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So the day came when it was decided to allocate a piece of the family budget for the purchase of such a necessary tool in the household as an electric drill. It would seem that everything is so simple – choose, pay money and use it. But … After talking with a neighbor-builder, wandering around the Internet, many come to a dead end and cannot independently decide on either the choice of the tool manufacturer or the drill itself. And there are more than enough offers now.

The shelves of construction supermarkets are simply bursting with an abundance of tools, specialized stores selling equipment are gradually appearing in every city, the market should not be remembered at all (this is a separate topic for conversation), even the Internet did not miss the opportunity and offers potential buyers products. How to make the right choice?

Let’s try to consider the choice of a drill using specific models. First of all, we did not consider cordless drills. And not at all because of their high cost. They were simply guided by the fact that any battery, even the best one, has a certain service life. And we, as always, need an eternal instrument. Here’s the first candidate for a home helper: impact drill Skil 6005 AC. An impact drill was the next candidate. Black&Decker KR 70 LDT. And one more tool interested us – this is an impact drill Sparky BUR 150CET. We have decided on the models of the instruments. Let’s now try to analyze the place of purchase of the instrument..

But the matter simply did not go beyond the choice of specific models of instruments. Shop, market, newspaper ads or the Internet? The neighbor only threw up his hands, but after thinking, he called a friend. This is where the advice given by the person directly involved in the sales and service of tools helped us..

There is an opinion that the lowest prices for goods can be found on the market. But will the market be the right choice?

For all its simplicity, the drill belongs to the category of complex equipment and such equipment should be sold by people who must have a sufficiently deep knowledge of the product, in addition, the product must be stored under certain conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) All these requirements in market tray conditions are extremely difficult to secure. It is for this reason that it is worth paying attention to stationary trade objects – supermarkets, specialty stores, online stores (although they relate to stationary trade with some stretch).

Now let’s look at the conditions that the stores offer us. A supermarket is a slightly different way to promote a product. But let’s think about it – is the supermarket so far from the market? There is no doubt that a huge variety of goods, cleanliness, and competent positioning make the supermarket a convenient place for shopping. But, take a closer look – your drill, of course, does not belong to the category of perishable goods, but you always want to purchase a recently released product, and not one that has been gathering dust on warehouse shelves for several years.

Many manufacturers specifically for supermarkets are developing lines of the simplest, and therefore the cheapest, tools that are intended for sale exclusively through large-format retail chains.

You simply won’t find such a tool in a specialized store. The task of such tools is to attract a buyer, to make a particular brand more recognizable. However, the resource of such tools is very limited. Considering that all, so to speak, responsibility for choosing one or another tool in a supermarket lies solely with you, it is worth considering whether we are doing the right thing when making a purchase in such retail chains.?

In the supermarket you will find a huge selection of the most diverse equipment, however, most often you will be left alone with the goods. You will not receive either qualified advice or recommendations for practical use. At best, they will tell you the power of the drill. There is another very interesting point related to the warranty service for tools purchased in supermarkets. You will be presented with a warranty card for the product and a list of workshops that carry out warranty repairs. Residents of large cities face such a problem much less often than residents of regions. But a large city is not the whole country. And when in this list you do not find a service center in your locality, then you will understand what we talked about. Going to the supermarket will be useless. Most of them simply do not provide such services and accept all complaints only if there is an opinion from the service center. There is one more thing – if you do not have a discount card, then you cannot count on a decrease in the cost of a drill at the time of purchase..

Buying a drill from an online store

A completely different attitude towards a customer in a specialized store, including an online store. You will be able to get any advice from a qualified specialist regarding your chosen product (many online stores have a special form, by filling out which you can get an answer to your question or chat on the forum). In addition, specialized trade offers a number of advantages in terms of tool maintenance. Most often, such points of sale are dealers of tool manufacturers and have their own service centers. You do not have to look for a workshop – you just need to contact the seller and if you used the product in accordance with the instructions, then there will be no problems with the repair.

Some specialist stores offer this service as a replacement tool while yours is being repaired. It is not only convenient – it is very profitable, as you will not be idle and will complete all the necessary work on time. Some tool manufacturers offer to issue an extended warranty for their products, but for this you need not only to have access to the Internet, but also to fill out certain documents correctly, and this can cause difficulties. In specialized trade, you will be helped to resolve this issue as well – after all, the struggle for the client is very important. This is not just a one-time sale. If you liked the advice, arranged the price of the product, helped you with the repair, you must agree that you will purchase drills, bits, and other related products at this outlet, and not just consumables for your drill.

But now let’s deal with the drills themselves, on which we stopped in our choice. Let’s just look at these things from a different angle – not only as a buyer, but also as a seller..

Impact drill Skil 6005 AC

Impact drill Skil 6005 AC. This drill is supplied in a plastic case, has an additional handle, and is equipped with a keyless chuck. The power of this hammer drill is 500 W, the speed is adjustable from 0 to 3000 rpm. Chuck diameter 13 mm.

Skil 6005 AC

The manufacturer gives a 24 month warranty for this drill. The cost is about 1700 rubles. But few people know that a button is installed on this drill, the replacement of which will cost you 1/3 of the cost of a new product, even the cost of the drill anchor is lower. And the cost of the power cord, which can be easily damaged during operation, is about 350 rubles excluding its replacement. In addition, do not forget that this tool belongs to household and is not designed for intensive use. So it turns out that by purchasing a cheap drill for intensive work, we simply do not rationally spend money, since the repair of this drill will be very expensive. You ask, “Why do you need such a drill at all?” The answer is very simple – count how many holes you had to drill in the apartment during the year and everything will become clear. This drill will serve for many years the owner of the apartment, who sometimes wants to do something with his own hands – hang a picture on the wall, assemble furniture with his own hands, and this drill can withstand minor current repairs with dignity.

Impact Drill Black&Decker KR 70 LDT

Impact Drill Black&Decker KR 70 LDT. Although the Black Impact Drill&The Decker KR 70 LDT is very different from the Skil drill we reviewed, it has a number of advantages that fully justify its high price. The cost of the drill is about 3600 rubles. The drill has a motor power of 730 W, the drill body is equipped with special pads that not only allow you to hold the drill firmly during work, but also reduce vibration that is transmitted to your hands.

Impact drill Black & Decker KR 70 LDT

In addition, a special laser device is included as standard, which allows you to drill with maximum precision. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the product for 24 months. This drill is very often found on store shelves, but few people know that it has been discontinued at the moment, which means that the cost of spare parts for it will only increase. In addition, on some drills it is impossible to replace the armature and stator separately. In case of failure, the entire engine is replaced. For this reason, this drill should not be considered as an alternative to professional drills. But as a home drill, it will be a great choice..

Impact drill Sparky BUR 150CET

Impact drill Sparky BUR 150CET. This drill belongs to the professional class, and is accordingly designed for fairly intensive use. Although the power of the BUR 150CET is lower than that of the KR 70 LDT, the BUR 150CET has a number of features that make it very easy to use. First of all, this drill is equipped with special electronics that maintains the speed set by the operator, regardless of the load on the drill..

Impact drill Sparky BUR 150CET

In addition, the drill has a special alarm that will indicate to you that the product is overloading. All these options allow not only to perform work very quickly and efficiently, but also make it possible to extend the life of the drill and avoid breakdowns. It should also be added that this drill is equipped with a 2-speed gearbox and tightening force regulator. The cost of the drill is about 2600 rubles. And the fact that the manufacturer gives a 1 year warranty for their product should not confuse you – you need to remember that the drill is designed for higher loads than the household products discussed above. This drill will be able to successfully cope with repairs in an apartment, but the fact that the design of the product is not as pleasing to the eye as, for example, the products of the Black company&Decker is so easy compared to versatility and durability.


Agree, it is simply impossible to know all the information about the product you like. After reading some of the characteristics and laudatory reviews of the manufacturer about your product, you can buy far from the thing that you need. This is the role of a qualified seller of tools in order to ask you as fully as possible about the scope of the product, in this case, a drill, tell you in detail about the tool you like, give some recommendations regarding the product that you like. A good seller will never sell you a product, knowing in advance that the tool, by its characteristics, simply will not cope with the work ahead..

However, it is up to you to make the final decision. We hope that our advice and recommendations will only help you make a choice.

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