DIY furniture assembly tools

In order to save money, many owners of houses and apartments decide to assemble purchased or ordered furniture with their own hands. Indeed, you can do everything yourself, but you need helpers – special tools. Our tips site will tell you what exactly is needed to assemble furniture with your own hands..

The portal has already written more than once what tools a home wizard will need to perform a variety of tasks. We wrote about a set of tools for an electrician, wood carver, blacksmith, bricklayer, gardener. Now it’s time to talk about the minimum set of tools for the furniture maker, or rather, the one who decided to become one temporarily in order to assemble a hallway, wardrobe or kitchen set with his own hands.

Furniture assembly tools

The first thing you need is to take measurements so that everything is smooth, smooth, beautiful. For this you need:

  • Level.
  • Pencil for marking.
  • A square to withstand right angles, it is most often needed for installing shelves.
  • Measuring tape for diagonal alignment of any furniture, as well as to clearly attach the bottom of the drawers and the back wall.

Assembling the chair with a screwdriver

Undoubtedly the most important tool is the drill / screwdriver. It is to them that you quickly and reliably fasten screws, dowels, screws and other fasteners. The drill also helps to drill holes for handles, sometimes it is used for milling for hinges, minifixes and rafiks.

Important! You will need special attachments for confirms and self-tapping screws, make sure you have them in advance.

Trimming a countertop with a jigsaw

Jigsaw. Better, of course, electric. It will be needed when you need to cut a hole for a sink in a chipboard worktop, cut out a place for an outlet, trim individual pieces of furniture.

Drilling a hole in the wall with a hammer drill

Perforator. Essential when you need to drill holes for wall-mounting bookshelves, top row of kitchen cabinets, and so on.

Furniture stapler

Furniture, construction stapler. It is needed not only for upholstery of upholstered furniture. The back walls and bottom of the drawers are attached with 15 mm hardened brackets.

Using a screwdriver when assembling furniture

Screwdrivers. Most often you need flat and cross. Despite the fact that you will screw the fasteners with a screwdriver, the screwdriver will come in handy to delicately bring everything to the desired strength, adjust the door opening, tightening minifixes and rafiks.

Hexagon set

Hexagon set. It is they who most often regulate the doors of sliding wardrobes, and also tighten many special furniture fasteners.

Jamb knife

Stationery knife or jamb knife. It will come in handy at the first stage, when you need to free the details of your future cabinet or kitchen unit from the packaging. It can then be used to cut door sealing brushes and PVC edge trim.

Installation of furniture facades using special clamps

In addition, in the process of work you may need:

  • A silicone sealant gun if you are installing your sink in a kitchen countertop or sealing something else.
  • Clamps to clamp some trim parts or temporarily fix them before attaching.
  • Pliers.
  • Hammer to adjust tight fit parts.
  • An adjustable wrench if you assemble upholstered furniture.
  • Confirmation drill.

Most of the tools we have listed are simply necessary to quickly and effortlessly assemble cabinet or upholstered furniture. We are confident that you will be able to cope by following the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as thanks to the manual and electric assistants.

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