Diamond segment as the basis of diamond tools


Need to make an opening in a concrete wall? No noise, dust and vibration ?! No problem if you have a diamond tool.

Diamond drilling and cutting technologies have been used in the construction industry for over half a century and are unmatched. The diamond tool is capable of cutting multi-meter holes, making them perfectly accurate. Wide scope of application – construction, dismantling, reconstruction, aerodrome construction, road works; excellent technical indicators – accuracy, vibration-freeness and speed of work, all this makes diamond tools an indispensable element of the construction industry.

However, few people think about the reasons for such an effective work. Diamond tools are widely used due to the unique properties of diamond segments fixed to the surface of the tool. The diamond segment is the basis of the tool and is a bond consisting of metal powder and synthetic diamonds. In the production of segments, as a rule, synthetic diamonds are used, which are superior in strength and wear resistance to natural diamonds..

The development and production of diamond segments is a science-intensive and high-tech process that requires serious scientific and technical capacities. After completion of research and development work, long-term field tests, the segment goes into serial production. In the process of producing diamond segments, the specialists of Adel Group, a manufacturer of diamond tools, distinguish 4 main stages:

  • Preparation of a mixture of metal powders and diamonds. In accordance with the recipe of the segments, a mixture of metal powders and diamonds is prepared. The components are evenly distributed in the mixer. Binders for the granulation process are added to the finished composition.
  • Granulation. The granulation process is carried out for even distribution of diamonds and further high-precision technological operations. The mixture of metal powders, diamonds and binder enters the granulator hopper, where additional mixing and granulation takes place. Next, the round granules undergo a drying operation.
  • Cold pressing of segments. The granulate is poured into automatic cold presses. The mixture forms the required segment shape under pressure. Such presses allow the production of multilayer segments, which further significantly affects the productivity of the tool as a whole..
  • Hot pressing of segments. Hot pressing is the final operation of segment production. The segments are placed in a special frame after the cold pressing process. An automated hot press in a protective environment sinters the segments in accordance with a given program. All processes take place under the control of a built-in computer.

During the manufacturing process, the metal powder and diamond mixture are compressed at a very high temperature, resulting in a solid metal composition (called a matrix or bond) that holds the diamonds. The type of diamonds, their concentration and bond properties determine the resource and productivity of the tool. So, for example, the most important step in choosing a diamond tool is the correct selection of the bond depending on the structure of the material being processed. The more abrasive the material, the more wear-resistant, the bond should be used and vice versa, the harder the material, the softer the bond should be. This ratio helps to use the tool as efficiently as possible, avoiding premature destruction and diamonds falling out of the bundle..

The secret of the uniqueness of the diamond segment is the technology of its production. The efficiency of the tool as a whole depends on how accurately and correctly the segment formula is selected and the entire production process is programmed..

There is no standard technology and recipe for manufacturing a segment, and large manufacturers of diamond tools, such as Adel Group of Companies, possessing research and development facilities, develop their own technological programming and bond formula for each tool, thereby ensuring its uniqueness. One of the most recent developments is the Adele MIX series diamond core bits. Segments “Adele” of the MIX series have been developed in order to maximize the efficiency of the main technical parameters of the tool – resource, cutting speed and price. The MIX series ideally combines drilling speed and high resource at relatively low prices. The interest in using Adele segments of the MIX series lies in the possibility of a clear selection of the tool for specific tasks. The series easily and at no additional cost allows you to shift towards speed or resource, thereby easily varying between productivity, speed and cost of making a hole.

The Adele segment of the MIX series was developed as an anti-crisis proposal for a wide consumer, and is suitable for any tasks related to drilling in concrete, reinforced concrete, stone at an ideal price / quality ratio. The MIX series is “know-how” in the Russian market of diamond tools and is developed taking into account the peculiarities of operation on domestic construction sites.

Diamond segments are the backbone of any tool and 99% of its success. The efficiency and quality of the tool and construction work in general depends on how professionally the ligament is performed and selected..

Article prepared ADEL Moscow


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