Examples of using a high pressure washer in everyday life

Do-it-yourself car wash

Cleaning a motorcycle with a pressure washer

Bike wash

Of course, most often high-pressure mini washers are bought by car owners in order to save on the services of professionals and independently pursue the cleanliness of the “iron horse”. However, under the pressure of water, it is easy to wash both the motorcycle and the bicycle of a young amateur to ride through muddy puddles..

In addition, the mini-washer can clean garden tools after use and before storage in the workshop. It’s much easier than scrubbing by hand with a rag. Just remember to wipe dry all metal parts or dry in the sun to prevent rust..

Cleaning carpet with a pressure washer

Carpets, of course, will become an interior decoration, it is so pleasant to walk on them barefoot, and the child has something to play on. But carpets perfectly absorb dust and get dirty quickly. A vacuum cleaner is by no means a panacea; at least once a year, the carpet needs to be thoroughly washed. And the mini-wash in this business is an excellent assistant who literally knocks out all the dust with a strong pressure and wash away the stains. The main thing is to thoroughly dry the carpet in the sun..

Cleaning of concrete steps with a mini-wash

Washing outdoor flowerpots

Washing garden furniture

Washing paving slabs

Cleaning the wooden deck

On the site, the mini-sink can be used to keep the steps of garden stairs, paths, massive flower pots and flowerpots, flooring on the terrace, in the gazebo, in the patio area clean. Even garden furniture can undergo such cleaning, because it is initially not afraid of moisture and is designed for outdoor use..

Cleaning the facade with a pressure washer

Washing a wooden facade

Cleaning the siding facade

And also the mini-wash allows you to clean the facade of the house, even its hard-to-reach places. Of course, it is better not to use high-pressure water for plaster, however, sometimes the owners specially pressurize the places where paint and plaster leave in order to carry out repairs later.

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Washing stone fence

Washing a retaining wall made of stone

You can also use a mini-washer to clean any type of fences, fences, garage floor, porch, gate and wicket at the entrance to the site …

The only thing that cannot be done categorically with a high pressure washer is to wash people and animals.!

This is the main rule, because high pressure water can cause injuries, it is much better to take an outdoor shower. You should not use a mini-washer for watering plants – you will definitely damage them, clog the soil, use ordinary irrigation with a hose, watering can or drip irrigation.

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