Simple ways to save money on rental housing

Many of us can only rent an apartment. It is unrealistically expensive to buy housing, especially now, when, after the mortgage crisis in America, mortgages have risen in price in Russia (in large companies by 0.5-1%, in small companies – by 3-5%, the size of the initial payment has grown from 10 to 30%, and in some cases – up to 50%). In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, there are ways to save on this expense item..


The first way. New building without furniture

The easiest way to cut costs is to rent an unfurnished apartment in a new building. This will save $ 150 – $ 200 per month.

There are quite a few options for “bare” apartments, and the lack of furniture can be easily explained – none of the owners lived in them, since they were bought exclusively for investing money.

The most reasonable thing with this approach is to buy the simplest furniture of a well-known Swedish company. It will cost about a thousand dollars. But such an investment will pay off in less than a year, and the furniture itself can, if necessary, be easily disassembled and transported to a new location..

Second way. Apartment in the suburbs

Option number two is to rent an apartment in the Moscow region. True, you need to immediately consider how much you need to travel to the capital by train. Apartments near Moscow are cheaper than Moscow ones by at least $ 300 per month. The downside is obvious – the need to spend several hours a day on the road. If you nevertheless decide to go to the Moscow region, try to choose a city closer to your place of work. To drag, for example, from the north of the region to work on the southern outskirts of Moscow is a pleasure below average.

Third way. Apartment away from the metro

If you have a car, it makes sense to look for an “inconvenient” option – an apartment located near the devil on the horns, away from the metro. Such apartments are not popular in the real estate market and are rented for 200 – 250 dollars cheaper than “normal” ones. A significant benefit can be obtained by renting an “uncomfortable” unfurnished apartment in a new building. Another thing is that such houses are often placed near major highways and transport junctions. The view of the Moscow Ring Road outside the window and the rumble rolling from it around the clock does not irritate only a person with very strong nerves.

For the sake of economy, it is helpful to give up some habits. For example, the first thing to do is to look at the apartment, and only then to bargain. It’s right to start desperately bargaining over the phone. If the owners are determined, it makes no sense to go and look at the accommodation, it is better to find more accommodating apartment owners. You should also bargain if you are looking for an apartment through an agency. Such offices are known to charge 100% of the monthly rental price for services. Tell the agent firmly that you are ready to rent an apartment immediately, even without a preliminary inspection, if the commission is reduced to 60-70%. The point is that the agent is also wasting time. He can take you to the apartment, you will not like it … And at this time the agent-competitor will “sell” this option to someone else and deprive “your” agent of the opportunity to earn money.

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