How to drill a hole in glass

Glass is an extremely vulnerable and brittle material, so drilling in it is done differently than in metal or wood. In order for the effect to be satisfactory, it is necessary to choose the right instrument and follow several rules..

Step 1. Preparation of the tool and material

Drilling holes seems easy. However, before starting work, we must carefully prepare for it. We need:

  • drill with adjustable drilling speed;
  • drill for glass;
  • water for cooling the drilling site.

How to drill a hole in glass

In addition, personal protective equipment will not be superfluous – gloves for hand protection and goggles to protect eyes from small fragments..

There are several types of drills for drilling in glass, the most suitable is a diamond drill.

How to drill a hole in glass

To prevent the drill from moving during drilling, it is better to prepare a stencil in advance. To do this, drill a hole of the required diameter in a piece of plywood or thick cardboard..

Step 2. Work progress

Before starting work, lay a piece of cardboard or a piece of cloth on a hard, flat surface and place glass on it. This will prevent cracking..

Mark the drilling point on the glass, fix the stencil on it, fill the hole with water (turpentine is recommended, but it is not always in the house, so you can use water).

How to drill a hole in glass

Set the drill to minimum speed. Very slowly, with minimal pressure and regularly adding water so that the drill is always immersed in it, start drilling evenly. The deeper the drill plunges into the material, the more minimal the pressure should be. Take your time and a quality result is guaranteed..

How to drill a hole in glass

Important rules to follow:

  1. The drill must be new and sharp.
  2. When drilling, hold the drill strictly vertical, not allowing deviations to the side.
  3. Consider edge distance – 13 to 25 mm depending on glass thickness.
  4. During work, it is important to periodically cool the drill..
  5. Do not try to drill tempered glass, it is not designed for this.

How to drill a hole in glass

Advice.Instead of a stencil, you can make a ring of mastic or silicone around the drilling site.

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