Overview of the apartment rental market in the resort cities of Europe

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There is snow outside the window, but many are already beginning to think and plan where to spend their next vacation. Among Russian tourists, vacations in European countries are becoming more and more popular every year..

The most popular holiday destinations for our compatriots are the Cote d’Azur of Italy and France, the architectural masterpieces of Spain, as well as the unique nature of the Norwegian fjords – all this attracts many Russians from year to year.

Overview of the apartment rental market in the resort cities of Europe
Pablo Picasso. Paysage a Juan-les-Pins. 1924

The number of tourists who choose independence and privacy is growing every year. Such tourists prefer to rent a small apartment or cottage in a resort town and relax in silence, enjoying nature and tranquility. Renting a holiday apartment is very convenient. In this case, among other things, you will be able to better get acquainted with the traditions of the country, use additional amenities for a high-quality and comfortable stay. Moreover, in economic terms, renting an apartment is sometimes even more profitable than renting a hotel room. For example, the cheapest double room in a three-star hotel in Barcelona can be rented at a price of 830 euros for 6 days.

Russian tourists prefer renting apartments, rather than booking rooms in hotels.

For a similar room in four-star and five-star hotels, you will have to pay from 900 to 1500 euros for 6 days. A suite costs more than 4500 euros. Whereas the cost of renting a two-room apartment in Barcelona ranges from 800 to 1600 euros per week.

Renting an apartment (cottage) in Europe is the best choice for those who decide to relax with a large company.

Now the leading agencies in the European real estate rental market offer a variety of options for living in many European countries for the summer holidays. Based on the available funds and preferences, any agency will be able to offer you a choice of a luxurious villa in a picturesque secluded place, a penthouse with a stunning view from the window, and a small cozy apartment in the historic center of the city..


Spain is the most popular European resort among Russians. The sun of the Spanish Mediterranean coast pleases tourists almost all year round, and the historical centers and sights are magnificent, regardless of the season. Tourists from Russia traditionally prefer the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Although in recent years the interest of our compatriots has grown in the Atlantic coast of the country, where the royal resort of Santander is located or the bay of incredible beauty in the town of Hondarribia at the junction of Spain and France. Tourists from Russia are rarely found in the central part of Spain, where the most beautiful cities with beautiful architecture and rich history are located. Most of our tourists prefer beach holidays over everything else..

Overseas property
Joan Miro. Prades, the Village. 1917

Let’s see how much it will cost to rent an apartment on the Spanish coast. In the resort towns of Malaga and Valencia, the cost of renting a small two-room apartment ranges from 250 to 750 euros per week, the price depends on the season and period of stay. An apartment on the Costa Brava in Playa d’Aro costs from 700 euros per week. The most expensive apartments, of course, are rented in the waterfront area. They usually have a beautiful view of the coast. The cost of renting such an apartment can reach 1.5 thousand euros per week. If you want to rent an inexpensive apartment, then you need to look for an apartment in a residential area of ​​the city.

The most expensive cities in terms of renting an apartment on the Mediterranean coast of Spain are Marbella (a resort once founded by the King of Spain) and Barcelona. In Marbella, the cost of renting a two-room apartment can be up to 5 thousand euros per week. The most expensive proposals are located in luxury residential complexes located near the sea. In Barcelona, ​​the most expensive apartments are located in historic buildings in the center. They usually have a panoramic view of the city. In the middle price segment, the cost of renting an apartment in Barcelona is 800 – 1600 euros per week.


Renting apartments and cottages on the French Riviera is no less popular among Russian tourists. The most popular resort with the largest number of apartments for rent is Nice. The most expensive apartments in this city are located in the Promenade Des Anglais area in residential buildings that are located around the Palais de Mediterranee and Negresco hotels. The cost of renting an apartment here with a sea view can be up to 2.5 thousand euros per week. No less expensive apartments can be rented in the Boulevard Hugo area. In this area of ​​Nice, apartments are usually offered for rent, located in historic buildings with expensive furniture and exclusive design. The price of such an apartment is from 900 to 1500 euros per week.

Real estate in France
Claude Monet. Regate a Argenteuil, 1872

An inexpensive apartment in Nice can be rented in the central part of the city. Moreover, the further from the embankment, the cheaper the apartment will be, unless the apartments are located on the last floors. A colorful view of the city from the windows of an apartment can increase rent by 20-30%. In the middle price segment, a lot of apartments are offered here at prices ranging from 600 to 800 euros per week. Note also that in Nice, as well as on the entire French Riviera, the cost of renting an apartment depends on the season. The highest apartment prices are observed here at the height of the holiday season – from June to September.

Cannes is another popular resort among Russians. The most expensive apartments are also rented here near the embankment overlooking the sea. However, the maximum rental rates are noted for apartments located in the port area near the famous Palace of Festivals. At the peak of the holiday season in this area, apartments are rented at a price of 4,000 euros per week. An inexpensive apartment in Cannes can be rented in residential areas in the off-season from 500 euros per week, and in the high season from 700 euros per week.

The most expensive apartments are for rent in Antibes. This is not surprising. This resort town is famous for the most expensive and luxurious yachts. It will be possible to rent the cheapest apartment in this city in the midst of the tourist season for at least 1 thousand euros per week. The cost of renting the most expensive apartments can reach several tens of thousands of euros per week..

In another popular resort town of the Côte d’Azur, Saint Tropez rentals are almost as expensive as Antibes. Here you will have to pay for an apartment up to 5 thousand euros per week. As for the capital of France, renting a luxury apartment in the center of Paris can go up to 7 thousand euros per week, depending on the season..


The small principality of Monaco, located next to France, also attracts many tourists. Tourists are attracted by the fact that this is a very picturesque place, here it is a stone’s throw to the Cote d’Azur and the Italian Riviera.

Apartments for rent in Monaco
Claude Monet. The Corniche of Monaco, 1884

The cost of renting apartments in this dwarf state is incredibly high, while the supply of apartments is very limited. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for potential tenants to find an apartment in the middle price segment here..

In Monte Carlo, in the high season, no more than 30 apartments are rented at a price of 2,000 thousand euros per week. The city is a haven for holidaymakers with a very large fortune. As a result, the prices for renting apartments in Monaco are among the highest in Europe..


Another popular destination for Russian tourists is vacation in Italy. The largest city in southern Italy, Naples, attracts many tourists. The city is located in a picturesque location at the foot of the famous Mount Vesuvius. There are quite a few offers here, prices for renting apartments start at 1000 euros per week. But you can rent a small cottage for 5 people, of course not on the shore, but in a beautiful place, at a price of 500 euros per week. In the small town of Terracina, which is located near Naples, an apartment on the coast during the season can also be rented at a price of 1000 euros per week.

Apartments with sea views in the resort town of Messina (Sicily), located in a picturesque bay between the mountains and the sea, can be rented for an average of 1000 euros per week. A simpler apartment – without a beautiful sea view, they offer to rent at a price of 750 euros per week.

And, of course, Venice is very popular with tourists from Russia. Venice is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. Many people prefer its cozy narrow streets to the noise of beach resorts. Prices for renting an apartment in Venice are average. So you can rent a two-room apartment in the historic district of the city at a price of 750 euros per week.

Real estate in Venice
Demeter Gui. Bridge in Venice. 2005

Now you know the approximate prices for renting apartments in Europe. In general, we can say that rental prices in Europe are quite affordable. There are a lot of offers on the market, but it should be borne in mind that in the season the demand will also be great. If you want to choose a good apartment or house, then you need to book accommodation in advance – this way you will avoid many problems.

As for the price, when going on vacation to Europe, you should expect that renting an apartment in the most popular resorts will cost you 750-1500 euros per week on average. In less popular, but by no means, no less comfortable and pleasant resort towns, you will spend an average of 250 to 750 euros per week for renting an apartment..

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