Real estate in Karelia: untouched nature and interesting offers

In the report of the European Union Commission, it was Karelia that was named the most favorable region for living in the northern part of Europe. The amazing nature of this region, the mass of historical and architectural monuments, excellent opportunities for recreation and health improvement make Karelia a very popular place to visit among tourists. The fact that one of the residences of the President of Russia is located here also speaks in favor of traveling to this region..

It is in Karelia that the first resort in Russia, “Marcial Waters”, which was founded back in 1719 by order of Peter the Great, is still successfully operating. Until now, this resort remains one of the most popular in the region, located in the Kondopozhsky district, 54 kilometers from Petrozavodsk. Known “Marcial waters”, named in honor of Mars, the god of war, for its sources of iron-rich mineral water, is considered one of the best balneological, climatic and mud resorts in Europe.

Rest in Karelia is popular at any time of the year. In summer, the most common type of recreation is cruises on motor ships on Ladoga and Onega lakes, which attract Karelian lakes and fishermen. And in winter, numerous travelers can combine relaxation in the bosom of nature with such exciting activities as reindeer and dog sledding, skiing, snowmobile safaris and many others. Karelia in winter is pristine snow-white expanses, walks along forest paths, a bathhouse, ice fishing and real winter.

The property

According to the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia, the average cost of 1 square meter of residential real estate in Kareli is 32.25 thousand rubles, which is significantly higher than in the country as a whole – 29.2 thousand rubles.

Such a rather high, especially in comparison with other northern regions, the cost of residential real estate is associated primarily with the popularity of Karelia as a tourist, resort region, as well as the relative proximity to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

According to experts, with the development of “green” tourism and infrastructure of the region, the cost of real estate in Karelia will continue to grow, therefore experts call investments in Karelian houses and land plots very promising and profitable.

Real estate in Karelia
Saulov Oleg. Nurmolitsy. 2011

Experts divide the most attractive land plots in Karelia into several groups:

First grouplocated in the village of Bolshoye Voronovo, in the Kondopozhsky district, not far from the largest flat waterfall in Europe – Kivach, next to the reserve of the same name. Most of the sites are located on the banks of the Suna River;

Second groupof land plots is located in the Sortavala region, near the village of Kaalamo. Nearby – Ruskeala Marble Canyon and picturesque Ruskeala waterfalls;

Third groupsites located on the shore of Lake Kroshnozero;

Fourth groupplots of land are located in the vicinity of the main attraction of Karelia – the island of Kizhi;

Fifth groupof land plots located in the village of Sopokha, in the Kondopozhsky district, near the Sandal lake.

Depending on the group, the cost of a plot of land also varies – from 10 thousand rubles (mainly plots in the forest, with thickets of trees and shrubs) and up to 1.5 million rubles per 1 hundred square meters.

Karelia is one of the rare regions of our country where you can buy not just a property, but an entire island. Thousands of small islets are scattered across the water area of ​​the Karelian lakes, for example, on Lake Ladoga, you can become the owner of the Mantsinsaari island, which has agricultural plots and is intended for the construction of a tourist complex. The cost of the Karelian islands depends not only on the area and location, but also on the availability of buildings, as well as on what category of land the island belongs to..

So, an island in Lake Onega, with an area of ​​only 0.7 hectares and agricultural land is sold for 2.6 million rubles, islands with a developed infrastructure will cost many times more..

Private houses in Karelia, often built in the old northern style, usually of wood, are especially popular among visitors. This trend is quite understandable, since people come to this region mainly because of the natural beauties, and an ordinary apartment in Petrozavodsk cannot compete in attractiveness with a country cottage surrounded by a pine forest..

The cost of houses in Karelia depends on the location and the quality of the house itself. A small, old-built house in a village, tens of kilometers from the regional center, but on the shore of the lake you can buy for 450 thousand rubles, but a modern two-story cottage on the shore of Ladoga will cost 8 million rubles.

In the past few years, organized cottage settlements began to appear in the vicinity of Petrozavodsk, not far from Lake Onega, a fully finished house with furniture and household appliances in them can cost more than 12 million rubles.

How to buy

When choosing real estate in Karelia, residents of other states should remember that not so long ago a ban was introduced on the acquisition of land plots located in the so-called border territories..

Real estate in Karelia
Sysoev Nikolay. Karelia. 2008

In Karelia, such regions include: Kalevala, Loukhsky, Kemsky, Lakhdenpokhsky, Muezersky and Suoyarvsky districts, as well as the territories of the Sortavala urban settlement and Kostomuksha urban district.

The introduction of such a ban caused a great resonance in Finland, since it is the Finns who are the most frequent foreign buyers of real estate and land in Karelia..

In the rest of the territory of Karelia, foreign citizens can become owners of land and real estate on the same grounds as the Russians, it is only necessary to confirm the legality of stay in the country.

It is also worth remembering that many land plots in the region belong to the category of agricultural land, on others only summer cottages are allowed, this issue must be clarified immediately, since this significantly affects the value of land. Plots with a ready-made structure, often dilapidated, are in great demand.

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