Life hacks: five ways to misuse a drill

Peeler drill

We talked in great detail about the history and criteria for choosing a drill. It is a functional tool that every home DIYer should have. What if you use an electric drill in a non-trivial way? Not at all as the manufacturers suggest. We have chosen five fairly popular and simple options. And for clarity, let’s present a video.

Method one– use the drill as a kitchen mixer. To do this, ordinary kitchen whisks are fixed in the SDS cartridge of the power tool, with which you can quickly whip anything – cream, eggs, cream, pancake dough. First, the drill chuck, where the drills are inserted, is slightly loosened, a whisk is inserted into it, then the chuck is tightened again.

You can do without a purchased whisk at all, making it yourself from a fairly thick wire. Such a nozzle is also simply inserted into the chuck and clamped.

Method two– a nozzle for a conventional meat grinder. Turning a meat grinder by hand is a time-consuming process, and not everyone has electrical devices. It is simple to make an electric meat grinder using a drill: remove the handle from your unit to get minced meat, carefully study the hole in the auger shaft.

You need to find a pin of the right size so that it fits into the hole where the eyebolt is screwed to attach the grinder handle. Usually an M8 threaded stud is suitable. If you take a bolt of the right size, you will have to get rid of its cap yourself, because the other end must be fixed in the drill chuck.

That’s it, the hairpin is screwed into the shaft of the meat grinder, the handle and its bolt can be put aside for now as unnecessary. The other end of the stud is inserted into the drill chuck. Then you use the meat grinder as usual, but you don’t have to turn anything manually – the shaft will be driven by an electric drill. The speed at which you can grind minced meat is adjustable.

Method three– a drill as a way to clean burnt or very dirty dishes. You will need a clerical clip, a regular kitchen sponge, and a bolt with a spring washer. In the clamp, preferably exactly in the middle, a hole is drilled with the same drill. A bolt is inserted into it, the end of which should protrude from the opposite side of the clamps. The bolt is secured with a nut. The protruding end of the bolt is inserted into the drill chuck, and the sponge is securely fixed in the clerical clip.

Cleaning dishes with a sponge and a drill

If you replace the sponge with a hard brush, then you can wash it with a drill, for example, a bath, a sink or a saucepan – you don’t have to rub everything with your hands for a long time. A clip is not needed to attach the brush. The bolt and nut, which will help connect the brush to the drill chuck, is attached directly to the base of the brush, centered in the drilled hole. The nut is screwed in from the bristle side. The brush must be without a handle.

And if you insert the pre-cut handle of the toilet brush into the drill chuck, you will wash your “faience friend” very quickly.

Method four– high-speed cleaning of vegetables. We think you have an ordinary manual vegetable peeler, but it often takes a long time to work, it gets tired and wastes time. If you put a potato or a head of corn on a drill (so they will definitely not subside), you can significantly speed up the process. Simply rotate a potato, corn or apple on a drill with low revolutions of the power tool and peel off the skin or grains with a vegetable peeler effortlessly and much faster.

Peeling potatoes with a drill

Method five– cleaning the drain hole of the sink, sink. To do this, of course, you can try to find a special plumbing nozzle with a cable, but the easiest way is to take an ordinary wire, fold it in half, insert the free ends into the drill chuck, and lower the resulting narrow loop into the drain. The tool turns on, the wire rotates, all the debris inside the drain is wound on it and then pulled.

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