How to sell an apartment

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Let’s say in your life there is a situation when you need an apartment you own less than the money that you expect to receive as a result of its sale.

Well, for example, an inheritance has been opened in the form of a dwelling, or it is advisable to turn the previously acquired housing into banknotes as a promising investment. Perhaps you have an apartment, selling which you will be able to make an initial payment for a more spacious and comfortable dwelling, purchased with a mortgage loan. And all this, one way or another, rests on the first and main action – the sale of an apartment.

Sell ​​an apartment yourself

Naturally, the simplest thing is to contact a specialized company, which, for a certain fee, and on the basis of the power of attorney issued by you, will perform all the necessary actions and hand you the keys to the safe where the money is. However, this service is very expensive. The payment will be about 2 – 4 %% of the amount of the purchase and sale transaction, while, in any case, even if the apartment is quite cheap, the fees of lawyers and realtors will not fall below the level of one and a half to two thousand dollars. For large cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, this fee can amount to several thousand dollars. In addition, as you know, where it smells of good money, there are always various dark personalities who can simply, excuse me for being vulgar, throw you. Alas, these are the realities of our life. That is why some energetic and practical people strive to prepare and carry out a purchase and sale of an apartment on their own..

So, how to properly sell an apartment, acting independently?

Estimation of the apartment

First of all, decide for what amount you are ready to part with your property. Obviously, you already have some kind of money. But still, be realistic. After overstating the price, you run the risk of never selling this property at all.

There are several ways to get a whiter or less objective picture of the real market price of the apartment being sold..

First of all, you can turn to a professional appraiser who has special training, who knows the assessment methodology and has an appropriate license. As a rule, the cost of this specialist’s services ranges from one to three thousand rubles. You will receive an official document from him, which, however, will not serve as a guarantee that the potential buyer will agree with the price indicated there. Moreover, he can also bring his own appraiser, who has a license and his own subjective point of view on your apartment. It is highly likely that the results of the work of these two specialists will not coincide, and the money you spent will be wasted. Moreover, some potential buyers react strongly negatively to any appraisal documents, seeing in them a dirty trick or a means of pressure. Therefore, if you used the services of an appraiser in order to understand what you can count on, keep the amount named to you in mind, but do not use the received document as an argument in your favor..

For help in assessing your apartment, you can contact a private realtor or a real estate company. It will cost about the same.

How to list an apartment for sale

It is better if a specialist comes to your place. Seeing the apartment with his own eyes, he will be able to give a more accurate assessment of the living space, in particular, because he will not only get an idea of ​​its technical condition, but also take into account the convenience of its location and the quality of the landscape surrounding the house, the advantages or disadvantages of transport infrastructure, etc. But in this case, one should not forget that the opinion of a specialist will always sin with subjectivity. For you, this will become information accepted for reference, and will not mean at all that it is at this price that you should put the apartment up for sale. You don’t owe anyone anything at all. Therefore, proceed from your interests, and if you have an intention to increase the price relative to the one named by the specialists and you are not limited in time, then do it. And if it is in your interests to sell the apartment as soon as possible, then lower the bar relative to the level set by them..

The services of realtors can be used for free. For this, in many real estate firms there is a rapid assessment system. To obtain information in this way, just call the company and name the parameters of the apartment being offered for sale, the series of the house and its address. After that, the operator of the real estate company will make a request to its database, which contains information about similar residential premises, and will give you an approximate price.

Summarizing all of the above, I have to state that all assessment methods have a certain percentage of error, which means that you will make the final decision on the price independently, depending on your specific situation..

By the way, do not shy away from the information that is available in large quantities in newspaper ads or on the Internet. There you can find price information on apartments similar to yours..

Apartment sales tax

And now you have finally decided on the estimated price. Now I have to clarify for myself one unpleasant but inevitable procedural issue related to the sale of an apartment..

The fact is that the money that you receive as a result of the sale of an apartment is considered by law to be your income, which means that you will have to pay income tax on it. And if the apartment has several owners, say, it is in the shared ownership of your family members, then the amount of income tax is distributed between them in proportion to the size of their share.

However, everything is not so scary, and there is one trick here, namely, if you own this property for a period of less than five years, then you are not obliged to pay tax on an amount not exceeding one million rubles. If you have been the owner of the apartment for more than five years, then the tax is not paid at all. Such measures were taken by the State in order to combat speculation in residential premises..

Documents of title

Now we turn to a very important section, namely to the documents of title to the apartment. Without them, no sale and purchase transaction is possible. And a potential buyer will not waste his time on empty talk, not supported by documentary evidence of your right to sell this property, that is, confirmation of your ownership.

If you are the first seller of a privatized apartment, then the Certificate of Registration of Ownership and the Agreement on the transfer of ownership of this apartment to you, concluded at the territorial privatization agency, will become the confirmation of your ownership of it..

In the event that the property is shared, and one of the owners has died, then to the documents listed above, it is necessary to add a Certificate of the right to inherit the share that belonged to the deceased in the wound, which is issued by a notary at the place of residence of the deceased, and this Certificate must be registered with the local authority on registration of real estate and transactions with it with the receipt of an appropriate supporting document.

You will have to confirm your right to an apartment in a housing cooperative with a certificate that you have fully paid the share that will be issued to you in the Board of the cooperative, as well as a Certificate of registration of ownership.

If you own an apartment, a share of an apartment or a room that you have acquired under a sale and purchase agreement, then the actual sale and purchase agreement, registered with the local authority for registration of real estate and transactions with it, and an act of delivery, will become the confirmation of your ownership of this property acceptance of this dwelling.

If an apartment, a share of an apartment or a room was acquired by you as a result of an exchange, then you confirm your ownership of this agreement of exchange, also registered with the local authority for registration of real estate and transactions with it and a Certificate of registration of ownership.

Similar documents confirm the ownership rights to an apartment, a share of an apartment or a room in the event that such real estate is acquired as a gift or inheritance. At the same time, of course, the fact of donation is confirmed by a duly registered donation agreement, and the fact of receiving real estate in inheritance by law or by will – by a notarial certificate of the right to inheritance registered with the local authority for registration of real estate and transactions with it.

Apartment sale documents

If you purchased an apartment on the primary market from a legal entity that, in turn, received it by way of offset (this is a common practice when several organizations are involved in the construction, and then settle among themselves with apartments, in proportion to their costs), then confirmation of your right to housing there will be an agreement on the transfer of rights (or assignment of rights) of ownership of this housing. This agreement must be signed by you, a representative of the seller (legal entity) and registered with the local authority for registration of real estate and transactions with it. In addition, as in all other cases, you must have a Proof of Title for this property..

Sometimes people get an apartment based on a court decision. In this case, in addition to the Certificate of ownership of it, you should obtain a copy of such a decision from the court that made such a decision..

Additional documents for the apartment

Now that you have selected the title documents, you can start collecting other necessary documentation. And you will need the following documents:

  1. Technical passport of the apartment issued by the BTI. (It should be remembered that its expiration date is limited to the end of the current year).
  2. In the passport office you will receive a certificate stating that you are registered at the place of residence. It can be obtained quickly, although it only lasts ten days..
  3. In the local authority for registration of real estate and transactions with it, you must be issued a certificate confirming your ownership of this property, containing information that this property has not been mortgaged, not sold, it has not been seized, it is not a subject of pledge and it is not subject to any other encumbrances. The lifespan of such a certificate is also short. All the same 10 days. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain such “short-term” documents when the terms of the purchase and sale transaction have already been agreed with a potential buyer and the time counts for days. Otherwise, you run over the same document many times.
  4. In the PRUE, DEZ or another similar body, get a certificate of the absence of arrears in payments for utilities.
  5. In the tax office at your place of residence, you must issue a certificate stating that you do not have debts for property tax.
  6. If one of the owners of the apartment is a child, then you will need to obtain permission from your municipal administration to sell the apartment. At the same time, you have to prove that as a result of the sale of this housing and the acquisition of a new one, the living conditions of the minor will not worsen.
  7. You will have to obtain a similar permission from the guardianship authorities. At the same time, the interests of not only minor citizens, but persons recognized as incompetent are taken into account..
  8. You will need a notarized consent of your spouse to sell an apartment if it was bought in marriage or is your joint property, and the sale is made by you personally. A marriage certificate or a divorce certificate is attached to this documents, if the owner has changed the last name.
  9. If, after receiving the Certificate of Ownership for the apartment you are going to sell, you changed your passport, then you will need a certificate of changing your passport. The fact is that your old passport data will still appear on all accounts, and this will create confusion when making a transaction. Such a certificate will be issued to you at the passport office at the place of residence.

Contract of sale of an apartment

An apartment purchase and sale agreement is concluded and signed by the parties, as a rule, in the presence of a notary, who certifies the authenticity of the signatures of the parties. Further, the signed and notarized agreement is registered with the local authority for registration of real estate and transactions with it..

By law, the buyer becomes the owner of the home from the moment of the registration of the sale and purchase agreement and his ownership. After that, the parties make the final cash settlement.

Settlement under an apartment purchase and sale agreement

It should be noted that, as a rule, even before the conclusion of the contract, the buyer transfers to the seller a certain amount of money as a guarantee of the seriousness of his intentions, in the amount agreed by the parties. Naturally, the buyer writes a receipt upon receipt of this money. And here you should take into account some purely terminological nuances, which, however, can greatly change the situation in the event of an unfavorable development of events..

The fact is that the terms “deposit” or “advance” can be used in the receipt. For many, they seem to be synonymous. But this is not the case. In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the issuance of an advance by a potential buyer to the seller does not entail any legal consequences. Thus, the seller, “shaking hands” with the buyer, can do a lot of work and refuse other potential buyers, referring to the already existing agreement, and the potential buyer will change his mind at the last moment and the deal will fail. In this case, the seller who received the advance will be obliged to return the money to a potential and inconsistent buyer..

How to sell an apartment

The down payment is another matter. If the deal fails, and you have already done a lot of work, the amount of the deposit remains with you as a penalty.

For the production of cash settlements, as a rule, a rented safe deposit box is used. This method equally guarantees the interest of both the seller and the buyer.

How to offer an apartment for sale

You should not think that the buyer will come to you on his own. In order to present your property on the housing market, you should spend some effort.

First of all, use all the possible and available ways to inform the public that you intend to sell the apartment. An advertisement should be submitted to the publication / publications specializing in the publication of this kind of information. There are many of them in every city.

If you have the opportunity, post your offers on the Internet. There are many sites offering their services for free as a bulletin board. At the same time, do not be lazy to periodically update your message, otherwise it will gradually slide to the very end of the list, thanks to new publications..

How to offer an apartment for sale

Well, and, oddly enough, you should not shy away from the banal posting of ads on poles, fences and bus stops. This method may turn out to be the most effective, because those who want to buy an apartment will also post their ads with phones on the same surfaces. So you will see each other.

How to show the apartment correctly

Naturally, we assume that by selling your apartment, you do not intend to deceive anyone. But it is not at all necessary to highlight some of the disadvantages of your apartment during the initial negotiations with a potential buyer. So to speak, with the “bride”.

For example, if the view from the window leaves much to be desired, the first acquaintance should be scheduled for the evening, when the buyer will not be immediately frightened by this external entourage of your area..

Before selling, you should not spend a lot on apartment renovation. Anyway, most normal people, buying real estate, first of all rip off everything that is there and make major repairs to their taste. Therefore, it is advisable to make minor cosmetic repairs. Glue clean light wallpaper, touch up and touch up something. If it is possible to throw away or take out old furniture, then do it. The buyer perceives empty, spacious and light spaces better, mentally planning where and what of his things he can put.

Naturally, no trash

Let the apartment for sale smell slightly of paint and wallpaper glue. This makes a subconscious positive impression on the buyers, indicating that decent and clean people lived here before them..

Under no circumstances should you leave the smell of pets in the apartment or, if the apartment is inherited from elderly relatives, the smell of illness and unkempt old age. It scares away instantly.

Exhibition of an apartment for sale

Potential buyers, even if they arrived by car, need to unobtrusively explain that from your apartment you can easily and quickly get to the metro on foot or by public transport, and that everything is very close here and there are many good shops, schools, clinics and kindergartens.

More constructive positive

The plumbing must function well in the apartment. And this does not mean at all that it needs to be changed before selling. It’s just that nothing should drip, leak and emit an unpleasant smell anywhere..

If earlier neighbors from above “leaked” on you, then eliminate all traces of this leak, otherwise the buyer may think that such a disaster is happening systematically. Where possible, seal and whiten the stains. It is very important!

There must be no broken glass in the windows. This creates a sharply negative impression of the apartment as a whole..

However, these tips from professional realtors are quite banal in nature. Undoubtedly, you have enough ingenuity and ingenuity to show the product with your face. And then your deal will be very profitable.

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