Cork drill, cork cutter: features of choice and work

Humanity has come up with a lot of tools to make it easier for itself to solve complex problems. There are a great many wood drills, but among them cork cutters, corkscrews stand out, which in this article we will tell you about Our site of advice.

In the article on wood cutters, the portal briefly touched on the features of cork drills, but this tool deserves more attention. The essence of his work is simple – a hole is drilled in wood or other material based on it. At the same time, the plug remains inside the drill and is carefully removed. In furniture production, the drill is not completely immersed in the material, making indentations of the desired diameter. Of course, you can also make through holes, for example, remove knots that are in the material of not very high quality.

You can work with cork drills in both soft and hard wood, as well as on chipboard, rough plywood and other wood-based materials. The tool allows you to make even, identical holes for screws, as well as get as many plugs, plugs.

Cork drill

The plugs obtained thanks to the cork cutter can be used in different ways. For example, for bolts that need to be sunk in wood, or decorative sealing of holes, for creating various crafts for interior decoration.

Important! The use of a cork drill always requires centering. On a hand drill, such a nozzle should not be used at all; it will be very difficult to make an even hole at an angle of strictly 90 degrees. You can work on a rack or machine so that the material lies flat. Some craftsmen prefer Forstner drills, considering working with cork cutters not very convenient and safe.

Cork cutter drills are of conical and cylindrical shape, respectively, the plug itself will also be different in shape, like the hole. The diameter can vary from 8 to 100 millimeters. The most popular corkscrews with a diameter of 15 and 10 millimeters are in demand. Most often, these drills are sold as a set, but you can also find one by one.

Cork drill set

Important! In the case of a cylindrical cork cutter, the cork itself has to be removed from the hole, for example, with a flat screwdriver. It is not very convenient and time-saving..

You can sharpen the cork cutter yourself with a bar, which is moistened with soapy water during operation. Then the drill needs to be cleaned with a solvent.

Cork drill

There is a set of eight cork cutter drills of different diameters made in China about 500 rubles. They are made of high-carbon steel and usually do not cause any complaints from home craftsmen.

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