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Sometimes the owners of apartments in a multi-storey building think that they can afford anything on their living space. In fact, our site of advice has already told how difficult it can be to legalize redevelopment. And in some cases this is simply impossible! We will tell you what to agree, with rare exceptions, will not work.

“Drown” the bath in the floor

This is the privilege of private houses. In apartment buildings, the thickness of the ceilings is such that the bathtub, “recessed” in the floor, will literally be above the head of the neighbors below. In addition, it is often better not to touch the main floors between the floors themselves. They are either not designed for additional load, or interference can disrupt the entire structure of the building..

Recessed bath

Theoretically, it is possible to agree on the installation of a “recessed” bathtub in an apartment on the ground floor. However, the question arises with what is in the basement. And the reliability of the floors. Alternatively, you can simply build a podium where the bath bowl will be built. If the size of the room allows, of course.

Real fireplace

The question immediately arises – where to bring the pipe? If the apartment is on the top floor, then such a redevelopment may be coordinated. If you prove that all the rules and regulations of fire safety are met, the pipe does not interfere with anyone and the chimney does not spoil the appearance and quality of the roof. If the floor is not the last, no one will definitely allow you to pull the chimney up the wall of a high-rise building.

False fireplace in the apartment

An alternative to the present will be false fireplaces, about which the portal wrote in detail. A real hearth can be installed only in a house where there used to be stove heating and chimneys remained.

Swimming pool on a regular flat roof

Sometimes penthouse owners decide that the pool is good for them. But, firstly, the flat roof is a common building area, so all neighbors can use the pool. And secondly, an ordinary flat roof is not designed for such serious loads. Yes, there are many expensive hotels in the world with skyscraper pools. However, such projects are always specially developed taking into account the additional load..

Rooftop pool

Make two or three out of one apartment

For example, the owners of a three-room apartment decided to rent it out as profitable as possible. And turn them into three separate studio apartments with their own bathrooms and kitchenettes. It will not be possible to legally agree on such a redevelopment, because the room will not be considered a separate real estate object, it does not have its own exit to the entrance. In addition, it turns out that the new bathrooms and kitchens are located above the living rooms of the neighbors below. And such redevelopment is prohibited..

Design of a studio apartment of a rectangular layout

Move the bath to or near the bedroom

Such a redevelopment can be legalized only if the neighbors below have a non-residential premises in this place. For example, a dressing room, pantry or hallway. Otherwise, it is impossible to transfer the water supply and sewage system. In this case, apartments on the ground floor have a privilege – you can move the bath anywhere, even directly to the bedroom, because there are no neighbors below.

Bath in the bedroom

Move the kitchen to the living room or expand at the expense of it

The situation is the same here as with the bathrooms. You can move the kitchen to the corridor, to the dressing room too. But the bedroom or living room is not. Kitchens should be located strictly above and below neighbors’ kitchens. Or over other non-residential premises.

Move kitchen to living room

Be sure to study the rules and regulations before planning any major changes in your apartment. Ignorance of SNiPs does not exempt from liability, and illegal redevelopment is fraught with problems.

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