Features and price of construction tools rental

Many repairs can be done independently. Thanks to the advice and instructions of the site Our site and irreplaceable helpers – construction tools, you will cope with the repair. And if the necessary tools are not on the farm, you can always rent them. Let’s talk about this.

What instruments are rented first? Expensive and required for one-time work. The portal gave you a list of tools that every home craftsman should have. It is clear that you will not rent a hammer or screwdriver. In extreme cases, if you did not find the right one, you can ask your neighbor!

According to the statistics of companies that provide construction tools for rent, the rental leaders are:

  • concrete mixers;
  • cultivators, walk-behind tractors;
  • SDS-Max demolition hammers and heavy rock drills;
  • looping machines;
  • gas drills;
  • end plates;
  • electric tile cutters;
  • welders;
  • generators, gasoline power plants;
  • compressors;
  • industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • wall chasers;
  • high pressure washers;
  • equipment for diamond drilling;
  • heat guns.

Much less often they rent such fairly simple tools as jigsaws, drills, grinders, circular saws. By the way, scaffolding is in demand among those who have started a construction site on the site..

Features and price of construction tools rental

In what cases do they resort to renting construction tools:

  • You know for sure that you will not need this tool for the foreseeable future. You will not pour the foundation every year, for example. Or regularly cycle the parquet floor, drill wells, build a fence … So there is no point in purchasing something expensive and voluminous, a tool that will simply have nowhere to store;
  • You do not want to resort to the help of hired workers who might come with their own tools and equipment. We decided to do it ourselves and save on the services of professionals;
  • You are not satisfied with the available alternative, you want to speed up the repair process. For example, the floor can also be sanded with a regular belt sander. However, you spend too much time and effort, the quality of work may suffer. The looping machine will be a great helper. You can also stir concrete manually, but with a concrete mixer it is much easier and faster.

Features and price of construction tools rental

Now let’s figure out the prices. They are very different, depending on the rental period, type and model of construction tools. Having studied the offers of Moscow companies, we have selected the average rental prices for popular types of equipment and tools:

  • construction vacuum cleaner. At least 500 rubles per day;
  • gasoline generator – from 600 to 1700 rubles per day, depending on the model;
  • cycling machine – from 700 to 1700 rubles per day;
  • walk-behind tractor, cultivator – about 1,500 rubles per day;
  • vibrating plates – from 1400 rubles;
  • diamond drilling rigs – from 1350 rubles per day;
  • tile cutting machine – from 1200 rubles per day;
  • perforator – from 600 to 1000 rubles per day;
  • concrete mixer – from 250 to 600 rubles per day.

Important! If you rent an instrument for at least a week, you will receive a discount. However, in any case, you need to deal with it as quickly as possible so as not to overpay.

Features and price of construction tools rental

Important! Nobody just gives you expensive equipment to use. A deposit is required!

Very often on the websites of companies that provide tools for rent, they simply write – “check the size of the collateral with the managers.” In fact, the size of the collateral depends on various factors. First of all, on the price of tools and equipment. For example, a deposit of at least 8 thousand rubles, sometimes up to 20 thousand rubles, may be required for a looping machine. And for a concrete mixer – only 3 thousand rubles. In addition, the amount of the bail can be increased if you have a non-local registration, for example, you are not from Moscow, but from another region. In these cases, landlords prefer not to take risks and increase the amount of the deposit. Companies agree to reduce the amount of the collateral for regular, verified clients.

Important! The deposit will be refunded to you if you return the rented equipment on time and in good condition. But initially you must have the required amount with you!

Features and price of construction tools rental

Also remember to transport the equipment to the work site. If you do it yourself, spend only time, effort and money on gasoline. If you order delivery, then add at least another 500-1500 rubles to the rental price (in the city). There are fixed prices, but most often on the sites, landlords indicate – “delivery by courier from 450 rubles.” And the key word here is “from”.

Important! Do not forget to carefully read the lease agreement, examine the existence of penalties for delay or damage to equipment. And, of course, handle the rented tools carefully, do not forget to wash, clean, tidy up after use..

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