Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing

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Kievskoe highway is a large highway, which is one of the federal roads. It is part of the main route linking Moscow with Vnukovo Airport and continuing through Ukraine to Europe.

This direction has long become popular for the purchase of housing, therefore, at present, developers are actively developing territories along the Kiev highway. For buyers, several advantages are combined here at once: good transport accessibility (proximity to the capital, high-quality road surface) and quite democratic prices.

An excursion into history

The track got its name, of course, from the city of Kiev, because this is the main road leading from Moscow to Ukraine.

Initially, when this road was built in the 15th century, it connected Moscow with Kaluga and Borovsk. The route began from the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, crossed into Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, and then into Bolshaya Kaluzhskaya (now it is Leninsky Prospekt). Then it was called New Kaluga road or Novokaluzhsky tract.

For a long time, the Kiev direction was popular among Russian aristocrats. The area of ​​the Kiev highway has always been famous for its picturesque places: huge forest lands, endless fields, numerous rivers and lakes. Ivan the Terrible and Boris Godunov loved to hunt in these parts, Peter I and Catherine II rested. It was in these places that many Russian noblemen, boyars and merchants built their rich estates. Some old estates have survived to this day, for example: Valuevo, Petrovskoe, Afineevo and some others.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing Sverchkov N.E. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich with the boyars on a falconry near Moscow. 1873

This direction did not lose its attractiveness during the Soviet era. During the period of stagnation, it was considered the most prestigious area in the Moscow region. All the best places allocated here for building were occupied by the so-called “old-fashioned” settlements. The most famous among them are: Aprelevka, Selyatino, Krekshino and Peredelkino. Then the houses in these villages became the property of the party elite and the creative intelligentsia of the Soviet Union..

The track got its final appearance in 1976, when the road was completed. Currently, the length of the Kiev highway is about 509 kilometers.

With the collapse of the USSR, in the nineties, the Kievskoe highway lost some of its attractiveness. However, already now, thanks to the repair of the road surface and the complete reconstruction of the highway, this direction has regained its former popularity among Muscovites. Capital residents willingly purchase country houses in villages that are actively being built along the entire length of the Kiev highway.

Now in the vicinity of the Kiev highway many successful businessmen, cultural and scientific workers are buying housing. This is due primarily to the picturesque area, affordable prices and proximity to the capital.

Modern infrastructure

Kievskoe highway is considered one of the most comfortable highways in the Moscow region. Good road surface, modern broadband highway, modern road junctions and overhead pedestrian crossings – all this makes travel to suburban villages very convenient.

However, the track is sometimes congested. The reason is that a large number of cars, including freight transit vehicles, move along this road from Moscow towards Vnukovo airport and the Moscow region..

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing

In order to reduce the number of traffic jams, at the end of 2009 on the 38-kilometer section of the road from the Moscow Ring Road to the village. Rassudovo (Naro-Fominsk district), it was decided to open traffic-free traffic. Later, additional transport interchanges were also built in Aprelevka and at the intersection of the Kievskoe highway with the A107 highway. This allowed a bit to relieve the highway.

The territories in the vicinity of the Kiev highway are distinguished by a developed sports and recreation infrastructure. There are many rest houses, sanatoriums and sports complexes along the road, including: the Balabanovo rest house, the Bekasovo complex, the Zvezdny health resort, the Sokol health resort, the Melodiya sports palace (St. Aprelevka), the district sports center of the city of Moskovsky and many others.

It should also be noted that due to the towns of Aprelevka and Naro-Fominsk located near the cottage settlements, as well as the large settlements of Moskovsky, Vnukovo, Kokoshkino and Krekshino, residents of suburban settlements can use their social infrastructure. There is everything here: shops, clinics, utilities, kindergartens and schools, banks, cafes, restaurants and much more..

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of buying a country house in the Kiev direction

Currently, according to experts in the real estate market, Kievskoe highway is the leader in terms of investment in construction. This is due to an increase in demand for quality suburban housing. And here the Kiev direction has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • In all respects, an advantageous geographical position. This is one of the most environmentally friendly areas, there are very picturesque places: coniferous and deciduous forests prevail, there are clean beautiful lakes and rivers.
  • Good transport accessibility: wide modern highway with convenient transport interchanges.
  • Rich infrastructure: there is everything you need for a comfortable life, active construction of new shopping and entertainment centers, as well as social infrastructure facilities.

After all transport problems were resolved, the Kievskoe highway began to rapidly catch up in popularity with the main leader of recent decades – the Novorizhskoe direction.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing

Disadvantages of buying real estate in the vicinity of Kiev highway

Despite all the obvious advantages of buying a cottage in villages along the Kiev highway, there is one significant disadvantage – the proximity of Vnukovo airport and the constant hum of aircraft.

Experts confirm that all cottage villages in the Kiev direction suffer from the roar of aircraft. All owners of suburban real estate in the area have to put up with this. Nevertheless, buyers do not experience any serious negativity because of this. Many experts point out that the proximity of the airport does not affect the liquidity of suburban real estate offered in the Kiev direction..

According to some experts, the overwhelming majority of the population of the near Moscow region has long been accustomed to such noise attacks. In addition, Vnukovo is the quietest capital airport. There are very few ordinary passenger flights. This airport is most often used for flights by the country’s leaders..

Taking this into account, we can say that there are much more advantages to purchasing a country house near Kievskoe highway than disadvantages. This direction is currently one of the most promising and convenient.

?Offer overview

As for the supply of country houses in the Kiev direction, here you can now find houses and land plots of different price categories from the elite (the cost is more than 50 million rubles for a house with an area of ​​more than 400-500 m2 with a plot of 10-15 acres) to cheaper (small town houses with a plot of up to 4 acres and an average cost of 5-8 million rubles).

We will consider several offers in each price category – from the most expensive to the most affordable.

Elite offers

Among the villages with expensive real estate, located within 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road and with a well-developed infrastructure, three villages can be distinguished: Valuevskaya Sloboda, Promenade and Grafskie Prudy.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Valuevskaya Sloboda”

The village has 58 brick houses built using modern technologies in a single architectural style. “Valuevskaya Sloboda” is located just 7 km from the Moscow Ring Road near the village of Nizhnee Valuevo.

The developer offers several options for houses ranging from 392 to 570 m2 on plots allocated for individual housing construction with an area of ​​10-17 acres. The village is located in an ideal distance from the city and the highway in a very beautiful, picturesque place. All central communications, telephone and internet are connected to the houses.

In addition, the village has a rich internal infrastructure. The project includes the construction of sports and playgrounds, a shop, a pharmacy, a car wash, a guest parking lot, etc. All this will allow residents to enjoy all the benefits of civilization, being in nature far from the city..

The cost of a house in this village varies from 35 to 65 million rubles.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Promenade”

The cottage settlement “Promenade”, commissioned in 2009, belongs to the De Luxe class. It is located on the banks of the Neznayka River, 14 km from the Moscow Ring Road in a picturesque place. The village is distinguished not only by its proximity to Moscow, but also by its depth into the forest away from the highway. This allows you to live in the silence of the forest. On the territory of the village, which exceeds 46 hectares, there is even its own river with a well-maintained embankment.

In total, there are 80 houses in the village, which were built in the style of modern classics from modern environmentally friendly materials for more than 15 projects. It offers not just country houses, but real luxurious estates: the area of ​​the plots ranges from 26 acres to 1 hectare. The developer offers luxury houses ranging from 500 to 700 m2. In addition, here you can purchase separate land plots for building your own house on an individual project.

The village has a well-developed infrastructure. At the service of residents: a children’s sports ground, a kindergarten, separate playgrounds, a fitness center with a swimming pool, a bicycle track, a tennis court, a billiard room, a minimarket, a restaurant. It also has its own security service, which provides round-the-clock security of the entire perimeter of the cottage village.

The cost of a plot with a house in the Promenade village starts at 57 million rubles. A building plot with an area of ​​47 acres can be bought here for 1.2 million rubles.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Grafskie prudy”

Grafskie Prudy is another elite settlement located 21 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Like other villages, it is surrounded by a forest, on the territory there are artificial ponds, which were created in the century before last. It is thanks to them that the village got its name..

110 houses were built on 52 hectares according to the author’s architectural design2. Professional landscape designers have worked on the improvement of the territory. The central street of the village is decorated with a wide boulevard with cobbled areas and flower beds 1 km long.

?For the comfort of residents, all the necessary communications, satellite TV, the Internet have been carried out in the village, the possibility of integrating the “smart home” system is provided. In addition, the village is provided with the necessary social and service infrastructure..

The cost of a house in the village of Grafskie Prudy ranges from 45 to 76 million rubles.

Mid-range offers

Of course, among the available offers of suburban real estate in the Kiev direction, it is the settlements of the middle price category, the so-called business class, which predominate, many of them are practically not inferior in quality and infrastructure to more expensive options. However, they are located a little further (from 20 km outside the Moscow Ring Road) and houses usually have a slightly smaller area, hence the lower price for a house with a plot in general. It takes a long time to list all the available options, therefore, as an example, we will give only two villages “Krekshino” and “Novoglagolevo-2”, which will allow us to assess the overall picture in this price segment.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Krekshino”

Krekshino is a fairly large cottage village located 25 km from the Moscow Ring Road. 352 brick houses with an area of ​​250-450 m were built on a 65 hectare site2. All buildings are two-storey, made in the general architectural style.

The houses have communications, the quality of construction and engineering support fully complies with modern standards for suburban housing construction.

The village has a well-developed infrastructure: supermarket, bank, pharmacy, kindergarten, fitness center, swimming pool, playgrounds and much more. In total, about 7 thousand m2 are allocated for the construction of infrastructure facilities.2 from the general area of ​​the complex.

The cost of a house with a land plot of up to 14 acres in this village ranges from 25 to 45 million rubles.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Novoglagolevo-2”

The new cottage village “Novoglagolevo-2” is located 35 km from the Moscow Ring Road in the famous “old-fashioned” place. The village is located in an incredibly beautiful place on the shore of the lake, surrounded by forests.

Novoglagolevo-2 is divided into 300 land plots of 15 acres each. Now on the territory of the village there are about 30 new cottages for sale ranging from 200 to 595 m2. All houses have communications: electricity, gas, water. All houses are built using modern technologies, it is possible to connect a telephone and the Internet.

The village does not have its own infrastructure, but the village of Glagolevo is located nearby with a well-developed infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, shops, banks, pharmacies, bars, car wash and much more..

The cost of a house in Novoglagolevo-2 ranges from 20 to 29 million rubles.

Economy offers

Among the most affordable housing in the Kiev direction, many townhouses are now offered. These are houses with an area of ​​up to 150-200 m2, while they are being built on a small plot of land up to 2-4 acres. As a result, you get modern housing at an affordable price. Among the cottage settlements in the Kiev direction, in which small houses and townhouses are offered for purchase, we will consider in more detail three: “Western Valley”, “Chistye Prudy” and “Ternovka”.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Western Valley”

The Zapadnaya Dolina village is located 18 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Here we offer small country cottages with an area of ​​150-300 m2, as well as townhouses with an area of ​​90-175 m2.

The village has all the necessary communications: gas, electricity, central sewerage, water from an artesian well with its own water treatment system, telecommunications.

In addition, the “Western Valley” has all the necessary infrastructure: kindergarten, school, shop, pharmacy, restaurants, ATM, dry cleaning, communication salon, sports center, etc..

During construction, only modern technologies are used: a monolithic frame, foam blocks, a solid foundation.

The cost of a house in this village starts from 11 million rubles, a townhouse can be bought at a price of 5 to 8 million rubles.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Chistye Prudy”

The village is located in a picturesque place 21 km from the Moscow Ring Road on the top of a hill. On the territory of the village, land plots for building are offered with an area of ​​10 to 40 acres and ready-made cozy townhouses on small plots up to 7 acres. The village has everything you need to live: an excellent location overlooking the ponds, a full range of communications, developed infrastructure, a high level of security. The settlement was built in a single architectural style, the administration building is located at the entrance, the perimeter is fenced with a wrought-iron fence, there is a round-the-clock security.

The cost of a townhouse in Chistye Prudy is from 7 to 10 million rubles.

Kievskoe highway is a promising direction for buying suburban housing KP “Ternovka”

Ternovka is located 50 km from the Moscow Ring Road in close proximity to Naro-Fominsk. The village was built in 2009. All houses are made in the same architectural style, the necessary communications are connected to them. There are children’s playgrounds and sports grounds in the village. Near the village is the Nara river.

A total of 4 houses with 19 sections in each were built in Ternovka. Moreover, each section is a separate real estate object (townhouse with an area of ​​up to 200 m2), which is sold together with a land plot of 4-6 acres. A spacious garage is provided for each site.

There is no own infrastructure. But within walking distance is the city of Naro-Fominsk, where everything you need is available: kindergartens, hospitals, shops, banks, etc..

Despite the 50-kilometer distance from the capital, you can get to Ternovka by private car along the Kiev highway in an hour or by train to Naro-Fominsk station. This makes the village attractive for residents of the capital who want to live outside the city in nature and at the same time be able to quickly get to Moscow.

The cost of a townhouse in Ternovka is from 4 to 6 million rubles.


Based on all of the above, it should be said that the suburban real estate market in the Kiev direction is currently developing rapidly. This direction is considered one of the most promising for purchase in terms of price / quality ratio..

The rapid development of suburban construction in the Kiev direction began after the repair of the highway, which solved the main problem of transport accessibility of cottage settlements. Today Kievskoe highway is one of the most comfortable roads, traffic jams began to occur much less often, getting to any village is now quite simple.

According to statistics, suburban real estate offered in the vicinity of the Kiev highway, among the main districts of the Moscow region, is now ranked 4th in value. It is cheaper than houses on Rublevo-Uspenskoye, Minsk and Novorizhskoye directions. However, in terms of the number of proposals, the quality of construction and the level of infrastructure development, the Kiev direction is practically not inferior to them.

Hence the conclusion: if you want to buy a cozy country house in a picturesque corner of the nearest Moscow region, then pay attention to the variety of offers in the Kiev direction. Now here you can find many country houses and townhouses of various price categories.

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