Property prices in Bulgaria

Apartments in Bulgaria. Apartments in this country have an attractive appearance both for investment and for recreation and living in it. In the provinces, the cost per square meter starts from 300 euros, and in resort cities such as Sofia, Varna, Pamporovo, Borovets, Basco – from 700 euros. Apartments here are divided into two types of resort and city. Below are examples and a brief description of each of the groups.

Holiday apartments in Bulgaria. These are apartments located in a residential complex, on the territory of a sea or ski resort. Such complexes always have security, a restaurant, a bar, a SPA center, and a guarded parking lot. Such mansions are usually rented on a turnkey basis with finished decoration, furniture, kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures. The cost, in such complexes, starts from 1200 euros per square meter. But living in such apartments all year round is not very convenient and creates many problems. They are intended for living in them at certain times of the season: seaside resorts in May-September, ski resorts in November-March, few when April is included. These apartments are primarily attracting investors. With the right choice of resort and complex, you can earn 25-30% per annum due to the growth in the cost of apartments in Bulgaria and their lease.

City apartments in Bulgaria. Such mansions are designed for people who have gathered in Bulgaria for permanent residence, or come here not only during the season. Prices in cities for food, taxis, restaurants and much more are much lower than in resort areas. The cost of apartments in the resort cities of Varna, Burgas, Sofia, depending on the area of ​​the city, jump from 700 to 4000 euros per square meter. In the provincial and mountainous regions of Bulgaria, the price of apartments ranges from 300 to 100 euros per square meter. Such apartments in Bulgaria, as a rule, are rented out without renovation and furniture, that is, for a rough finish. There is no such luxury as restaurants, SPA centers, bars in city apartments. The elite buildings of the city have a guarded parking lot and security in the house. It has such housing and a big plus – the liquidity of this property is higher than that of resort apartments.

Houses in Bulgaria. Private houses are located mostly in villages and towns. In most cases, this is a 1-2 storey brick house with a plot of land. The smallest plot near the house is 10 acres. Most houses on the ground have vineyards, fruit trees and outbuildings. Also in such houses there is a water supply system, sewage in the form of a pit, and electricity. The house is heated with wood or electricity. Of course, there are houses with gas. At the moment, gasification is underway in the country, especially in villages near large cities.

According to the age qualification, houses are divided into renovated and new ones. An old building is a house in which, first of all, the value is the land and documents for the house. With the help of such documentation, you can build a house to your liking. The restored buildings are the same old buildings, only slightly renovated and offered for sale.

The houses of new buildings in Bulgaria are of two types: houses located in suburban settlements with the same project and houses standing separately. House prices start from 15,000 euros in the provinces and from 40,000 euros near major resort towns. Houses, villas, cottages in resort towns cost from 100,000 euros. Using the house not constantly, you can rent it out, and it will bring you not a small income from 500 euros per month.

To buy a house in Bulgaria, a foreign citizen must open a private company, because according to Bulgarian law, a foreign citizen has the right to buy only as a legal entity.

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