Let there be light! As well as water, heat and gas … Connection of a construction site to utility networks

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The procedure for connecting a house to utilities can be divided into two stages: obtaining technical conditions for connection and the connection itself (in the legal aspect – collecting the necessary documents, concluding an agreement, etc.).

The technical conditions provide for the maximum permissible load at the points of connection of the object to one or another utility network (water, electricity, heat, gas supply systems, sewerage systems), as well as the connection period. The validity period of the TU is determined in the conditions themselves and cannot be less than two years. The Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation authorizes the Russian Government to establish the procedure for connecting the facility under construction to the utility networks. In accordance with clause 10 of Article 48 of the Urban Planning Code, the Government of the Russian Federation 13 adopted Resolution No. 83 of February 13, 2006, which approved the Rules for determining and providing technical conditions for connecting a capital construction object to engineering networks and the Rules for connecting a capital construction object to engineering networks provision. Based on these rules, technical conditions are obtained and their practical use, that is, the house is connected to engineering networks..

How to get technical specifications (TU)

If you acquire a land plot for construction from state-owned land into ownership or lease, the local government is obliged to provide you with technical specifications no later than thirty days before the start of the auction for the sale or lease of the land plot. Also, the local government provides information on the payment for connecting to engineering networks..

If the specifications are missing or outdated, then you can get them by adhering to the following action plan:

  1. We contact the local administration with a request to provide information about the organization that issues the technical specifications. Such organizations can be vodokanal, gorenergo, gorgaz, that is, organizations operating engineering networks (network organizations). The local administration must provide you with information about the organization you are interested in within two days (working days) from the moment of contact.
  2. We are addressing a request to the organization that operates certain engineering communications. The request must contain:
    • Full name of the owner of the land plot, postal address;
    • copy of your passport;
    • documents of title to a land plot (certificate of ownership or lease agreement);
    • information about the boundaries of the site where construction is in progress;
    • information on the permitted use of the site;
    • information on the limiting parameters of construction on a given land plot;
    • the type of resource that you want to receive (water, gas, electricity, etc.);
    • the planned date of putting a residential building into operation;
    • planned connected load (if you have this information).
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The organization to which the request was sent is obliged to determine and issue technical specifications within 14 (working) days from the date of the request. If you receive a refusal to provide technical specifications, you have the right to apply to the technological supervision body to verify the validity of such a refusal. Also, the operating organization provides information about the connection fee, including data on the tariff and the validity period of the tariff or the date of re-appeal, if the tariff has not yet been set..

Do not forget that the organization that issued the technical specifications to you has an obligation to ensure the connection only within one year from the date of the TU issue. If you do not decide on the required connected load and do not apply with an application for connection to utilities within a year from the date of receipt of the TU, the obligation will lose its validity. If the connection is possible only to networks that do not belong to the network organization itself, but to another person-consumer of resources (the main subscriber), then the technical conditions can be issued by the main subscriber, having coordinated them with the network organization. In this case, in relation to the network organization, you will be a sub-subscriber. If you are building a house on a plot purchased from a private person, and the technical conditions for this plot are valid, you have the right to use them, having previously informed the network organization about the change of the copyright holder.

Having received the technical specifications, you can start connecting the capital construction object, that is, your house under construction, to the engineering networks.

How to connect to engineering networks

  1. We submit an application for connection to the organization that provided you with the technical conditions (the executing organization). The application must contain:
    • Full name, address of residence;
    • copy of your passport;
    • title documents for a building site;
    • situational plan for the location of the object;
    • topographic map of the site (map scale – 1: 500);
    • information on the timing of construction and commissioning of the facility;
    • other documents required to connect to various utility networks:
    1. when connected to water supply and sewerage networks:
      • balance of water consumption and water disposal of the house, which is connected, indicating the types of water use;
      • information about the composition of wastewater that will be discharged into the sewer;
      • information about the construction object (purpose, height, number of storeys);
      • information about sub-subscribers;
    2. when connected to heat supply networks:
      • information about the characteristics of the thermal loads of the house, about the parameters of heat carriers and about the modes of heat consumption;
      • information about the location of the metering unit for the received heat energy;
      • requirements for the reliability of heat supply;
    3. when connected to power supply networks:
      • information about the maximum power of the power receiving devices;
    4. layout of such devices;
    5. load calculation carried out by a licensed organization;
    6. when connected to gas supply networks:
      • list of planned gas-using equipment;
      • information about the maximum connected load of such equipment.
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All of the above information necessary for connecting to various engineering networks is compiled in conjunction with the appropriate network organization, which will be the contractor under the connection agreement.

If you do not submit all the necessary documents, the executing organization is obliged to inform you about this within 6 days from the date of receipt of the application. If all the documentation has been submitted and meets the requirements of the law, the organization will send you a signed connection agreement within 30 days. But this is already the second stage.

  1. We conclude a connection agreement with the organization.
  2. We receive connection conditions from the contractor that do not contradict the technical conditions.
  3. We fulfill the connection conditions. This stage involves the development of project documentation. To do this, you should contact a licensed organization (a list of such companies can be obtained from the contractor or from the local government). Project documentation must be approved in the manner prescribed by law. The coordination functions in most cases are undertaken by the project developer. Any deviations from the connection conditions must be agreed with the implementing network organization.
  4. The implementing organization checks the fulfillment of the connection conditions. If no inconsistent deviations from the connection conditions are found, the executing organization issues a permit to connect the house to the utility network.
  5. We connect the house to engineering networks. The contractor must supervise the connection.
  6. We sign the act of accession.
  7. We fulfill the conditions for submitting resources. First, you need to obtain permission to put a construction site into operation, and then conclude an agreement on the supply of the appropriate resource (agreement on water supply, gas supply, etc.). When connecting to water supply networks, it is necessary to flush water supply devices and structures, about which an appropriate act is drawn up.
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If the term of the connection conditions expired during the construction process, it can be prolonged. To do this, you must submit an appropriate appeal to the organization that is the contractor under the connection agreement.

What is the responsibility for unauthorized connection to utilities

In the event of an unauthorized connection to engineering networks, disconnection from the relevant communications is carried out (without warning), while the costs of such work are paid by the offender. The volume of resources consumed as a result of unauthorized connection of resources must be paid for by the operating organization. In addition, the offender compensates the network organization for damage caused by unauthorized connection..

Also, in the case of unauthorized connection and use of the corresponding resources, the offender bears administrative responsibility in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses (Articles 7.19, 7.20) in the form of a fine in the amount of 1,500 to 2,000 rubles for unauthorized connection to power, heating and gas supply, and from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles in case of unauthorized connection to water supply and sewerage networks. Similar actions committed by a legal entity entail the imposition of a fine in the amount of 30-40 thousand rubles and 20-30 thousand rubles, respectively. Separate amounts of fines are also provided for officials: 3-4 thousand rubles and 2-3 thousand rubles, respectively.

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