Electric saw or chainsaw: advantages and disadvantages

Everyone who is going to a construction hypermarket for a chain saw has a choice – a tool that runs on electricity or gasoline. Our advice site has selected the main advantages and disadvantages of electric and chainsaws to help you make the right choice and buy a tool thoughtfully.

Various chainsaws

The portal has already provided professional advice on choosing a chain saw. However, questions remained. Therefore, first, let’s find out the main advantages and disadvantages of electric chain saws..


  1. Easy handling and simple design. The electric saw does not have a gas tank; it simply does not need it. There is also no carburetor or air filters. Instead of a starter, a stator. In general, electric saws are lighter, so it is easier to work with them, hands are not so tired.
  2. No need to pull on the starter rope, you just have to plug in the plug and the engine will start immediately, without any effort.
  3. Electric saws can be used indoors.
  4. No need to buy and fill up fuel, additional savings.
  5. The price of electric saws is significantly lower than gasoline ones.


  1. You are tied to the length of the wire and the source of electricity, there is no mobility, you cannot go to the forest with an electric saw.
  2. You still have to fill in the chain oil.
  3. You cannot work in snow or rain.
  4. The electricity in the country can be turned off unexpectedly, work will stop.

Electric saw at work

Chain saw

Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws..


  1. Autonomy. I filled the gas tank with fuel completely, took a canister with a reserve and went into the forest, to the farthest corner of the site – anywhere.
  2. High performance. Gasoline engines are powerful, which is why professional loggers use these saws.
  3. Gasoline engines are more reliable than electric ones and last longer.
  4. Handles thick tree trunks with ease.


  1. Noise and exhaust. You won’t be able to work indoors, you will suffocate.
  2. They weigh a lot, the construction is complex.
  3. It will be quite difficult for a beginner to master working with a chainsaw, quickly start the engine, and be able to prepare an optimal fuel mixture.
  4. Gasoline engine is difficult to start in cold weather.
  5. In the event of a breakdown, you have to go to the workshop. However, a home craftsman, most likely, will not cope with the repair of an electric saw either, so this is a common drawback..

Chainsaw Husqvarna 435

Chainsaw AL-KO BKS 4040

We state: an electric saw should be chosen if you need to work indoors, on a construction site where there is electricity, to prepare firewood for a fireplace and stove next to a power source, or periodically perform work in the garden, where an extension cord will definitely reach. For more voluminous work on sites where there is simply no power supply, of course, you need to choose a mobile chainsaw.

Recall that electric saws are cheaper both in purchase and in operation, so if you have no problems with electricity and you are not going to cut trees in the forest, this is a good choice..

As for the popular manufacturers of electric and chainsaws, among them Makita, STIHL, Vitals, Bosch, GreenWorks, Hyundai, Yamamoto, Zubr, Patriot, Interskol. Prices start at an average of 3,000 rubles for an electric saw and 4,000 rubles for models with a gasoline engine.

Chainsaw with battery

As for cordless electric saws, which, it would seem, have all the advantages of both electric and gasoline models, since they differ in mobility, there are questions with them. In particular, cordless saws are more expensive than conventional saws, weigh more due to the presence of batteries. In addition, the instrument will still be discharged, you may have to stop working at the most inopportune moment. And there are batteries that will have to be changed sooner or later, not cheap.

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