The most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world

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It would seem that there is nothing special in arriving in a foreign city, staying in a hotel room in order to relax in comfort. But what if this suite is a luxurious, truly royal or presidential suite, worth tens of thousands of dollars? Agree, it is very interesting to at least see what exactly you can get by paying such a lot of money in just one night!

The most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world
Mary Helmreich. Hotel Del Coronado Beach

Luxurious suites are available in many hotels, but only those whose room rates exceeded 15 thousand dollars managed to enter the rating of the most expensive.

1.The Royal Villa of the Grand Resort Lagonissi

Topping this list of luxury and prestige is the Royal Villa, a special offer from the Grand Resort Lagonissi, located in Athens, Greece. For “only” 50 thousand dollars, the guests of this beautiful villa get everything they could wish for – their own heated pool, silence in which only sea waves are heard, a sauna, a real Russian bath, a private guarded beach, an inimitably beautiful interior and a whole set of household technology controlled by the “smart home” system. Only a personal butler, a chef ready to surprise with culinary delights and a pianist will disturb the loneliness of the guests of the villa (if guests wish to listen to a live performance of classics and even popular modern tunes).

The most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world
Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens.

2. Villa Hugh Hefner Sky at Palms Casino Resort

The second most valuable villa is Hugh Hefner Sky at the Palms Casino Resort, which is located in Las Vegas, USA. This two-storey villa features unique interiors inspired by the world’s most famous Playboy magazine. The total area of ​​the Hugh Hefner themed suite is 900 square meters, the highlight of this luxurious room was a jacuzzi, which cost more than 700 thousand dollars, and, of course, a Playboy-style room could not do without a round, swivel bed under a mirrored ceiling. The guests of the villa are served by a personal butler. The pleasure of spending the night surrounded by photos from a magazine and a black and red interior will cost guests 40 thousand dollars.

Hugh Hefner's Villa
Hugh Hefner’s Villa, Palms Casino Resort

3. Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons

In the center of New York, Manhattan, on the top floor of a skyscraper, there is a room worth 34 thousand dollars per night, a real Ty Warner penthouse, the most luxurious room in the most expensive hotel in the city, Four Seasons.

The zest of these luxurious apartments due to such a high-rise location is the view of the metropolis. Also, the room has many of the most modern TV panels, which show all channels from all over the world without exception – a real paradise for movie lovers.

The outer walls of all nine rooms of the suite are fully glazed, so as not to interfere with admiring the panorama of New York, the interior walls are decorated with platinum patterns and draped with fabric trimmed with gold. Have your own butler.

By the way, the guests of the room have their own elevator, and if guests want to visit any sights of the city, they can use a Mercedes Maybach or Rolls Royce Phantom with a personal driver – this is included in the price of a luxurious room..

Ty warner
Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel

4. Royal Suite at the President Wilson Hotel

It is no coincidence that the Royal Suite at the President Wilson Hotel, located in Geneva, Switzerland, bears this name – American President Woodrow Wilson, who suffered from hypertension and demanded absolute peace and maximum comfort, did often stay here during his visits to Europe..

There are four bedrooms in the room, there is also a banquet hall with a classic cocktail bar, which can accommodate 40 guests. Today this room is considered the best among the very demanding gentlemen, seniors and even comrades visiting Geneva for the United Nations, a night in the Geneva Royal Suite costs 33 thousand dollars.

President Wilson Hotel
Royal Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

5. The Atlantis hotel suite

The fifth place is occupied by a room that beckons with untouched nature and boundless ocean expanses. Suite with the “speaking” name Bridge (that is, “bridge”), located in the Bahamas, in The Atlantis hotel.

The room really literally “hangs” in the air, as it connects the two towers of the hotel. All ten (!) Rooms of the room overlook the ocean, and the interior deserves such epithets as royal and palace.

No wonder stars such as Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey have stayed in this $ 25,000 suite..

The atlantis
Suite at The Atlantis, Bahamas

6. Ritz-Carlton Suite

In light of the fact that Moscow has regularly been included in the lists of the most expensive capitals of the planet for several years now, it is not at all surprising that the sixth place in this rating of the most expensive rooms in the world is occupied by the Ritz-Carlton Suite, which is located in the Moscow hotel of the same name..

The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow, is famous for its proximity to the Kremlin towers, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and GUM, to see all these main attractions of the Russian capital, just walk up to the huge (from floor to ceiling) windows of the room.

The number is positioned as the most secure – according to rumors, its telecommunication systems were approved by the state security authorities. For greater reliability, the room is equipped with its own power supply system, and guests can fully enjoy Russian hospitality, since the price of the suite includes five meals a day. The price of one night stay in the most expensive room of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Moscow – 18.2 thousand dollars.

Ritz-Carlton Suite, Moscow

7. Royal room at the Burj Al Arab

Surprisingly, the Royal Suite, located in the famous “sail” in Dubai, at the Burj Al Arab, managed to take only seventh place on this list. Truly royal luxury with a strong Oriental influence: marble floor, swivel bed under a luxurious canopy, private cinema and private lift available to guests.

A feature of the Royal Suite in the most famous hotel in Dubai is a sealed bathroom, where cosmetics and detergents from the most famous manufacturers in the world are available, food delivery is carried out, but renting a luxury Rolls Royce or a helicopter is not included in the room price (18 thousand dollars) – for these services will have to be paid separately.

Burj al arab
Burj Al Arab Royal Room

8. Le Richemond hotel suite

Another Royal Suite occupies the entire seventh floor of the Le Richemond Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. The highlight of the room is a picturesque view of the Alpine peaks and beautiful landscapes of Geneva, the rooms are decorated with gold and mosaics.

The cost of a night in the Royal Suite Le Richemond – 17.5 thousand dollars.

Le richemond
Suite on the seventh floor of the Le Richemond hotel in Geneva

9. Royal Suite at the Four Seasons George V

The Four Seasons George V hotel offers millionaires two Royal rooms worth $ 16,000 each. The rooms are furnished with antique furniture, a spacious marble hall welcomes guests, there is a fully equipped kitchen (in case guests come with their own chef), a sauna, two bathrooms – for the hosts and the guest. The total area of ​​each room – 230 square meters – is divided into separate areas for relaxation and reception.

Four seasons george v
Royal Suite at Four Seasons George V

10. Imperial Suite at the Park Hyatt-Vendome

The cost of this Imperial room in the Park Hyatt-Vendome is “only” 15.5 thousand dollars, but it looks no worse than its more expensive “brothers”

The area of ​​the room is 200 “squares”, here, in addition to luxuriously furnished living rooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a bar and a dining room, there is a real steam room, a bathroom with an indispensable jacuzzi, and even its own massage room, which creates a real spa in the “suite”.

Park Hyatt-Vendome
Imperial Suite at Park Hyatt-Vendome

St. Petersburg hotels do not yet claim a place in this list of luxury rooms. Currently, the most luxurious room of the Astoria Hotel, which opened back in 1912 and is the most prestigious hotel in the Northern capital (this is where Vladimir Putin stays, and George Bush and Jacques Chirac visited in due time), costs about 40 thousand rubles.

In the case of the most expensive hotels in the world, of course, it is demand that gives rise to supply – it is unlikely that the owners of hotels, even those located in the most beautiful places on the planet or in the center of a bustling capital, spent such funds on arranging luxury apartments, if not for the stable demand from the stars. politicians and successful businessmen who wish to stay in such executive suites.

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