Intertool Moscow 2009 – an event for the instrument industry in Russia


It’s no secret that professional exhibitions are a reflection of the state and dynamics of development of the respective industry markets. The market is developing – the exhibition is growing, and all the difficulties that fall on the market share also affect the main exhibitions of this industry.
In difficult times for the instrumental industry, the International Exhibition Intertool Moscow 2009 at Crocus Expo continues to go forward, presenting the products of the most active market players, the support of powerful associations and structures, the reports of the most “persistent” professional media, and most importantly – the genuine interest of exclusively professional visitors who want develop your business.

What is the reason for this interest?

Firstly, INTERTOOL MOSCOW is a powerful brend. Not only in Russia, but also in Austria and Ukraine, where for many years specialized exhibitions have been held under this name.
Therefore, despite the difficulties in the industry, the organizers of INTERTOOL MOSCOW look far into the future and take strategic steps to develop the project. Financial and organizational resources for promoting the exhibition in 2009 not only did not decrease, but also increased: modern marketing levers: powerful “promotion” of the website; news and contextual advertising in business federal and regional Internet portals; online registration; buyer’s program to attract professional visitors and many others.

Secondly, the exhibition has a high international status, This is evidenced by the fact that more than half of the exhibitors are represented by foreign companies. The lion’s share of them are Asian companies of the new generation, presenting products at the best price-quality ratio. The economies of these countries react more flexibly to crisis phenomena and adapt to them, which means that exhibitors will arrive who are really interested in cooperation with Russia.!
For the first time this year HILTI has become a strategic partner INTERTOOL MOSCOW.

Thirdly, INTERTOOL MOSCOW 2009 is the ideal platform to establish new contacts and maintain business relationships with partners.
An independent audit of the 2008 exhibition confirms that INTERTOOL MOSCOW 2008 was visited by 4,218 people, 96% of whom were specialists; these figures are indirectly confirmed by the participants of INTERTOOL MOSCOW 2008, saying that in its new quality the exhibition has ceased to be a purely image event, and noting the growth new business contacts.
Exhibitors got a unique opportunity to sell samples of their products directly during the exhibition. The organizers of the exhibition officially allowed customers to purchase equipment that interested them directly at the exhibition, and some exhibitors will set a special price for INTERTOOL MOSCOW visitors for the whole range of products presented.

Traditionally, all exhibitors wishing to demonstrate the latest developments in the tool industry in action can use the specially equipped presentation area Test Drive Zone.

We invite everyone whose field of activity is related to the instrumental business to visit the Intertool Moscow 2009 exhibition from September 21 to 24 at Crocus Expo.
Details on the website

Organizing Committee of the Intertool Moscow Exhibition


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