Suburban real estate in the Moscow region: practicality displaces luxury

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Suburban real estate has always been popular among Muscovites. Recently, however, there has been a tendency to shift demand from the sector of expensive suburban housing to a more affordable segment of the market. Elite cottage settlements near Moscow feel a significant shortage of demand.

    • Large and expensive land plots are not held in high esteem
    • New high-rise buildings are pushing out cottage settlements from the Moscow region
    • Developed infrastructure plays an important role in purchasing suburban housing
    • Meanwhile, the demand for rental of suburban real estate is growing
    • Summing up

    Serpukhov real estate
    Pavel Popov. Old Serpukhov

    At the same time, the demand for rental of suburban housing in February increased slightly. Let’s consider the suburban real estate market in more detail.

    Large and expensive land plots are not held in high esteem

    Following the results of the past winter, TWEED analysts noted a shift in the preferences of potential buyers of expensive suburban real estate.

    According to experts, large land plots are no longer in great demand, the demand for land plots over 20 hectare has dropped sharply. The most popular at the moment are land plots with an area of โ€‹โ€‹up to 15 acres with a house of about 350 sq. M. Developers began to take this trend into account when designing new cottage settlements. As an example, we can cite a new settlement under construction on Ilyinka, where the originally planned land plots were redeveloped. The main offer in the village now looks like this – house 330 sq.m. on a plot of 13 acres with a budget of 1.2-1.5 million dollars.

    Under the influence of the crisis, buyers now prioritize not luxury, but rationality.

    The changes also affected the qualitative composition of potential buyers, who are now showing their interest not only in small plots, but also in cheap objects. If earlier clients chose offers at a price of about $ 10 million, now they are more often interested in objects at a price of about $ 2.5 million.

    There are 2 main reasons that influenced the suburban real estate market near Moscow:

    1. Under the influence of the crisis, buyers now prioritize not luxury, but rationality. Elite real estate, instead of external splendor and chic, acquires elements of coziness and internal comfort.
    2. Another point is that our compatriots are getting closer and closer to the western model of the formation and construction of their habitat. This also applies, among other things, to restrained design, which is inherent in more laconic, strict forms..
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    During the crisis, many abandoned the purchase of suburban housing in favor of supporting their business. Indeed, for many a country house – this is not the main, but only additional housing.

    Vesco Consulting analysts have estimated the current offer of cottage settlements in the Moscow region at 485 objects, which are at various stages of completion. According to Chesterton experts, the deferred demand for suburban real estate has already been largely absorbed by the market, and the current supply with the existing volume of sales (since the beginning of the year, 70-80 transactions were made per month) will be sufficient for more than 4 years. According to Penny Lane Realty forecasts, the implementation of the suburban real estate already available on the market may take 10 years. The reason is that about 80% of the supply – this is an illiquid property, at an overpriced price. And in the near future, the demand for new cottage buildings is unlikely to grow strongly.

    New high-rise buildings are pushing out cottage settlements from the Moscow region

    At the moment, there are not very many new projects in the field of construction of cottage settlements. According to the company “Miel – suburban real estate “in recent months, more and more transactions are carried out on the secondary market of suburban real estate.

    The most popular in the Moscow region in winter were inexpensive apartments, which quickly found their buyers. Many developers working in the Moscow Region reacted quickly to this. They decided that it is much more profitable for them to invest in the construction of multi-storey buildings than in suburban cottage villages..

    Apartments in the Moscow region
    Deineka Alexander Alexandrovich. In the vastness of construction projects near Moscow. 1949

    Multi-apartment complexes are being built, for example, in Kvartal A101 on Kaluzhskoe highway (project of the construction company Augur Estate). Earlier, there were also reports about the sale of land plots for construction in the Kaluga direction of the LSR Group of Companies (area 0.5 million sq. M) and PIK Group (area of โ€‹โ€‹1 million sq. M). LSR Group of Companies will also invest in the construction of the Yuzhny residential complex (total area 325 thousand sq. M) on the territory of the Bolshoye Domodedovo project.

    Developed infrastructure plays an important role in purchasing suburban housing

    According to the leading real estate agencies involved in the sale of country houses, cottage settlements are now becoming increasingly popular, on the territory of which they have a well-developed infrastructure (shops, schools, clubs, children’s sports complexes, etc.). It is obvious that the modern potential buyer of suburban housing prefers, instead of spending money on paying utility bills for the use of huge land plots, spend the same money on specialized children’s schools, institutions of additional education and sports centers.

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    Traditionally, many Muscovites give preference to living in the summer outdoors in a country house in the near Moscow region.

    According to the majority of buyers, now it is much more expedient to buy a country house with a small plot of land, but in a village where there is a wide range of infrastructure, where everything you need is nearby and easily accessible. A huge mansion with a large backyard area is not profitable, since it will require large investments in the arrangement and maintenance of both the house itself and the land plot.

    However, unfortunately, there are not very many such offers on the market now. According to many experts, at the moment there is a shortage of mass product in the suburban real estate market near Moscow.

    Meanwhile, the demand for rental of suburban real estate is growing

    As noted by many experts, at present, the trend of an increase in demand for rental of country houses continues. According to forecasts, on the eve of the summer season, this trend will only intensify. The most in demand are suburban real estate in the direction of Kievskoye, Rublevo-Uspenskoye and Novorizhskoye highways. It is in these areas that the largest supply of real estate is observed. The share of supply on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway is 21% of the total supply of suburban real estate, on Novorizhskoe – 13%, Kaluga and Kiev – 8%.

    In general, the demand in the rental market for suburban elite real estate in the Moscow region remains stable. In addition, in the spring months, an increase in the activity of potential tenants is expected, due to the approaching summer. Traditionally, many Muscovites give preference to living in the summer outdoors in a country house in the near Moscow region.

    Dachas in the suburbs
    Lagorio Lev Feliksovich. Dacha. 1892

    Foreign tenants, choosing temporary suburban housing, turn their attention to organized cottage settlements with a fairly well-developed infrastructure. When choosing, Russian tenants take into account, first of all, the prestige of the location of the residential complex. As a result, among the wealthy Muscovites, Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway remains one of the most demanded directions..

    As for the price, the most demanded by the end of the winter were objects worth up to 35 thousand rubles per month. At the moment there are several excellent offers in this price segment on the suburban rental market. An additional advantage of these facilities is their relatively close location from Moscow – from 2 to 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road. For example, a 2-storey fully furnished cottage of 100 sq. m. with a land plot of 6 acres, located 7 km from the capital along the Warsaw highway, can be rented at a price of 29 thousand rubles per month. In addition, the site is provided with round the clock security and parking for two cars..

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    In the more expensive price segment (the rate is 100 thousand rubles per month), there are also very good options on the suburban real estate rental market. Here are some examples: in the village of Zhukovka on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, you can rent a house with an area of โ€‹โ€‹140 sq. m. For the same amount, you can rent a fairly large house with an area of โ€‹โ€‹500 sq. m on a plot of 20 acres, located in the direction of the Leningradskoe highway just 20 km from Moscow. The house stands in a picturesque forest, near a lake. Sauna and garage available.

    Among the elite country houses costing over $ 25 thousand per month, the market offers objects ranging from 400 sq. m up to 1000 sq. m. at the moment the most expensive object in this segment can be called a 4-storey residence located 18 km. Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. The total area of โ€‹โ€‹the mansion is 1400 sq. m. personal plot – 45 acres. The territory is distinguished by a unique landscape design, a special playground and a separate guest house. The house has all the conditions of superior comfort. Only renting this residence will cost 75 thousand dollars per month.

    Summing up

    In general, at the moment, one can single out the format of the most popular suburban real estate objects. According to the indicators of the last few months, the market is dominated by the demand for inexpensive and small houses with a small land plot..

    Cottages in the near Moscow region
    Alekseev Vladimir. Late autumn in the suburbs. 2010

    Infrastructure is becoming increasingly important to potential buyers. It can be argued that the buyer is more likely to buy a house in a well-equipped cottage village with good roads and sidewalks, which has comfortable playgrounds and sports facilities. However, many developers do not pay enough attention to this..

    Also popular and in demand in the future include multi-format projects that will combine low-rise buildings with apartments with an area of โ€‹โ€‹40-79 sq. m, townhouses and cottages. Some large developers are reporting about the start of construction of such projects in the very near future..

    As for the suburban real estate rental market, there is already a shortage of the most popular properties worth up to 120 thousand rubles per month, and the seasonal growth in demand will only intensify this shortage, and will also affect prices that will start to rise. After all, as you know, the number of people wishing to rent an inexpensive house located near Moscow is increasing, and the supply of objects in this segment remains at about the same level. So if you want to rent a cottage for the summer or for year-round living, you need to hurry.

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