The last days of free privatization. Is it worth rushing to register property

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From March 1, 2015, the term for free privatization of housing ends. Should you rush to register ownership of housing and what to do for those who did not manage to privatize the apartment? What other changes in the field of registration of real estate rights are being prepared by legislators this year?

What to do if you didn’t manage to privatize the apartment

Many Russians are interested in the question – what to do if the apartment cannot be privatized within the time limit established by law, before March 1, 2015?

In the life of persons who were not going to carry out any legal actions with housing, nothing will change, since the social rent agreement, on the basis of which residents use non-privatized apartments, is unlimited. The Housing Code clearly stipulates a list of cases in which municipal authorities can terminate an agreement with a tenant:

  • failure to pay utility bills for more than six months;
  • misuse of the premises;
  • violation of the rights of people living in the neighborhood, which makes it impossible to live with them;
  • destruction of the premises by the person using it.

If a person living in an apartment under a social rent agreement does not commit such illegal actions, he can use this property for the rest of his life, and no one has the right to evict him.

But if the tenant of a non-privatized apartment planned to carry out any transactions with it in the future, then after March 1, 2015 he will be able to privatize the apartment only by buying it out from the state. But the law that would regulate this procedure does not yet exist, therefore, a number of nuances associated with future paid privatization remain unclear. The most burning question is at what cost Russians should buy housing from the state: market or cadastral.

March 1, 2015 – the last chance to privatize real estate

Free privatization of housing was supposed to end back in 2007, but this period was extended three times. Therefore, many Russians had doubts that February 2015 would be the last month when it would be possible to register housing for free.

The MPs met the expectations of their voters. According to the news agency Regnum, the deputy head of the Just Russia faction, Oksana Dmitrieva, is going to submit for consideration a bill on another extension of the term for free registration of housing in the ownership, this time until March 1, 2018..

In addition, according to Interfax, another bill will soon be submitted to the State Duma, according to which an exception will be made for persons who did not have time to submit applications for privatization before March 1 of this year due to the fact that they were in places opinions or challenged decisions that impede the exercise of their right to housing. A special privatization period is set for these categories of Russians. They will have a chance to register their ownership of housing absolutely free of charge after March 1, 2015.

The last days of free privatization. Is it worth rushing to register property

It also became known that amendments may soon be made to the Housing Code, which will allow persons who entered the queue for housing before March 1, 2013, but received it after the expiration of the free privatization period, to register their ownership of housing after March 1, 2015 for free. of the year.

Advantages and disadvantages of privatized housing

Privatized housing has a number of undeniable advantages: it can be rented out, exchanged, donated, bequeathed to your heirs, used as bank collateral.

Also, if the housing is owned, the owner is not obliged to pay a fee under the social tenancy agreement, he can, at his discretion, take part in the management of the house if the apartment owners have united in an HOA or have entered into an agreement with the management company. But privatized apartments also have a number of significant drawbacks..

The need to pay property tax

The recently introduced real estate tax will be calculated based on the cadastral value of real estate. It will be required to pay all Russians who have registered their ownership of housing. In large cities, it can reach several thousand rubles per year..

While Russians living in apartments under social rent agreements do not have to pay this tax, since such housing is not their property. They are only obliged to pay a payment under social rent agreements, which is established by regional authorities. This fee is usually much less than property tax..

For comparison, according to the decree of the Moscow government No. 748-PP, since November 2014 the rate of payment for living in non-privatized apartments under social rent agreements has been 6-7 rubles per square meter. That is, for a non-privatized 90-meter apartment in Moscow, tenants will have to pay about 7,500 rubles a year. And the tax for a privatized three-room apartment in the center of Moscow, according to experts, will be about 20,000 rubles a year. The difference is obvious.

The need to pay for overhaul of the house

From July 2015, another item of expenses for owners of privatized housing will appear – payment for major repairs of the house. The standard rate has already been set – it is 15 rubles per 1 sq. m per month. It turns out that, for example, the owner of an 80-meter privatized apartment will have to pay monthly utility bills 1200 rubles more. While for social housing housing, payments for major repairs are paid by the municipality.

Owners of privatized apartments in houses for demolition cannot receive housing of a larger area

They only have the right to receive an apartment of equal area in case of demolition of the house. But people who use apartments on the basis of a social rent agreement can count on receiving new housing, based on the standard specified by law – 18 square meters per tenant. Thus, if a large family lives in a small apartment located in a house intended for demolition, it will be extremely unprofitable to register housing in ownership..

The last days of free privatization. Is it worth rushing to register property

What other changes are being prepared by legislators in 2015

According to Kommersant, the Russian Ministry of Construction has prepared amendments to the Housing Code. They provide for tightening control over cases of renting social housing rent. If earlier violators were only threatened with a fine, now they will break the social loan agreement.

Also, the amendments of the Ministry of Finance provide for the possibility of refusing privatized housing. This innovation allows Russians who cannot afford to bear the cost of maintaining an apartment to relinquish ownership of it and re-enter into a contract of life tenancy with the state. Such actions can be performed not only by people who previously registered their apartments as property, but also by their heirs..

Thus, living in non-privatized apartments can be beneficial to the following categories of persons:

  • people with a low level of income who cannot afford additional spending on capital repairs and housing tax;
  • pensioners who have no heirs to whom they could bequeath an apartment;
  • large families living in houses intended for demolition.

All other Russians would better hurry up with privatization. There is about a month left until the end of the period established by law, but you can still have time to complete the documents.

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