Safe housing: the main ways to protect an apartment from thieves

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Every person wants to live in peace and not be afraid for their safety and the safety of their property. However, a lot of burglaries are committed every day, losses from the actions of thieves often amount to several tens, and sometimes hundreds, thousands of rubles. This issue is especially relevant for residents of large cities, where the crime rate is especially high..

Class I – the door can be opened using physical force and standard hand tools (crowbar, nail puller, pry bar, etc.);

Class II – the door can be opened only with special electric tools;

III class – the door is resistant to the effects of various tools, including special electrical power up to 500 W;

IV class – door capable of resisting small arms (armored, bulletproof door).

However, it should be understood that completely unopened doors do not exist. It takes only a certain amount of time to enter the apartment, the right skills and the right tool.

A burglar-resistant door is just a door that for a certain time is able to withstand a burglary attempt.

Despite the fact that doors of this type are several tens of times more reliable compared to simple metal doors, their protection has a limit. Burglary resistance class only limits the period during which intruders will be able to enter the apartment. The time of implementation of partial and full access to the premises is given in table 1.

Resistance class Minimum resistance value in minutes
Partial access Full access
I thirty 50
II 50 80
III 80 120
IV 120 180

Table 1. The ability of doors to resist burglary

That is, as we can see, even armored doors of the 4th class can be hacked. However, it will take more than two hours for thieves to do this, which significantly reduces their chances of being undetected..

Also, when choosing doors, you should pay attention to the fact that it is useless to install a door, the degree of protection of which exceeds the level of protection of the walls. The optimum level of wall protection should match the level of protection of the door being installed. There are cases when thieves, using special tools, simply cut out an opening in a concrete wall and entered the apartment through it. The most protected are walls in monolithic houses..

Prices for high-quality steel doors start at 22-25 thousand rubles. The price depends on the thickness of the metal used and the finish.

Choosing reliable locks

One burglar-proof door, alas, is not enough to provide protection from thieves. Often the door meets the highest reliability requirements, and the locks are installed, albeit expensive, but simple for a specialist “burglar”.

Choosing reliable locks
Walter Tandy Murch. Lock. 1948

Therefore, let’s figure out what types of door locks exist, and which one is more reliable..


It got its name from the word “suvalda” (an element of the code mechanism that locks the bolt). The reliability of the lock depends on the number of these same “levers”, if there are more than 6 of them, then the lock is already extremely difficult to open with a master key. A quality lever lock has a good level of burglary resistance. The disadvantages of these locks include the large size of both the lock itself and the key. (Price from 1,000 rubles to 8,000 rubles, depending on the design features and the manufacturer’s firm).


They got their name due to the cylindrical shape of the code mechanism installed in them. Their advantage is that the cylinder is quite easy to replace, and if you lose the key, you will not have to change the entire lock. The main disadvantage is the need to install additional armor plates that protect the lock from being opened. Otherwise, such a lock is not difficult to open. The simplest cylinder lock costs about 1000 rubles. However, it is better to choose a model with 4-5 crossbars, its price on average is about 5,000 rubles.


A special type of combined locks, which contains 2 locks in one case at once. The monoblock can also be two-system: the coded mechanisms of the lower and upper locks in its composition refer to different locking systems (for example, one lever and the second cylinder).

The advantage of monoblocks is that they are cheaper than two separate locks. Note that when installing a monoblock with a dependent system of locks, the degree of burglary resistance of the system also increases. The disadvantage is the small distance between the crossbars of the built-in locks, which in turn reduces the degree of protection of the door. Therefore, it is recommended to install monoblocks together with a multi-sided locking system (“crab”). (The cost also varies depending on the company and design, starting from 2000 rubles).

Crab system

Allows to make a multilateral door locking, which provides a high level of burglary resistance of the door to forceful burglary methods. In this case, the locking sides can be any: top, bottom, sides. Such a system involves the installation of locks with special rods. Their disadvantage is the increased complexity and cost of the structure, and they are also more difficult to control, since the load on the key increases when locking. Depending on the number of crossbars and the manufacturer’s firm, such a lock can cost from 2,000 rubles to 8,000 rubles.

To increase the safety of the apartment, experts recommend installing 2 locks of different types, for example, one lever and the second cylinder with a replaceable core. Do not neglect the special armor plates, they increase the level of burglary resistance, making it difficult for criminals to work. A lock with an armor plate is much more difficult to knock out, cut out or drill.

Window protection

For residents of the first and last floors, in addition to installing a good door with a reliable lock, window protection is still very important. After all, it is quite easy to get into such apartments through the window. Especially if the owner leaves the window or balcony door open. But even a double-glazed window does not save you from thieves, modern craftsmen have long learned to open them. So how do you protect your windows. There are not so many options, 3 can be distinguished:

  • Installing grilles on windows.
  • Window booking.
  • Special protective fittings.

The first option is the most common. Experts say that the most reliable are stationary gratings made from a rod 12-15 mm thick. It is almost impossible to cut such a grate with a hacksaw. However, the grilles also have disadvantages. For example, if a fire breaks out, it will be impossible to get out of such an apartment through the window. And, if the path to the door is cut off, it can even lead to the death of the owners. That is why other options for protecting windows should be considered..

Installing grilles on windows
Fernando Botero. A Thief. 1994

Reservation of windows is most often carried out due to the fact that the glass is covered from the inside with a special film, which increases its strength. Such glass is very difficult to break even with a hammer or brick. The cost of this procedure is not cheap. On average, in Moscow, covering a window with such a film will cost from 650 to 2000 rubles / sq. m. depending on resistance class.

According to the standards in force in Russia, burglar-resistant windows, depending on the number of shocks withstand, are divided into 3 protection classes: B1, B2 and B3.

The former can withstand up to 50 blows of a hammer or ax, the latter – up to 70, and the third class can withstand more than 70 blows.

In addition to armored glass, an armored frame made of steel or aluminum can be installed. The strength of this frame is given by additional steel armored plates. Such an overlay is designed to protect the junction of the frame with the glass – the most vulnerable point of the window. Sometimes a one-piece metal profile is made without overlays, but such frames are more expensive and heavier than modifications with overlays. However, the degree of protection of such windows is greater. The cost of installing such a frame is from 15,000 rubles.

In addition, you can install on the windows special anti-burglar fittings, special locking elements that provide protection against burglary. Fittings are also divided into 3 classes:

  • WK1 – guarantees protection against the use of physical force without special tools.
  • WK2 – provides protection against burglary attempts with a screwdriver, pliers, etc..
  • WK3 – provides protection against burglary with a pry bar or crowbar.

In addition to all of the above, the owners of country houses can be recommended the installation of roller shutters. They have a high level of protection against burglary from the outside. That is why they are often used to protect offices and shops..

Alarm installation

Of course, one of the most reliable ways to protect yourself from thieves is to install a security alarm..

Consider what types of alarms exist:

Sound alarm. This system is characterized by the fact that when criminals try to invade the apartment, it gives a loud sound signal. (Cost $ 50 – $ 100)

Alarm with auto redial. Here is a completely different system: when trying to hack, the alarm will let the owners know by calling or SMS message to their mobile phone. (Cost $ 200 – $ 300).

Panel alarm system. The most reliable, since after triggering, an outfit of employees of a public or private security service will arrive in the apartment within a couple of minutes. Such an alarm is the most expensive; its installation will cost from $ 1000. In addition, you will have to regularly pay for the services of security guards. That’s at least 1000 more rudders per month.

Despite its price, this alarm provides a high level of protection. So, according to the Department of Non-departmental Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, according to the results of the first 9 months of 2011, not a single theft was committed from the apartments they protected..

Remember, the type of alarm should be chosen depending on the goals that you are pursuing. In some cases, an audible alarm will be enough, but for someone it is safer to set up a remote control.

Rating of the safest areas of Moscow in 2011

When buying an apartment, Muscovites often take into account the degree of danger of the area in which the apartment is located. After all, the peace of mind of the residents depends on how safe the area is. Many people are interested in the opportunity to freely walk in the park near the house, leave the car in the parking lot in the yard, etc. Typically, more expensive neighborhoods pay more attention to securing homes and yards, which helps to reduce overall crime and theft in the neighborhood. Sometimes even a simple sign that says “the house is under protection” chills the ardor of potential criminals.

If we consider the administrative districts of the capital, then, according to the company GK Caesar Satellite for 9 months of this year, according to the absolute indicators of the number of penetrations of thieves into the apartments of the district, they were distributed as follows:

Rating of Moscow administrative districts by the number of thefts
Rating of Moscow administrative districts by the number of thefts in the first 9 months of 2011

As you can see, most of the burglaries were registered in the Eastern (1024 penetrations) and South-Eastern (933) administrative districts of Moscow. Least of all – in the North-East (510), North-West (399) and Central (362).

As for individual districts, Gulfstream Security Systems and Miel Brokerage recently published a rating of Moscow districts in terms of living comfort in terms of safety for 10 months of 2011.

The 20 safest neighborhoods, from the most dangerous to the safest, are as follows:

  1. Timiryazevsky (SAO)
  2. Krylatskoe (JSC)
  3. Ryazan (SEAD)
  4. Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo (SZAO)
  5. Filyovsky Park (JSC)
  6. Levoberezhny (SAO)
  7. Savyolovsky (SAO)
  8. Gagarinsky (South-West Administrative District)
  9. Cheryomushki (South-West Administrative District)
  10. Khamovniki (CAD)
  11. Troparevo-Nikulino (JSC)
  12. Ostankino (SVAO)
  13. Sokol (SAO)
  14. Kurkino (SZAO)
  15. Obruchevsky (South-West Administrative District)
  16. Khoroshevsky (SZAO)
  17. Kosino-Ukhtomsky (SEAD)
  18. Lomonosov (South-West Administrative District)
  19. Rostokino (SVAO)
  20. Ramenki (JSC)

As you can see, the most dangerous areas include those where there are many former and existing industrial zones, as well as large trade and commercial facilities..

Let’s take a closer look at the five safest areas.

Khoroshevsky district closes it. Despite the large number of industrial zones, and there are 3 of them, according to the study, only about 0.14% of all attempts to break into and enter apartments were recorded here. It should be noted that Khoroshevsky is a rather large area, while very small in terms of the number of housing stock. There are both economy class apartments and more expensive business class offers. The price mainly depends on the distance from industrial zones.

The next is the Kosino-Ukhtomsky region. Here, about 0.10% of all attempts to commit theft were noted. This area is remote from the center and is located behind the Moscow Ring Road. Differs in a high level of ecology and a variety of the proposed housing stock.

The safest are the Lomonosovsky, Rostokino and Ramenki districts. Here, respectively, 0.089%, 0.086% and 0.083% of theft attempts were recorded according to the data of “Gulfstream Security Systems”.

The western and southwestern regions are traditionally distinguished by respectability and a good reputation. It should be noted that the Rostokino district, despite the presence of 18 industrial enterprises, occupies a very high 2nd place in the safety rating.

It is these three districts that Gulfstream Security Systems recognized as the safest and safest for living in terms of the number of recorded attempts to commit burglaries.


It is important to take into account all the weakest points in the apartment and, first of all, to increase their resistance to burglary. For example, you live on the first or last floor, then be sure to take care of reliable window protection. If you keep large amounts of money or other valuables at home, it will not be superfluous to install a good alarm and conclude an agreement with a security company.

Protection should be comprehensive: it is not enough to put a good door, but with a bad lock; cover the glass with a special film, but leave a simple frame that can be easily opened with a screwdriver. Remember this, and then you can be sure that no thieves are afraid of you.!

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