:

  1. Creation of new or relocation of old toilets, bathrooms and kitchens;
  2. Installation of household electric stoves, instead of dismantled old gas or kitchen stoves;
  3. Change of old equipment and (or) installation of additional engineering, technological, heating equipment, entailing an increase in energy consumption or water consumption and (or) change of the supply networks approved by the previous project, laying of new supply networks (with the exception of heated floors operating from common house water supply and heating systems).

The approval of the project of redevelopment of the living quarters is necessary when performing the following types of work:

  1. Creation of openings in load-bearing partitions and other load-bearing structures, in inter-apartment walls (when connecting rooms in a horizontal plane);
  2. Creation of openings in ceilings and other floors (when combining rooms in a vertical plane);
  3. Construction of stairs inside multi-tiered residential premises;
  4. Construction of walls and the construction of load-bearing partitions that increase the load on the elements of the building located below;
  5. Constructive changes in floor configuration;
  6. Construction, dismantling, making structural changes to the configuration of openings of windows and doors in external load-bearing structures, such as walls and roofs, while maintaining the structural elements that separate the balcony or loggia from the internal living rooms (meaning the case when a room or other intra-apartment building does not combine with a loggia or balcony and does not turn a glazed balcony or loggia into a bay window);
  7. Glazing of a loggia or balcony;
  8. Construction of a doorway, changing the doorway and / or vestibule in front of it, arranging a porch or staircase leading to a basement or basement room that does not entail self-seizure of an additional plot of land adjacent to the house;
  9. Dismantling or changing the configuration of the vestibule without changing towards increasing its external dimensions;
  10. Construction of loggias or balconies;
  11. Change of the form (configuration) existing in accordance with the previously approved project, stairs, porch, as well as accompanied by the construction of a ramp;
  12. Replacement of construction materials or configuration of external elements of balconies and loggias;
  13. Connection into a single area of ​​a loggia or balcony with the interior. (A permit is issued according to a sketch approved by the Moskomarkhitektura or a similar body in other cities);
  14. New construction or reconstruction with a change in materials and configuration, ceilings carried out for the purpose of restoration or replacement of the old ones;
  15. Construction of a loggia on the first floor of a building, construction of a terrace, installation or dismantling of a balcony, which does not lead to the combination of a loggia, a balcony or a terrace with an interior.

We are waiting for permission to carry out work on the reconstruction and redevelopment of the apartment, we carry out the work, we sign the acceptance certificate

Within a month from the date of submission of the package of documents to the employee of the “one window” service, Moszhilinspektsya or a similar body in another city, decides on the possibility of taking actions to reorganize and redevelop your living quarters, or gives a reasoned refusal. A permit for such work is issued to you or sent by mail. (In case of refusal, it can be appealed by you in a court of general jurisdiction at the location of the body that made the decision to refuse).

After you carry out the work on the refurbishment and redevelopment of the living quarters, for which the permit has been obtained, the commission of the Moscow Housing Inspectorate will visit you in order to check the conformity of the actually performed work with those for which the permit was obtained.

Based on the results of the check, a final acceptance certificate is drawn up, legitimizing the refurbishment and redevelopment performed by you.

The above reference is focused on the procedures provided for by the legislation of the city of Moscow. In other Subjects of the Federation, these issues are regulated by their own local regulations. However, they are all written on the basis of the same requirements of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2004 N 188-FZ and differ insignificantly.

For residents of other regions, I advise you to look for such regulatory documents, asking in the search engines the phrase “refurbishment and redevelopment of living quarters + the name of the Subject of the Federation in which they live”.

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