Rostechnadzor will strengthen control over the use of equipment permits

Building licenses

Officials from the mayor’s office have already reported violations, and the press has reported the cancellation of more than fifty projects. Moreover, the mayor said that new construction in the center of Moscow would be banned altogether, which alarmed many construction companies..

Representatives of developers shyly state that a change in the rules of the game could have a negative impact on the capital’s real estate market and the construction industry. But, as many analysts have accurately noted, private companies do not express much discontent, realizing that the old days cannot be returned. It’s no secret that the procedures for the allocation of land plots for building in Moscow were non-transparent.

Various plans for the development of the capital were not fulfilled, but residential, shopping and business centers suddenly sprung up in the city center. Moreover, they were often built without observing legal and safety standards. Rostekhnadzor specialists issuing permits for the use of various types of equipment, including cranes and hoists, have repeatedly identified violations at construction sites.

Rostechnadzor will strengthen control over the use of equipment permits

Now the situation has changed and the department can not only strengthen checks regarding the procedure for using previously issued permits for the use of construction equipment, but also begin to monitor the availability of Rostechnadzor licenses and many other documents.

Developers also understand that the regulatory authorities can initiate serious inspections and reveal violations in the field of safety. Perhaps this is also a deterrent, preventing them from protesting against the ban on the construction of new buildings in the center of Moscow..

It is quite possible that changes in the urban planning policy of the Moscow authorities will strengthen control over the quality and safety of construction. Additional checks of issued approvals for the use of technical devices is the first step towards this.


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