How to drive a nail correctly

Accurate nailing

A sheet of plywood or steel sheet will not only insure the surface of the part against accidental hitting it with a hammer, but will also serve as a guide for the nail being driven in..

Hard-to-reach nail

Hammering a nail in a hard-to-reach place will not be difficult if you use a simple device in the form of a bolt with a nut at the end.

Driving a nail into the spring bar

It is not easy to hammer a nail into a wooden spring bar that cannot be supported from below. The situation is facilitated if, instead of a hammer, you use a clamp and with its help press the nail into the bar.

Driving in a nail without cracking

Driving a nail into the edge of the board, pre-compact the wood in the place of its hammering, slightly deepening the punch with hammer blows. This will prevent the board from cracking..

Strong connection

For the connection to be strong, the nail must be of sufficient length and fit into the structure to which it is being nailed by at least one third. To give greater rigidity to the boards to be hammered, nails are driven in at some angle to each other. It is easier to drive a nail into wet wood than into dry wood, since the elasticity of wet wood is reduced. In dense wood, the nail does not go well, it bends. In order to hammer it and so that it does not bend, it must be held in the middle with pliers.

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