The most interesting new buildings in Moscow

Recommendation points

The real estate market in Moscow today is a huge number of a wide variety of proposals, from relatively inexpensive by metropolitan standards typical economy class houses to luxurious penthouses.

The advantages of this elite new building include a reasonable architectural solution – the facade of the building harmoniously blended into the historical buildings of Starokonyushenny lane, known for the Porokhovshchikov House, the Embassies of Canada and Austria, and most of the buildings are tenement houses built in the middle of the 19th century.

In addition, the Club House is located five minutes from the Arbatskaya metro station, in the very center of the capital, has its own landscaped and fenced courtyard, a central air conditioning system, water and air purification, 24-hour security, and underground parking for 17 cars..

In addition, this new building may well claim to be the first in another category – “the most luxurious common areas.” The halls in front of the elevators, the stairs and the lobby are finished with exclusive materials, and a real professional with good taste worked on their design.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow This is how the platforms in front of the apartments and elevators in the Club House on Arbat look like

This new building is already ready to accept new tenants, the cost of one square meter of living space in this fabulously beautiful house starts from 670 thousand rubles. The height of the ceilings in the apartments is 3.4 meters, the minimum area of ​​housing is 73.5 square meters, the maximum, in the case of buying a whole floor – 320 “squares”.

The tallest new building

The winner in this category is the Sky House complex – four towers with a height of 29 and 22 floors, between which an office center with a height of “only” 9 floors is modestly located.

The roof of the tallest of the towers rises 100 meters above the ground, so the Sky House multifunctional complex has no competitors in this category. The premium class complex is located in the center of the capital – on Yakimanka, Mytnaya street, possession 40, 15 minutes from the Shabolovskaya and Oktyabrskaya metro stations.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow Sky House towers are distinguished by panoramic glazing and an unusual architectural solution

The “Heavenly House” is distinguished by a pronounced sports orientation – a full-size football field, an indoor mini-football field, a 25-meter swimming pool, a shooting range, a fitness center, gyms, a judo room and a children’s and youth sports school will appear on the territory of the complex … In winter, the open stadium is planned to be turned into a skating rink, several children’s playgrounds will be located nearby.

In addition, the complex will have beauty salons, massage rooms, an extensive shopping gallery, and an underground parking for 1330 cars..

The undoubted advantages of Sky House, in addition to a good location in the center of the capital, include the original architecture of the towers, panoramic glazing, three-meter ceilings, high-quality building materials and the latest construction technologies. The complex has a video surveillance system, an access and security service, a checkpoint.

The smallest, one-room apartments in Sky House have an area of ​​54 square meters, the maximum area of ​​four-room apartments is 156 “squares”, all apartments are offered to buyers without finishing and with free planning, you can combine two or more apartments into one living space.

The minimum cost per square meter in the “Heavenly House” is 7 thousand dollars, which is not so much for the center of Moscow.

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The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The area around the “Heavenly House” will be decorated with landscape design, between the skyscrapers there will be a football field

The most “green” new building

This title is rightfully received by Barkli Park, a unique project that has no analogues not only in Moscow, but also in Russia. Today it is the only new building in our country that claims to receive the most prestigious environmental certificate according to the American LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). In addition, the complex is a laureate of the Green awards.

Barkley Park is located in the center of Moscow, at 6 Sovetskoy Armii Street, directly adjacent to the famous Catherine Park, one of the oldest in the capital. Residents of the complex receive a separate entrance to the park and can enjoy walks in 15 hectares of green space.

Philippe Starck, one of the most famous architects and designers in the world, laureate of numerous awards and competitions in the field of construction and design, led the project of creating an innovative “green” complex.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The facade of Barkli Park will be decorated with vertical gardens, and the territory will be distinguished by a harmonious landscape design and a large green area

Barkli Park consists of two towers, White, 12 stories high and Terracotta, 14 stories. In the Terracotta Tower, 75 apartments and four spacious penthouses will be presented to buyers. Its “neighbor”, the White Tower, has 49 residential apartments and two penthouses. Each skyscraper has its own underground parking, a cafe will operate on the territory.

In the decoration of this complex, only environmentally friendly, natural materials were used, modern high-quality water and air purifiers were installed. A large area of ​​green area, the presence of landscape design, including vertical gardens, also played an important role in obtaining the American environmental certificate..

The apartments are offered without final finishing, but Philippe Starck’s YOO agency will, for a fee, help to create the apartment’s interior in one of four developed concepts: “Classic”, “Culture”, “Minimalism” or “Nature”.

Barkley Park offers a high level of security, with access control of the territory, fire alarms, round-the-clock security. Several playgrounds will appear in the complex, as well as the Center for Innovative Sports Technologies of the Department of Sports and Physical Culture of Moscow. The center will be equipped with unique modern equipment, previously not used anywhere in the world, and is intended primarily for training professional athletes, but it will be able to offer a number of services for the inhabitants of the house..

The cost per square meter in Barkley Park ranges from 406,440 to 814,500 rubles.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow Two towers of the Barkley Park complex are connected at the second floor level by a common section

The most expensive new building

Barkli Virgin House is a club house located in the most prestigious and expensive district of Moscow, on Ostozhenka, on the territory of the so-called “Golden Mile”. It is not surprising that apartments in this residential complex, from the windows of which overlook the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Conception Monastery and the Kremlin, are distinguished by a very high price even by metropolitan standards..

For one square meter of housing in Barkli Virgin House, you will have to pay at least 60 thousand dollars, that is, even despite the action from the developer, according to which a fixed rate is set for buyers – 1 dollar is equal to 30 rubles, the cost of a “square” is 1.8 million rubles. The declared price of one square meter in a penthouse is 100 thousand dollars.

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The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The facade of the Barkli Virgin House on Ostozhenka is distinguished by a classic architectural solution

What does a buyer get for such a substantial amount? Firstly, as mentioned above – the good location of the house in the historical center of Moscow, the address of the building: Pervy Zachatyevsky Lane, 8 \ 9. Secondly, Kelly Hoppen, the famous designer of the English royal court (Kelly Hoppen for yoo), worked on the design concept of the complex. Buyers will be able to choose from four interior design concepts developed by Kelly Hopp – Urban, Green, Sea Breeze and Vintage

Thirdly, the adjoining territory, the exploited roof, which has become a real garden, elevated halls and lobbies of the Barkli Virgin House are also distinguished by a unique design finish, which used exclusive natural materials of the highest quality.

Fourthly, there are only 19 apartments and two penthouses in the Club House, so the residents are guaranteed privacy, silence and a high level of security. The smallest apartment has an area of ​​168 “squares”, a penthouse – 320 square meters.

The new building was commissioned at the end of May this year..

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The interior of the Clubhouse apartments was designed by British designer Kelly Hoppen.

The cheapest new building

After the prices for residential square meters in the Club Houses of the historical center of Moscow, I really wanted to find more affordable housing. There are indeed such proposals, and several candidates are competing for the title of the cheapest new building in the capital..

Experts note that today the most inexpensive residential complexes in Moscow refer to complex development, when the developer is not building a separate building, but an entire microdistrict at once. Realtors include the 1st microdistrict in Nagatino-Sadovniki, the Solntsevo microdistrict, the 1st microdistrict in Mitino, and the Zagorie microdistrict to such relatively affordable large-scale projects. However, the leader in this category – the most affordable new building within the Moscow Ring Road – is still the well-known project of the Tsaritsyno microdistrict, which is located near Tsaritsinsky Park, in the south of Moscow..

In the buildings under construction in the Tsaritsyno microdistrict, one can buy a one-room apartment with an area of ​​37 square meters for 4.5 million rubles, a two-room apartment – for 6.4 million, and a three-room apartment – for 8.7 million rubles. The price of one square meter without finishing is 98 thousand rubles, when buying a three-room apartment – a parking space in the underground parking as a gift.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The construction of individual buildings in the Tsaritsyno microdistrict has already been completed, but such a construction site surrounds them – work on the construction of the remaining high-rises continues

Another promotion from the developer – you can buy apartments with ready-made designer finishes at a price of 105 to 125 thousand rubles per “square”.

Experts explain such an attractive by Moscow standards the cost of housing in the Tsaritsyno microdistrict by the remoteness from the metro – you will have to get to the Tsaritsyno station by public transport, as well as by the fact that the construction of the complex has not yet been completed.

By the way, the Tsaritsyno microdistrict can also be called the most ambitious project in the capital – the total building area, including kindergartens, schools, parking lots, other infrastructure facilities and residential buildings will be 43.84 hectares.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow View of the towers of the Tsaritsyno microdistrict from the central pond of the park of the same name

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The largest new building

Of course, the Sadovye Kvartaly residential complex cannot be compared in size with the large Tsaritsyno microdistrict – its area is “only” 11 hectares. However, this is the largest new building in the center of Moscow, for the implementation of which a unique concept “city within a city” was chosen, so it is impossible to ignore this multifunctional project.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow An artificial reservoir and a green recreation area will appear in the center of Garden Quarters

Garden Quarters is an elite residential complex located in the Central Administrative District of the capital, in Khamovniki.

The construction of this residential complex involves the construction of four blocks, with 34 residential buildings up to 14 floors high. In the middle of the complex, which will become the largest pedestrian zone in the city center, there will be a large artificial reservoir surrounded by green spaces. Also, on the territory of the Garden Quarters, a school with a swimming pool and two gyms for 550 students, four kindergartens, each of which will be able to accept 75 children, health and office centers, several restaurants and cafes will be built, seven underground parking lots are planned each apartment will have two parking spaces.

All residential buildings of “Garden Quarters” will be made in the same architectural style, the minimum area of ​​apartments – 60 square meters, maximum – 600 “squares”. All apartments are distinguished by a well thought-out, original layout and a ceiling height of 3.5 meters.

The cost of one square meter in the Garden Quarter is in the range from 430 to 750 thousand rubles, depending on the number of rooms, area and availability of finishing.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The first stage of construction of the residential complex “Sadovye Kvartaly” will be completed in the first quarter of next year

The most “uninhabited” complex

The only truly unique offer on the capital’s real estate market is the Loft Garden loft apartment, which is currently being reconstructed in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.

Loft is a new phenomenon on the Russian real estate market, it is a former industrial facility that is being converted into residential apartments. Such apartments are distinguished by a free layout, a huge ceiling height and an original interior design..

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The building of the former design bureau has been completely reconstructed, but retained its historical appearance

Loft Garden is located in Sokolniki district, address: 2nd Rybinskaya, 13, near the metro station “Rizhskaya”, surrounded by green, ennobled and closed territory.

To date, these are practically the only classic lofts in Moscow, comfortable housing located in the house where, since 1951, the Department of the Design Bureau of the Mil Russian Aviation Plant was located.

The cost of one square meter in the Loft Garden – from 3.8 thousand dollars.

The main drawback of this original new building, which will be commissioned next year, is that it is impossible to register in the lofts, since the building belongs to the non-residential fund of Moscow.

The most interesting new buildings in Moscow The loft concept implies a very unusual interior – with high ceilings, preserved brickwork and an abundance of original details

As you can see, among the new buildings in Moscow there are real champions, unusual projects that cannot but attract attention with their outstanding characteristics. Whether to attribute the highest price or number of storeys to the advantages of the complex, of course, is up to potential buyers, but it is precisely this variety of offers that makes the capital’s real estate market a very interesting phenomenon..

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