Moscow government plans for the development of new territories

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Expanding the borders of Moscow, according to officials, will make the city more comfortable and competitive in all respects. Some new initiatives have already started to be partially implemented. For example, the construction of an innovative international financial center and the creation of a new administrative center of Moscow within the new territorial boundaries.

Nevertheless, for the full development of new territories, it will be necessary to carefully work out quite a few issues – from the general development plan to optimizing budget relations.

Where will the construction begin

As noted, in the “new” territories, construction will begin from sites that were previously provided for construction by the authorities of the Moscow region. At the same time, the main emphasis will be placed on the implementation of new modern world-class projects with facilities of medium and low rise. Building density will be lower than previously planned.

In the opinion of the capital’s leadership, such a construction scheme will help create a “comfortable and favorable environment” for residents of new areas.

The head of the Moskomarkhitektura, in turn, noted that at present, the final project for the development of the “new” territories of Moscow has not yet been approved.

However, given the presence of a large number of green zones on the site to be connected, experts will approach the solution of the issues of height and density of buildings especially carefully and responsibly..

According to the chief architect of the capital, Alexander Kuzmin, in November 2011 a special competition will be opened to develop a concept for the development of the city, the results of which will be summed up in spring 2012. All documents necessary for the competition will be prepared by October 17.

Several national parks and 2 university complexes will appear in the capital

Several large national natural parks are planned to be created on the new territory of Moscow. According to Sergei Sobyanin, the current mayor of the capital, there will be 3-4 natural parks in the annexed territories, the area of ​​each should be at least 100 hectares. The mayor noted that the purpose of the accession of new land plots to the capital is the formation of polycentrism. A new administrative center should appear, in addition to the existing historical city center.

In the coming years, the new territories of Moscow will play an important role in the development program of the metropolitan agglomeration. Obviously, the east and south of the Moscow region are the most urbanized areas with a high percentage and density of buildings. It was here that the city authorities allocated a place for the development of the industrial complex.

Expanding the borders of Moscow
Zinaida Serebryakova. Autumn Park. 1909-1921

In turn, the northern and western territories are saturated with green spaces and have a high natural potential. In these territories, it is planned to develop tourism and form special green recreation areas. Southwest is great for the construction of low-rise residential buildings.

It has also recently become known that the city authorities are planning to create two new university complexes in the territories annexed to the city. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin personally announced this.

He noted that the new university centers will include not only academic buildings, but also housing complexes for students and teaching staff..

Ways to develop transport in the new territories of Moscow

According to the mayor of the capital, for the comprehensive development of Moscow in the new conditions, it is necessary to create a high-quality transport infrastructure. This will help connect the new administrative center of the city with the historical one. Much work remains to be done on the construction of new roads and interchanges. According to Sobyanin, in order to optimize transport links in the south-west of the city, it will be necessary to make additional chord and semi-circular highways.

It should be noted that at present, the city authorities already have some idea of ​​the possible ways of developing the transport system in the new territories annexed to the capital. According to Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor for Construction and Urban Development Policy, an approximate plan has already been outlined where to place new transport hubs and where to lay new metro lines.

Programs for the reconstruction of the Kashirskoye and Varshavskoye highways have already been considered. The authorities have identified this area as a top priority. This is logical, because in order to organize a construction site outside the Moscow Ring Road, you first need to prepare the territory from which development will proceed..

The authorities also report that they are not going to seize summer cottages due to the expansion of the city’s boundaries..

According to Khusnullin, the mayor gave a clear instruction not to demolish all summer cottages and villages that are currently located on this territory. On the contrary, these territories will be improved. It is planned to provide suburban settlements with engineering and transport infrastructure, which will allow them to enter a new stage of development.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the plans of the authorities look quite adequate and reasonable. It remains only to wait for the official approval of the general construction plan and its subsequent implementation..

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