Renovation program for five-story buildings in Moscow

Renovation program for five-story buildings in Moscow

The Moscow authorities have decided that, first of all, the five-story buildings, which belong to the I-510 and I-515 series, will be demolished. These houses were built in the late 50s and early 60s. We emphasize that the list of buildings to be demolished has already been compiled and published on the official portal. In general, as of October 3, the program of demolition of 5,177 Moscow houses.

As a result of the vote, in which all owners and tenants of apartments in these buildings could take part, as well as holding meetings of owners, four houses were excluded from the program, and another 37 were added. Thus, there were more people willing to take part in the city hall’s program than dissatisfied ones. But they are, despite all the promises of the authorities.

Renovation program for five-story buildings in Moscow

What will the residents of “Khrushchevs” get who are on the demolition list? The authorities promise new apartments in monolithic and panel buildings with a higher number of storeys in the same areas. However, not everyone will be able to stay in the same area, there are exceptions that relate to the Troitsky, Zelenogradsky, Novomoskovsky administrative districts of the capital. In this case, residents of the demolished buildings will be resettled within the territory of the district, not the district..

Experts are confident that the cost of new apartments will be about 35% higher, because the buildings will be modern, with a more convenient layout. The number of rooms in the allocated apartments will be the same as in the old ones, but the area may be larger due to more spacious corridors, kitchens and bathrooms, authorities say. You won’t have to pay extra for new apartments.

In addition, it is possible to pay extra to get an apartment with a large number of rooms. For this purpose, you can use your savings, maternity capital, mortgage loans, housing subsidies. Those on the waiting list in the mayor’s office are promised an improvement in housing conditions along with resettlement, residents of communal apartments will receive separate apartments. The authorities pondered about preferential mortgage terms for migrants who want to pay extra and get apartments with a large number of rooms. But so far such a decision has not been officially made.

Renovation program for five-story buildings in Moscow

Important! The owner can completely refuse to receive a new apartment instead of the demolished one. In this case, he will receive monetary compensation in the amount of the market value of the previous housing. To do this, you should write a corresponding statement. In this case, when calculating the market value of the demolished apartment, its condition, that is, the cost of finishing, will be taken into account. Thus, the cost of repairs in “Khrushchev” will be compensated.

If the owner receives a new apartment with the same number of rooms, then the costs of repairs in the old apartment will not be taken into account. The mayor’s office emphasizes that all new apartments will be provided with “comfort-class” finishing, so there is no reason to compensate the owners for repairs in the old housing.

As for the cost of the Moscow renovation program, it is estimated at about 3.5 trillion rubles. The amount is substantial, but it is comparable to the revenue side of the budget of the Russian capital. In addition, of course, it will not be possible to implement a large-scale program in one year, it can stretch over a decade and a half, that is, the costs will be distributed over time.

Renovation program for five-story buildings in Moscow

The authorities hope to attract private investors and developers to the renovation. Why will participation in the program be beneficial? It is easy to calculate – in place of five-story buildings, buildings with a height of at least 14 floors will be built. Up to 25% of new homes will be even higher. Thus, there will be two to three times more apartments on the same territory..

This amount will be more than enough to provide housing for all immigrants from the “Khrushchev”, and developers and authorities will be able to sell the rest of the apartments, compensating for the construction costs.

Renovation program for five-story buildings in Moscow

The advantages of the renovation are obvious – the renovation of the capital’s housing stock. For residents of small “Khrushchevs” in emergency houses without an elevator and major repairs, relocation to a more spacious and comfortable new building really seems like a real gift. Moreover, in a familiar area.

Cons – much higher houses with a large number of tenants will appear on the same territory. Hence the possible problems with places in schools and kindergartens, if the authorities do not take care of the construction of additional institutions. In addition, for Moscow, the problem with parking has always been acute. Providing parking spaces on the same territory for a larger number of residents is a difficult task. Building a house with underground parking is much more expensive, and there will not be enough parking space for all apartment owners.

The immigrants – and this is 1.6 million Muscovites – will be relocated, registered in a new place, and possibly a rework of the repairs made by the developer. That is, the residents of the demolished “Khrushchevs” will have a lot of problems and concerns. And at first they will have to live in a zone of active construction, because whole neighborhoods will be built, and massive repairs.

By the way, some experts believe that the implementation of the Khrushchev demolition program may indirectly lead to an increase in the cost of building and finishing materials in the capital by about 15%. The demand will grow, experts emphasize..

Renovation program for five-story buildings in Moscow

The renovation program has many opponents. Even at the first stage, residents of houses in such prestigious areas of the capital as Khamovniki, Yakimanka and Arbat refused from the demolition and resettlement program. This is understandable, because the price of their apartments in the very center of the metropolis is very high and the owners are simply afraid to change their homes – you may end up in a new building with a lower market value. Environmentalists also express concerns, because trees will have to be cut down at the construction site of new houses, and what will appear in their place is unknown.

There are, of course, supporters too. For example, the Ministry of Construction is confident that the renovation will restrain the growth of real estate prices in Moscow and will generally have a positive effect on the market. According to a poll by VTsIOM, 67% of Muscovites approved the program to demolish the old housing stock, but at the same time there are fears that the organizers primarily use the renovation for the purpose of personal enrichment, without thinking about the displaced persons.

Well, the decision on the program for the demolition of the Moscow “Khrushchevs” has already been made, the law was signed by the President on July 1. Therefore, it remains to wait for the first results of the resettlement and find out what will come of it..

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