Hobby drill review

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We offer to consider several popular models of drills designed for hobby and light repair work. The article will compare the operational and technical characteristics of network and battery devices. They are produced by well-known companies, but belong to different price categories..

Most hand-made projects cannot be imagined without the use of electrical assistants. For a number of reasons, building units are far from always suitable for handicraft, therefore some firms produce special products – “universal microtool”.

These small hand-held devices are called differently: engraver, drill, mini drill, straight grinder, dremel. This is because such a tool is multifunctional, it has embodied the features of several devices. In fact, it is a universal drive that can be equipped with a large number of working attachments and perform a lot of machining operations, such as:

  • cutting;
  • drilling;
  • milling;
  • grinding;
  • stripping;
  • polishing;
  • sharpening.

Hobby drill review

No wonder, for example, the Bosch product is defined by the developers as a multifunctional “rotary tool”. For a home craftsman, the ability to work with one hand is valuable, to process extremely accurately, including dealing with miniature parts and blanks. Very useful qualities of household engravers are considered: high speed of the equipment, absence of vibration, low noise level.

Similar tools are also used in many areas of professional activity (dental services, jewelry work, car service, various types of finishes …). But they are specifically executed and highly specialized, including they can have a large mass and dimensions, or, for example, operate on compressed air. We are interested in lightweight (up to a kilogram) compact engravers, which are powered by electric energy available in everyday conditions, and which allow you to install many different attachments – disc holders, brushes, felt and cylinder holders, drills, drills, cutters … The selling idea of ​​this multitool is simple – by purchasing only one device, the wizard completely covers all questions about the instrument.

Network drills

Dremel 4000

The Dremel company is considered a leader in its field of activity. Hobby drills are the business card of the company, it is not surprising that this is how (“dremel”) people often refer to all rotary multi-tools. The 4000th model is the flagship of the networked line of drills from this manufacturer, has many traditional and advanced characteristics.

Dremel 4000

The layout is no different – an elongated straight body-handle, which contains a motor, a spindle with a clamp on the end, and controls. The casing is made of plastic with many pronounced rubberized pads.

In the front part of the tool, near the clamp, there is a replaceable rubber casing for gripping with fingers; the user, depending on the type of work, can choose either a cylindrical shape or with three edges. The switch for starting and blocking the shaft is divided into different buttons located at hand, but it is difficult to accidentally touch them. The speed control wheel is hidden in the back, where a folding steel loop is also recessed for hanging the tool.

The main features of the Dremel 4000 drill lie in its technical solutions. First of all, let’s pay attention to the performance of the motor. 175 watts allows for pretty decent torque and can handle tough and tough materials successfully. Note that this power almost did not affect the weight of the car, which is only 660 grams, while the weight of similar power, less famous competitors exceeds a kilogram.

This drill is high-speed, it accelerates to 35 thousand rpm, but if it is necessary for a specific operation, the speed can be limited, up to 5000 rpm. In this case, the specified parameters will be maintained in automatic mode, regardless of the degree of load. This is called “constant electronics” and is often used in construction tools..

Dremel 4000

The attachments are fastened by means of a collet clamp with a maximum working diameter of 3.2 mm. The most inexpensive set includes 45 attachments, a flexible shaft for precise work in hard-to-reach places, an additional handle, all this fits into a soft bag.

There are several kits that are wider, the most advanced being the Dremel 4000 Platinum Edition with 128 accessories and 6 accessories (angle attachment, compass, vertical stand …), the set is offered in a monumental aluminum box. The retail price of the Dremel 4000-1 / 45 is about 5.5-6 thousand rubles, the platinum set costs about one and a half times more.

Proxxon FBS 12 / E

This drill is produced by a well-known German company, which presents on the market many diverse models, including those for industrial use. FBS 12 / E, like other products of the company, is made of very durable glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide. The device turned out to be light and compact, its weight is about 450 grams, and the case diameter is about 35 mm. It looks nothing new, there is a shaft lock, a speed controller, a start switch.

Proxxon FBS 12 / E

At the same time, the network Proxxon FBS 12 / E is an unusual device. The main feature of this drill is its low-voltage power supply. It is powered by 12 volts DC. As you understand, there are no batteries, and the current is converted by means of a step-down transformer. The manufacturer recommends using proprietary adapters designed to work with a current of 1 amp or more. By the way, the transformer is not included in the kit, you will have to purchase it additionally.

What does a 12-volt solution do? The machine turns out to be safe while maintaining high performance. Such a tool can be used where the workpiece needs to be cooled with a liquid, for example, in the manufacture of jewelry – for processing precious stones..

It should be noted not quite traditional technical characteristics of Proxxon FBS 12 / E. First of all, the low maximum speed of 15,000 rpm is striking, which is more than 2 times lower than most 220 V models, but this means that there are no problems with a drop in the level of torque. Even this speed can be reduced – as much as 3000 rpm, this is done smoothly, with the help of thyristor control electronics “with feedback”. Another plus: FBS 12 / E consumes a very small amount of energy, about 100 W per hour.

To change nozzles, a three-jaw keyless chuck is installed on the drill. But it is possible to replace it with a collet clamp for the required diameter of the tool shanks. There are not many attachments in the set (they are packed together with the device in a plastic case), but for additional equipment you can choose from hundreds of items that are in the prices of this brand. Proxxon FBS 12 / E costs about 2200-2400 thousand rubles.

Cordless drills

Dremel 7700-15 Hobby

The mobile autonomous drill is intended exclusively for creativity, it is clear even from the name. The battery is simple, made using NiCd technology. Its capacity is 0.7 Ah, and its voltage is 7.2 volts – this is enough for short-term work with most materials, but it does not allow operating the machine as a professional.

Dremel 7700-15 Hobby

The speed range of the 7700 is rather limited. You can choose only two modes – 10,000 rpm and 20,000 rpm. Although the two-speed version is already outdated, drills are still produced without a speed controller at all..

This model can be impressive. Its ergonomics. Weight less than 300 grams, length 175 mm – very good performance.

The tool is intended for those who often work outdoors, do light jobs and do not need an expensive powerful device with a lot of attachments and accessories. The Dremel 7700-15 Hobby drill with 15 attachments, a battery and a charger costs about 3000 rubles.

Bosch GRO 10.8 V-LI Professional

The Germans delayed the release of the battery drill for a long time, but they immediately made a reliable, productive model capable of solving serious professional problems. The GRO 10.8 V-LI is a “multifunctional rotary instrument” enclosed in a blue body. Compact (250 x 53 mm) and ergonomic, it weighs only 600 grams including battery.

Bosch GRO 10.8 V-LI Professional

What is the “professional bias” of the machine? The developers powered the machine from a compact system battery of 2 Ah and a voltage of 10.8 volts, which is supplied to a whole line of construction tools (more than 20 devices). That is, at any time we can apply a unified battery from another product that is available. By the way, to make the product more profitable, the “Boshevskaya” drill is sold both in a complete set and without a battery, without a charger..

Despite battery power, Bosch GRO 10.8 V-LI Professional at idle develops a high speed of rotation of the shaft up to 35,000 rpm., Which can be reduced by a wheel to 5 thousand.

As usual, German designers use battery technology with might and main and installed LED illumination of the working area on the machine. The residual battery charge level can be monitored by 3 indicator LEDs.

Bosch GRO 10.8 V-LI Professional

The cost of the Bosch GRO 10.8 V-LI released in 2014 is still relatively high, about 4000 rubles, but this instrument already has fans. Direct competitors to the GRO 10.8 V-LI are the Dremel 8200 and 8100, which have similar specifications and a battery with the same power ratings. The price of the 8100th model is about 4500 rubles, the Dremel 8200 (35 attachments) with a battery (Lithium-Ion / ECP) ​​and a “fast” charger costs about 5200 rubles.

ModelFood typeMax. speed, rpm.Speed ​​regulation, min. speed, rpm.Weight, kgPrice, rub.
Dremel 4000220 V35000Smooth, up to 50000.666000
Proxxon FBS 12 / E12 in15000Smooth, up to 30000.452400
Dremel 7700NiCd20,000Dual-mode, 10000 and 20,0000.33000
Bosch GRO 10.8 V-LILi-Ion35000Smooth, up to 50000.64000
Dremel 8200Li-Ion30,000Smooth, up to 50000.65200
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