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Where else can you find such a corner in Russia where the sun is 300 days a year, the average January temperature is + 6, and even on the shore of the gentle Black Sea? Only in the Krasnodar Territory – the southernmost part of the country. And, of course, Sochi stands out against the background of other resort cities – a recognized resort capital, the most dynamically developing and most expensive city on the Black Sea coast..

According to statistics, today, in terms of the pace of construction of new residential complexes and commercial real estate, Sochi is second only to Moscow, and the cost of square meters in elite new buildings on the seashore is already very close to the Moscow level. Apartments in Sochi are in particular demand among investors who want to make money by renting out housing during the tourist season, as well as those residents of Russia who would like to have their own cottage or apartment in the resort area to relax all summer or live permanently.

Today, real estate in Sochi is a mass of offers from both the secondary and primary markets, many new residential complexes, club-type houses and cottage villages, the cost of which depends on both the location and the class of the building. It is not difficult to get lost from such a variety, therefore we suggest you go on a small excursion around all four districts of Sochi, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Central district of Sochi

The smallest in area, but the most significant and prestigious – the Central District of Sochi is famous for its developed infrastructure, proximity to the sea and the most expensive real estate market offers.

It is here that the Festivalny Concert Hall, the Winter Theater, the city administration, the railway station, the Archangel Michael Cathedral, the Museum of the History of the City of Sochi, the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music, the Marine Station, the Trade Gallery, the main market of the city, the post office and other important infrastructure facilities are located. The Central District of Sochi includes a number of microdistricts – a total of 8 urban formations, including those bordering the sea coast, and located quite far from the coast, industrial and resort.

Center – a microdistrict with a “telling” name, really “center in a square”. It stretches along the sea coast, crossed by the most famous and longest street in Sochi – Kurortny Prospekt. The microdistrict can be divided into two zones – resort, near the beaches “Riv’ersky” and “Mayak”, where the sanatoriums “Chernomorye” and the name of Maurice Torez are located, as well as residential, built up mainly with typical five-storey buildings. There are several schools, kindergartens, many shops, restaurants and cafes. The Center microdistrict is considered the most expensive and is now being intensively built up. The most interesting new buildings are the Gorky Park residential complex – the cost of one “square” reaches 117 thousand rubles, the apartment complex “Versailles” – the price of one square meter is 280 thousand rubles, the residential complexes Pervomaysky 1,2 and 3 on the street of the same name – the cost of one square meter here varies from 85 to 215 thousand rubles, depending on the availability of finishing and finished repairs.

To the sea for permanent residence - real estate in Sochi View of the Central District of Sochi

New Sochi is a resort district of the city, with many sanatoriums and boarding houses, including “Raduga”, “Sochi”, “Solnechny”, “Belarus” and “Zapolyarye”. Here is the summer residence of the Russian president – “Bocharov Ruchey”, and most of the territory is built up with closed cottage villages. Interesting offers from New Sochi include a residential complex on Pirogova Street, in the park zone of the Zapolyarye sanatorium – the price of one square is from 100 to 120 thousand rubles, the Dream House residential complex on Rachmaninov Street – the cost of one square meter in this elite new building reaches 144 thousand rubles.

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Zavokzalny – this is where those buyers who plan to move to Sochi for permanent residence most often buy apartments. The sea is quite far from here, but the infrastructure pleases with a variety, there is everything you need for a family with children. The most famous new buildings in Zavokzalny are the Sunny Hill residential complex – the price of one square meter is from 75 to 116 thousand rubles, the residential complex on Tuapse street – the cost of one square meter reaches 120 thousand rubles.

Zarechny is another very attractive area of ​​the city from the point of view of buying real estate with a developed infrastructure, next to the Riviera Park and the Sochi River embankment. The main walking area of ​​the microdistrict is Tsvetnoy Boulevard, mainly built up with typical “Khrushchev” and “Stalin” buildings. In 2008, the buildings were reconstructed and overhauled here. The most famous new building – RC “Riviera”, the cost of elite apartments in this residential complex reaches 170 thousand rubles.

The rest of the districts of the Central District of Sochi – Mamayka, Donskaya, KSM and Makarenko, also attract attention by the presence of a developed infrastructure, they are classic sleeping areas, with their own kindergartens, schools and shops. Objects of the secondary real estate market prevail here, there are several new economy class buildings, such as the residential complex “Assol” and “Horizon”, the price of one square meter on average is about 75 thousand rubles.

The main disadvantages of the Central District are the congestion of Kurortny Prospekt, the main transport artery of the city, there are frequent traffic jams at the entrances to this street. There is also a shortage of new public transport routes and power outages, outdated communications cannot cope with the increasing load due to intensive development..

Khostinsky district of Sochi

The second most prestigious and popular area among buyers and investors is Sochi. The Khosta District includes 11 microdistricts – Bolshoy Akhun, Matsestinskaya Valley, Bytkha, New Matsesta, Maly Akhun, Primorye, Sobolevka, Svetlana, State Farm “Primorsky”, Fabricius and Staraya Matsesta.

Part of the territory of the Khosta district is included in the Sochi National Park, the district is distinguished by excellent ecology, it includes several rural districts.

The sights of this part of Sochi are the Arboretum Park, the sailing center, the Central Sochi Stadium, the Tree of Friendship Garden Museum, the Frunze Park, the circus, the Yew-boxwood grove, the Orekhovskie and Agurskie Waterfalls, the Kudepstinsky and Matsestinsky forest parks, and the Eagle Rocks … In the Khostinsky district, in the Svetlana microdistrict, there is the largest hotel in the city – Zhemchuzhina, and in the Primorye microdistrict – the famous Radisson SAS Lazurnaya hotel.

To the sea for permanent residence - real estate in Sochi Khostinsky district of Sochi

The most prestigious and well-developed infrastructures are the Bytkha, Primorye, Fabricius and Svetlana microdistricts. It is here, not far from the coastline, that most of the new buildings and luxury real estate are concentrated, while in rural areas, 1.5-2 kilometers away from the sea, one-story buildings still prevail, and you have to get to the nearest kindergarten and school by public transport.

The most famous new buildings in the Khostinsky district of Sochi:

  • Residential complex “Brigantina” on Fabricius Street, three buildings of 20 floors each, next to Kurortny Prospekt and the Arboretum Park, 600 meters from the sea. The cost of one square meter is from 65 to 110 thousand rubles;
  • Residential complex “Green Grove”, which is known for its location – next to Stalin’s dacha, in a green, closed area, on the seashore. The price of one square meter here reaches 115 thousand rubles;
  • Residential complex “Millennium Tower” – an elite residential complex just 200 meters from the sea, the price of one square meter in a renovated penthouse reaches 295 thousand rubles, one “square” in an ordinary apartment costs from 89 thousand rubles;
  • expensive, elite apartments are also presented in the Novaya Alexandria residential complex in the Svetlana microdistrict – the price of one “square” in a penthouse with an open terrace and a green zone can exceed 325 thousand rubles, the cost of one square meter in an ordinary mid-rise apartment is 100 thousand rubles;
  • Residential complex “Actor Galaxy” – original architecture, luxurious apartments and a good location made this residential complex one of the most interesting in the city. The price of one “square” in this 30-storey building reaches 195 thousand rubles, the minimum price per square meter in an apartment without finishing is 95 thousand rubles;
  • The residential complex “Royal Park” in the Primorye microdistrict in 2008 received the title of the best residential resort complex in Russia. A picturesque building with a height of 23 floors on the seashore, next to the Radisson SAS Lazurnaya hotel is known for the fact that it houses the most luxurious penthouse in Sochi – Mister X with its own garden and swimming pool. The interior design of this apartment was created by the Italian studio Armani Casaу. The price of a 2,000 square meter penthouse exceeds $ 12 million. One square meter in an ordinary apartment in “Royal Park” will cost 135 thousand rubles;
  • RC “Russian Riviera” – hiding from the bustle of the city on the territory of the sanatorium “Green Grove”, this RC belongs to the category of club-type houses, with a small number of apartments and a closed area. The cost of one “square” in the “Russian Riviera” reaches 125 thousand rubles.
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The disadvantages of the Khostinsky district of Sochi include traditional traffic jams at the entrance to Kurortny Prospekt, underdeveloped infrastructure in rural areas and problems with public transport, especially in winter..

Lazarevsky district of Sochi

The largest in area, but at the same time the most sparsely populated area of ​​Sochi, stretching far to the north along the Black Sea coast. The center of the Lazarevsky district is the village of Lazarevskoye, where the main administrative buildings, the central market and the park are located. The rest of the district is full of sanatoriums, boarding houses, children’s camps and one-story rural streets, where elite mansions and new buildings are still a rarity.

To the sea for permanent residence - real estate in Sochi The center of the Lazarevsky district is the village of Lazarevskoye

The main problem of the Lazarevsky district, which led to its relatively low popularity among developers and real estate buyers, is its remoteness from the center of Sochi, with which it is connected by a single federal highway Dzhubga-Sochi, that is, almost a mountain serpentine with low traffic capacity.

In addition, many villages in the Lazarevsky district are still not supplied with gas, do not have central water supply, their own schools and kindergartens. However, thanks to such an undeveloped infrastructure and low demand, the cost per square meter in apartment buildings in the villages of Dagomys, Yakornaya Shchel, Lazarevskoye, along Armavirskaya Street averages 40-50 thousand rubles, which looks very affordable against the background of the cost of real estate in the rest of Sochi offer and attracts buyers who want to save money.

Adler district of Sochi

It is this area of ​​Sochi that will host the 2014 Olympics; it includes the famous ski resort Krasnaya Polyana. The Coastal and Mountain clusters of the future international sporting event are located here, therefore the Adler district today has become a huge construction site, where, in addition to the construction of stadiums and ice arenas, new residential complexes, hotels and hotels are being built..

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The Adler District includes the following urban formations, villages and microdistricts: Adler Center, Golubye Dali, Blinovo, Kurortny Gorodok, Cheryomushki, Mirny, State Farm “Yuzhnye Kultury” and Nizhneimeretinskaya Bukhta.

In Adler there is a Sochi airport, many resorts of boarding houses, including Adlerkurort, Znanie, Yuzhnoe Vzmorye, Burgas, Solnechny Luch, Vesna, Izvestia, as well as small hotels, hotels, tourist centers located not only on the coast, but also in the foothills.

To the sea for permanent residence - real estate in Sochi Adler district of Sochi is the southernmost of the four administrative districts

Adler’s main problem is its sprawl, resort villages, especially mountainous ones, can be several tens of kilometers away from the center, so new residents will have to solve the problem with transport. In addition, the infrastructure of the area is mainly aimed at meeting the needs of tourists. As a result, there are many restaurants and summer cafes, entertainment facilities, but there is a shortage of kindergartens, public transport stops, and medical institutions..

Blinovo is a sleeping area with developed infrastructure, however, it is 3.5 kilometers from the Black Sea, so this area with relatively inexpensive apartments in typical five and nine-storey buildings attracts buyers looking for affordable housing not for recreation, but for permanent residence. A similar situation is in the Golubye Dali microdistrict – the secondary market is represented by ordinary houses built in the 70s and 80s, and the primary market is still the only club-type house with fairly expensive apartments at a price of 90 thousand rubles per square meter.

There are much more new buildings in the Kurortny town, one can note the residential buildings “Izvestia” on Farmerskaya Street, the price of one square meter is 100 thousand rubles, the residential complex “Kurortny” – 75 thousand rubles per square meter and elite apartments in “Orchid Park” at a price of 125 thousand rubles per square meter.

New buildings of a quiet, green microdistrict with such a familiar name to every Muscovite – Cheryomushki – also attract attention. The cost of one square meter in the local new houses reaches 122 thousand rubles, and in the secondary market you can find apartments for 50-60 thousand rubles per “square”.

New buildings – cottages and residential complexes – Krasnaya Polyana stand apart. Firstly, it is no longer a Black Sea resort, but a ski resort. Secondly, the center of Sochi is quite far from here – more than 70 kilometers, the secondary school erected 40 years ago is in dire need of reconstruction, there is a shortage of kindergartens and medical personnel in a small local polyclinic. So buyers of real estate in Krasnaya Polyana are mainly investors and residents of the northern cities of Russia who will come here only for recreation. The cost of one square meter in the residential complex “Katerina Alpik” in Krasnaya Polyana reaches 148 thousand rubles.

As you can see, Sochi has something to offer real estate buyers. Moreover, one cannot fail to note the attractiveness of luxurious new residential complexes and apartments – the very location on the seashore, spacious balconies and open terraces, mild climate and amazing views from the windows make this housing desirable and elite. One has only to remember that the choice of housing depends not only on the availability of the required amount – not all buyers can afford new buildings in the resort capital, but also the main purpose of the purchase – a permanent place of residence or rest. In the first case, it is better to give preference to microdistricts with developed infrastructure, albeit remote from the sea, but with more affordable prices, and in the second, to buy housing closer to the coast, saving on the number of square meters, for example, a small studio apartment.

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