New offers on the suburban real estate market in the Moscow region

Recommendation points

Since most of the residential complexes and cottage settlements built this year belong to the economy class, they are located relatively far from the capital, usually beyond the thirty-kilometer mark.

Experts consider Simferopolskoe highway the most promising market direction as the most economical and demanded by buyers.

New business-class settlements, of which experts counted 9, are located mainly on Kaluzhskoye and Novorizhskoye highways, and the only elite residential complex that appeared on the market this fall is located on Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway.

The Novorizhskoe direction remains the leader of new proposals on the real estate market. But the experts consider Simferopolskoe highway the most promising direction of the market, as the most economical and demanded by buyers.


The most popular among buyers are land plots without a contract, there is a stable demand for inexpensive ready-made cottages, plots with a contract, the demand for townhouses has slightly increased, which are still one of the most unclaimed categories of suburban real estate.

Developers who enjoy a reputation of reliable, well-known developers, and can already provide information on several successfully completed projects, are in a more advantageous position..

Real estate in the villages of the Moscow region
Abzhinov Eduard. Sergiev Posad. 2010

The cost

In comparison with the summer period of the last year, the average cost of 1 are of a land plot in suburban settlements has significantly decreased. If in 2010 the average price of 100 square meters of land without a contract was 7.3 thousand dollars, now the same plot of land can be purchased for only 6 thousand dollars.

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New offers

Among the settlements that have appeared on the real estate market, analysts highlight the following interesting proposals:

  • “Sukhanovo-Park”, which is located on the ninth kilometer of the Varshavskoe highway and, along with fairly expensive cottages, offers economy-class townhouses with an area of ​​90 square meters at a price of 6.9 million rubles. House plots are small – only 1.5 acres, but the very location of the residential complex, next to the lake, not far from Moscow attracts buyers;
  • attractive land plots without a contract are offered by the projects KP Solnechny gorod and Sofyino, located on the Kiev and Kaluzhskoe highways, respectively. A hundred square meters of land here will cost the buyer about 150 thousand rubles;
  • the eco-city “Novoe Stupino”, the construction of which began last year, already offers buyers inexpensive housing at a price of 38 thousand rubles per square meter. The complex is located on the Kashirskoye highway, 75 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road;
  • the settlement “Pavlovy Ozera”, which is located just 20 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Novorizhskoe highway, offers ready-made cottages with land plots of 6 acres for 7.9 million rubles;
  • the village, belonging to the premium class, “Lesnaya Symphony” – about 5 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road along the Kaluzhskoe highway, the first phase of 55 houses has already been completed. Experts note the developed infrastructure of the village: a kindergarten, a school, a golf course, a shopping and entertainment complex, as well as a landscaped park have been announced..

According to analysts, this year the construction and sale of projects that were frozen during the crisis have resumed, there is an increase in demand for finished cottages, as well as land plots with a contract.

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The demand for land plots without a contract remains consistently high, but buyers now prefer to purchase land only from trusted, reliable developers.

Also, the demand for summer cottages has also grown by almost 16%, their share in the market for cottage housing offers increased from 42% to 44%.

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