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An office is a very individual thing. Some companies strive to show their success at the office level, others put comfort in the first place, and still others – environmental friendliness. Secret Firmy conducted a survey among leading experts in the field of commercial real estate and identified the best Moscow offices in the following nominations: expensive, unusual, large, comfortable.


The largest

The largest Moscow offices are being built on a specially designated “reservation for skyscrapers” – in the “Moscow City” area. The largest of those currently under construction is the Federation business complex. In the future, it will be the tallest building in Europe – over 430 meters. The complex, consisting of two towers, should be a huge “city within a city”. In addition to offices, there will be residential apartments, hotel rooms and all the necessary infrastructure, including boutiques, restaurants, a fitness center, and parking lots. The Moscow City territory will also house the Naberezhnaya Tower and Severnaya Tower complexes. In the future, the 600-meter tower “Russia”, designed by the famous architect Norman Foster, may become the largest office building in Europe. However, its fate is still unclear: the authorities recently changed the location of the site for a skyscraper (the project moved to the “Big City”), and many experts have doubts about the feasibility of this $ 1.5 billion project.

Among the projects outside the City, the Setun Hills business park stands out for its size, the construction of which will begin in 2007 at the intersection of Minskaya and Starovolynskaya streets. On the territory of 24.4 hectares, it is planned to build more than 500 thousand square meters. m of commercial space. The start of construction is scheduled for 2007.

Most expensive

$ 1,000 per square meter per year is not the limit for today’s Moscow. For representative offices, there is a simple formula for determining the prestige and price: the closer to the Kremlin, the more expensive. In the Romanov Dvor business center, located just a few hundred meters from Red Square, the rental price reaches $ 1,500 per square meter per year. This complex is also interesting because it includes one of the most expensive fitness centers in Moscow, which are part of the World Class system. Another “Kremlin” office – Balchug Plaza – was built as the headquarters of Sibneft. According to experts, in terms of decoration and image characteristics, the building significantly exceeds the average level adopted for class A offices. The entrance lobbies are decorated in an imperial style: marble on the floor, Venetian plaster on the walls, and cherry-plated elevator lobby. The sale of Sibneft to Gazprom also changed the fate of the complex: the company’s headquarters were moved to St. Petersburg, and one of the best buildings in Moscow is now waiting for tenants.

The high rates – up to $ 1,000 per square meter per year – in the Lotte Plaza complex under construction on the Arbat are explained by the fact that this is the last high-rise building within the Garden Ring. And the most expensive business center in Moscow, according to Antonina Lairova from Prime City Properties, is the Regus Capital Plaza business center. Astronomical rental prices ($ 2.5-3.5 thousand per square meter per year) are explained by the fact that a staff of technical workers is attached to the office premises: couriers, secretaries, as well as a call center. Offices are rented here with high-quality finishes and equipped workplaces..

The most comfortable

The convenience of the office is a very controversial factor: each tenant company has its own criteria for assessing this parameter. Nevertheless, experts identified a number of the most worthy offices, highlighting primarily the factors of good ecology, transport accessibility, developed infrastructure and the presence of a large parking lot..

One of the most convenient offices in Moscow is the Krylatskie Hills business park. Its main trump card is ecology: the complex is located far from the city center, in one of the most ecologically clean areas. The business park itself is a complex of four low-rise class A office buildings located in a landscaped park on an area of ​​8 hectares. The average ratio of parking spaces to the area of ​​rented premises is one parking space per 30 sq. m rent.

The Novospassky Dvor business quarter, created on the territory of the former Moscow cotton-printing factory, and the Aurora business center are distinguished by interesting concepts and an optimal number of parking spaces. The first one contains both a multi-level underground parking for 300 cars and an open parking for 800 cars. The second consists of four buildings located around the perimeter of the land and includes a spacious courtyard with landscaping elements and seating areas.

Apparently, a high level of convenience presupposes an office standard in Moscow City: in particular, according to experts, this refers to the City of Capitals complex, which will include two towers of 62 and 73 floors.

The most unusual

Some of the most unusual offices in Moscow are located in the Artplay complex. The building of the Krasnaya Roza silk factory was transformed into a unique space organized according to the principle of an art cluster. Artplay brings together famous architects, designers, artists, engineers, as well as suppliers and sellers of furniture, finishing materials and special equipment under one roof. It is the “creative” tenants who can most subtly feel all the delights of working in the historic factory building with its unusual structures, huge windows and ceilings, massive brick facades. “Artplay” is a rare example for Moscow of redeveloping a monument of industrial architecture and filling it with new content.

From an architectural point of view, the Capital Tower building, built by the Capital Group, is very interesting. Its facade resembles a sail that flutters and “hangs” over Brestskaya street, which allowed the developer to get additional square meters. Of the buildings under construction, the already mentioned “Federation” complex of the Mirax Group promises to become the most interesting. In Moscow, this project has no analogues both in terms of the size of the complex (two towers with a height of 87 and 63 floors) and engineering solutions, and in concept. The guarantee of the high level of the Federation is the luxurious five-star hotel Grand Hyatt Moscow with interiors “a la Faberge”.

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