Renting a cottage in the Moscow region – we open the summer season

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On the eve of the summer season, many townspeople begin to think about the question – where to spend all these warm days, where to leave the stuffy, dusty and too hot city. Of course, distant countries, blue ocean and islands with golden sand beaches attract the most..

But only a very wealthy person can afford to spend all three summer months at the resort, who is not kept in the city either by business or by the need to travel to work. The overwhelming majority of residents of a big city choose a much more budgetary option and rents a summer cottage for the summer months in the villages closest to the metropolis.

It is in April and May that the peak of activity in the summer cottage rental sector falls – already now those townspeople who would like to move to the dacha immediately after the children finish the school year are looking for a suitable option. Such prudence is very commendable, but on the wave of demand, the price for renting country houses grows by at least 15-20%. Experts of the agency “MIEL-rent” note that prices for renting suburban real estate reach their peak by the end of May, while choosing a summer cottage in winter is not advisable, since then there is still no way to evaluate either the house plot or the garden. During this period, usually only those summer cottages are offered on the market that are rented all year round..

For “landless” Muscovites, renting a dacha in the Moscow region has become a common and most affordable way to leave the capital’s streets and take their children closer to nature. The choice of summer cottages in various villages of the Moscow region is wide enough, including quite budget options and luxurious, elite offers, so that every resident of the capital will be able to choose a house for the summer according to his taste and financial capabilities.

Economy option

According to statistics from real estate agencies operating in the suburban real estate market, most often Muscovites are looking for cottages and houses within a 30-kilometer zone from the Moscow Ring Road. Still, most of the townspeople will have to go to work in the capital for some time (a vacation for all three months is a pipe dream of office workers), so too long a distance in this case becomes a huge disadvantage.

Interestingly, the most economical options are not in great demand among Muscovites. Today there is an opportunity to rent a dacha for only 7-15 thousand rubles a month, however, for such a relatively small amount, homeowners offer very modest houses, with amenities “in the yard”, an outdoor shower, the tank of which does not always have time to heat up under the sun, and hot water only from the teapot. The average area of ​​such a panel house is 40 square meters, a plot is 10 acres, sometimes with a well-kept garden, sometimes quite neglected.

Renting a cottage in the Moscow region - we open the summer season

Such panel dachas were most often built in Soviet times, and the dacha villages themselves are located too far from the capital. The most budgetary proposals of the real estate agency are offered along the Kashirskoye and Pyatnitskoye highways, not less than 50 kilometers from the capital.

In the database of the DOKI real estate agency, the cheapest offer is a house located in the village of Putilkovo, 5 kilometers from the Moscow ring road along the Volokolamsk highway. This dacha costs 18 thousand rubles a month, all amenities are on the street.

Of course, living in such a house, in addition to the obvious cost savings, has other advantages – for the townspeople, a summer shower and a street bathroom have already become exotic, and the ecology of districts remote from Moscow is much better than in the suburbs, so such a dacha makes you feel like a real ” Robinson ”and a villager. However, not all Muscovites are ready to sacrifice their usual comfort and save on convenience, in addition, of all the entertainment in such suburban settlements – a modest rural store with a minimum set of not always fresh products and a TV set. That is why, even in the crisis year of 2009, the popularity of such dachas did not increase, and this year, according to experts, will decline again..

True, there is an option to save on payment and get a completely comfortable country house – to agree with the owners that the tenants will not only live in the country, enjoying nature and leisure, but also take care of the site, perform certain work on the arrangement of the territory, and so on. Sometimes (quite rarely) it is possible to find a dacha, the owners of which are ready to let in temporary tenants for a very symbolic fee, so that they only “look after” the house. Searching for such options through suburban real estate agencies is a thankless and practically useless task, it is best to contact your friends or personally take a ride around the country villages and talk with locals and homeowners.

Budget options include renting not a whole country house, but a separate room or an outbuilding – the neighborhood with the owners, of course, will not bring much pleasure, but it will allow you to significantly save.

Average price category

According to MIEL-rent specialists, dachas are in the highest demand among Muscovites, which are in the middle price category – from 25 to 90 thousand rubles. These dachas account for 67% of all seasonal demand..

Renting a cottage in the Moscow region - we open the summer season

This is no longer just a panel house, but a completely comfortable country house with all the amenities, ranging from 80 to 200 square meters with a spacious – up to 20 acres – backyard territory. Among the proposals of the middle price category, there are modern cottages with a garage, and classic Soviet-built summer cottages, their main advantage is the presence of utilities in the house, a boiler for heating water and a warm bathroom.

Sometimes on the site there is even an outdoor pool, an equipped barbecue area or a cozy summer kitchen, necessarily – television, often the Internet.

Such dachas can be found in various parts of the Moscow region, typical directions of the middle price segment are along Varshavskoye, Novoryazanskoye, Gorkovskoye (within the Moscow region), Nosovikhinskoye, Simferopolskoye shosse.

The cost of renting a summer house can vary greatly depending on the area of ​​the house, the availability of additional amenities in the form of a pool and, of course, the distance from Moscow. Another factor that has a significant impact on the cost of renting a summer house is the presence of such natural objects as a lake or river. A dacha on the shore of a lake or a quiet river costs about 15-20% more than a house of the same type and area on an ordinary rural street or in the center of the village.

Business Class

It is customary to refer to this, the most expensive category, country houses located at a distance of only 30-40 kilometers from Moscow, with an area of ​​at least 200 “squares”, with a well-groomed territory of at least 10 acres and all amenities.

The rental price of such comfortable cottages is in the range of 150-250 thousand rubles. In most cases, dachas classified as business class are built of high quality modern materials, have several bedrooms, a fireplace room and an outdoor pool..

In the villages, all the infrastructure necessary for a safe and comfortable life is also usually developed, there is always a shop and, often, a guarded parking lot. The most demanded directions are Borovskoe, Kaluzhskoe, Ilyinskoe, Kievskoe, Minsk and Kashirskoe highways.

Renting a cottage in the Moscow region - we open the summer season

There is practically no upper limit on the price of renting elite dachas near Moscow. In the DOKI agency database, the most expensive cottage was offered for rent for “immodest” 960 thousand rubles a month. The area of ​​this luxurious house is 1240 square meters, the summer cottage is 3 thousand “squares”, it is located 25 kilometers from the capital in the western direction.

If we compare the offers near Moscow with resort areas, it turns out that renting a summer cottage in Sochi, Anapa, Adler or in one of the picturesque corners of the Crimea is much more expensive (with the exception of luxury summer cottages near Moscow). Of course, in many respects the cost of renting a “house by the sea” depends on the house itself, the quality of the renovation and the availability of certain amenities, as well as the location – the principle “the closer to the beach, the more expensive” operates on the entire Black Sea coast. However, you can try to deduce the average figures: for example, the cost of renting a cottage with all the amenities with three living rooms in Sochi and Adler is about 6 thousand rubles a day, that is, 180 thousand rubles a month. Of course, in the case of a long-term lease, the owners can drop the price, but only slightly. To the average level of the Moscow region, that is, 30 thousand rubles, it will not decrease in any case.

Slightly cheaper renting a summer house in Crimea (excluding the prestigious Yalta) – about 1 thousand hryvnia (about 3.7 thousand rubles) per day or 111 thousand rubles per month.

Many say that it is much cheaper to rent a house for a month in Turkey, paying only about 1,000 euros, or to give up on Malta, where a small villa in fair condition will cost a tenant 3-5 thousand euros per month. However, this is already too far, abroad, so there is no need to talk about such an option as an alternative to a vacation near Moscow.

Lease contract

There are two main options for renting a summer cottage for the summer – negotiate directly with the owner of the house or contact a real estate agency for help. The first option, of course, will allow you to save on paying for the services of a realtor, however, almost all owners of summer cottages prefer not to formally conclude a lease agreement so as not to lose 13% of profit on income tax.

That is, renting a summer house for a sufficiently long period is not confirmed by any documents, which is fraught with the danger of becoming a victim of scammers. In the event that the owner is categorically against signing a standard lease agreement for a residential building, it is still worth getting at least a handwritten document, for example, a receipt for receiving the agreed amount of money, and also draw up a complete inventory of the property that is available in the country, so that later it does not arise claims about the condition of furniture, the presence of dishes, household appliances, and so on.

Most often, a real estate agency takes about 40% of the monthly rent for its services, and realtors near Moscow require an average of 10-15% less for their services than their metropolitan counterparts.

So even if you contact a real estate agency, there is an opportunity to save money. Such a transaction is usually immediately drawn up with all the necessary documents, and the help of a realtor will allow you to choose a dacha from a wide database of offers. A lot has already been said about how important it is to carefully read even the most typical lease agreement in advance, and I think it’s not worth repeating.

Another important nuance – in the database of suburban real estate agencies, offers are cheaper than 30 thousand per month – a rarity, since they are unprofitable for companies that earn a certain percentage of the transaction. Therefore, it is better to look for the most inexpensive economy class dachas on your own, having traveled through the villages near Moscow and conducting a survey among friends and acquaintances.

It is also worth remembering that renting a summer cottage for the whole summer will cost on average 15-20% less than renting a house for just two weeks or a month – homeowners prefer stability and prefer “regular customers”.

Summer is the season when every city dweller is seized by an almost irresistible desire to go to nature, closer to the river, lake and shady forest. Renting a summer cottage in the Moscow region is a completely trivial and already a tradition of summer pastime for a huge number of Muscovites, and this year was no exception.

Experts of the suburban real estate market in the Moscow region note that this year the number of proposals has increased – an increasing number of homeowners want to earn money by renting out their dachas for the summer months, but the demand, especially for elite dachas, has dropped somewhat, which ultimately led to a slight decrease in prices in comparison last summer – by an average of 15% (in the business class category, prices have decreased by 35%). It remains only to choose a cozy house in which it will be comfortable for all household members and prepare for a joyful event – the beginning of a “happy summer near Moscow” and moving to the country house.

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