How to choose a garden vacuum blower

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Autumn is getting closer, and with it the troubles familiar to every summer resident associated with cleaning the site from fallen leaves and branches. A garden vacuum cleaner-blower can be a good help in this matter, so in this article we will tell you about the main nuances of choosing and using this tool.

Difference by engine type

In the household farm, models are used with both electric and gasoline engines. Each type has its own advantages, corresponding to the area of ​​the cultivated area and the preferences of its owner.

The advantage of gasoline blowers is their complete mobility. The power limit of such a tool is lower than that of an electric tool, and higher performance negatively affects weight and noise level. A gasoline engine requires refueling and proper care, and starting problems are possible, especially in cold weather. At the same time, ICE repair is relatively simple and can be done with your own hands..

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

Electric motors have a longer service life due to the fact that the blower is practically not overloaded during operation. The only weak point of the electric motor is the collector-brush assembly, but it is also quite easy to maintain. Electric blowers produce less noise and are more economical. Their main drawback is clear to everyone: a network connection is required, with the exception of an expensive cordless tool.

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

The differences between the power unit include the method of transferring rotation to the compressor unit. An elastic coupling is considered to be more reliable, while rare belt breakdowns are relatively easy to fix. On the other hand, the belt drive produces more noise during operation..

Lightness, ergonomics and ease of use

The ease of use is primarily affected by the location of the engine. Weighing over 5 kg, the power unit is located in the knapsack unit. This applies to tools with a gasoline engine, electric blowers are predominantly hand-held or have a shoulder strap.

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

Equally important is the presence of a rotary socket with the ability to adjust in length. The most advanced devices have two segments with a swivel joint, so it is more convenient to blow off the leaves not in front of you, but to the side.

When buying, be sure to evaluate how comfortable the device is in your hand or behind your back, whether the center of gravity is shifted and how quickly your hands will get tired during prolonged work. If the blower has a garbage bag, try walking and see if it interferes with your walking.

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

What power to choose

The performance of the tool is determined by the nature of the debris. To blow off dry leaves, a flow rate of 30-60 m / s is sufficient, wet foliage can be raised only at a speed of 80 m / s, and large branches and pebbles cannot be moved from their place at an air speed of less than 100 m / s.

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

The air volume determines the width of the front of the air stream. More pressure means less movement when cleaning, but in a confined space, too much airflow is difficult to cope with. A separate class of devices has an ultra-high airflow rate that can be used to knock down flames.

Almost all models have a power regulator, most often it is located directly on the handle or bell. In addition to a convenient location, the range and smoothness of power regulation is also important, evaluate this moment when you check the performance of the tool.

Blow / vacuum mode

Some blower models can be used not only as a “air blower”, but also as a garden vacuum cleaner for collecting leaves, cut grass residues and small debris. This very handy addition will save you from grueling lawn cleaning or sweeping dust from hard-to-reach places..

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

A good garden vacuum cleaner must be supplied with a set of nozzles of various shapes. Also pay attention to the capacity and material of the collection bag. Will it break if it accidentally snags on a fence or thorny bush, and will you have to clean the collection too often during work??

Chopper Models

Some models with a vacuum cleaner function also have a chopper. This very convenient function significantly reduces the amount of plant debris collected from the site, the bag will need to be cleaned much less often. In addition, shredded mulch is an excellent compost pit filler and natural organic fertilizer..

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

Vacuum cleaners with a chopper are three-mode devices, they can also work in blowing mode. Some care should be taken when handling to avoid sucking in oversized, hard or fibrous items. A small piece of cloth, for example, can jam the chopper and render it unusable..

Vibration and noise reduction

The main problem with blowers is their noise and high vibration. In electrical devices, these disadvantages are less pronounced than in gasoline ones, and yet the concern of neighbors will certainly take place..

To reduce the volume of work, some models have a special casing that reduces the noise level by 15-25 dB. Gasoline models can be additionally equipped with a muffler with a catalyst, usually such a tool is marked with a reduced exhaust level. And yet this is rather an exception to the general rule..

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

Strong vibration from a gasoline engine will tire your hands during prolonged use. Some manufacturers solve this problem with a rubberized ergonomic handle and engine shock absorption. Others do not consider this disadvantage a serious problem, and the gardener can only rely on vibration-resistant gloves..

Model Electrical Gasoline
Hitachi RB40 SA Ryobi RBL36B Worx WG 501E ECHO PB-250 Husqvarna 580 BTS Patriot PT 30
power, kWt 0.55 0.22 3 0.68 3.1 1.65
Air flow / speed (m3/ hour, m / sec) 228-63 240–70 600-93 510-65 1550–92 600-60
Weight, kg 1.7 3.1 3.8 4,3 11.8 6.1
Features: Blowing, suction, bag Battery for 30 min of operation, blowing only Blowing, grinding, suction, bag Blow-off, transparent tank Backpack, airflow only, reduced exhaust Blowing, grinding, suction, bag
Price, rub. 4400 3400 12000 17000 38000 8900

Seasonal use

Most blowers can be used in all climates. Difficulties arise only with gasoline engines at low temperatures. In extremely hot and dry weather, it is not recommended to use both types of tools due to problems with heat dissipation, which are expressed in one way or another in almost a third of common models.

In springtime, the blower vacuum cleaner is convenient to use for collecting winter mulch from the garden or evenly spreading dried compost. In the summer, the main task of the device is to keep the lawn clean, no broom can so carefully select dead grass and small leaves.

How to choose a garden vacuum blower

In winter, the blower can be actively used to remove dry snow, including from open terraces and roofs. The tool is used in the same mode as in summer, but it is advisable to keep the engine at low rpm for 1-2 minutes to preheat.

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