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Laser Measuring Instruments

The principle of operation of this device is extremely simple – the rangefinder is a transceiver device that emits and receives a laser pulse reflected from any surface. But the device itself is a rather complex device. And the point is not at all what operations he performs with the received data, it is not so difficult to add or multiply two quantities.

The multifunctionality of the laser rangefinder, the maximum and minimum distance of measurements, the accuracy of the device, the influence of external factors on the quality of measurements are very important..

Rangefinders can be both professional and household. The choice of laser rangefinders is now so great that it can satisfy the needs of the most discerning consumer. The most important thing is to determine the tasks that this device should solve, the scope of its application..

Bosch in Ukraine has found a very interesting application for its DLE50 laser rangefinder. This device has been certified and officially approved for taking measurements during an accident. The success was simply overwhelming. There were many positive responses from the police officers. Whoever has seen at least once how and in what conditions the police have to work during the preparation of a description of the accident scene, he perfectly understands the whole risk of taking measurements using our usual tape measure. This is especially true in large cities with heavy traffic, at night or in conditions of limited visibility..

And here it would be appropriate to recall such properties of the device as dust and moisture resistance, impermeability, ease of operation, speed and accuracy of measurements, and the presence of built-in memory. Thanks to the use of a laser rangefinder, it was possible to significantly reduce injuries during this type of operation, to shorten the time the procedure for preparing the necessary documents.

Laser roulettes

In everyday life, many craftsmen also begin to use laser rangefinders as a tape measure for taking measurements. The cost of household appliances is much lower than those intended for professional use. However, they are no less functional. Many laser rangefinders have functions and options similar to those of professional technology, which make it easier and faster to work. Do not forget that choosing a rangefinder with functions that we will not use, we are simply losing money..

There is another factor that is important when choosing a laser rangefinder – the manufacturer’s warranty. To buy an expensive device without a guarantee is a real waste. When choosing a measuring device, you should carefully read its instructions, more accurately find out all the features of operation, the availability of service points that will provide you with qualified assistance in the event of a rangefinder breakdown.

You need to know that a laser rangefinder is far from a harmless toy, not a flashlight. All devices, including rangefinders, which have a laser, are marked with a special warning symbol. Laser radiation can seriously damage your eyesight. For this reason, do not neglect the recommendations of the manufacturers and do not save on such protective equipment that is recommended for use during work – special safety glasses. In addition, you need to remember not only about yourself, but about the people around you and not direct the laser beam into their face.

But, no matter how convenient the laser rangefinder is to use, no matter how complex and useful functions the manufacturers equip their products, it will not be able to completely displace such familiar, standard measuring instruments as rulers and tape measures from our life. And we will observe the picture for a long time when any master, having carried out a measurement with a laser rangefinder, will take and double-check the data using an ordinary tape measure.

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