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From the article you will learn about the types of pressure washers. We will tell you about the functions and performance of this device, give recommendations on the selection and use. The article contains the characteristics of the models, as well as the prices for high pressure washers from different manufacturers..

Pressure washers are increasingly found in the arsenal of country house owners and professional builders. In the past 15 years, the range of tasks for such devices has expanded greatly – washable facades have appeared, the number of country houses with garden paths has increased, and coatings have appeared that require maintenance using high-pressure washers. As a result, such an apparatus has become a very popular and sometimes irreplaceable part of the construction and economic process. This prompted manufacturers to increase their assortment in favor of compact and inexpensive models available to every owner..

What is a pressure washer

The principle of the sink was developed by Alfred Karcher back in 1950. Then these were bulky stationary pumping stations. The portable “home” version saw the light only in 1984 and immediately became popular among people striving for convenience and self-sufficiency of life, as well as among entrepreneurs.

The main difference from a conventional pump is that the nozzle is designed so that air is mixed into the stream of water and the effect of increasing the destructive force of water is obtained. Air splits the jet into separate droplets that have surface tension – this increases the “impact force” of the flow and friction at the point of contact.

Pressure Washer

The task of the device is to organize and accelerate the water flow to the specified parameters (they differ for different sinks). The pump is responsible for this work – the main element of the sink. The performance and pressure of the wash depend on its power. The main difference for all pumps is the head material.

Aurora A-2053 Aurora A-2053

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Plastic. Installed on household models. They have a very limited resource (up to 130 hours on average), initial performance and pressure indicators. Suitable for work once or twice a week, no more than 20 minutes at a time.

Metal. Usually it is silumin or brass. Such heads last many times longer and allow you to work up to half an hour continuously. They are installed on models from semi-pro to pro. The most reliable heads are made from stainless steel and aluminum.

Interskol AM-140 / 1800С Interskol AM-140 / 1800С

The rest of the car wash system ensures the operation of the pump – hoses, fuses, automation, housing. Consistently, the process looks like this:

  1. Water enters the device from a water supply system or a container through a hose with a check valve (sometimes there is a coarse filter).
  2. The electric motor activates the pump, and it creates pressure in the line.
  3. Operator controlled gun trigger blocks pressurized water.

The cases of light amateur models have only carrying handles. Pros and semi-pros are equipped with heavier units, so they are equipped with wheels.

Sink classification

Like any tool, car washes are classified according to reliability and power. It is appropriate to single out three classes here, which we have combined into a table – household, semi-professional and professional. There are also industrial high-pressure washers, but these are stationary units of enormous power, unacceptable in everyday life and in private households. The main indicators of washing are considered to be the performance of the pump (pump) and the pressure of the jet. The higher they are, the higher the price and class of the device..

Household (amateur, initial, budget):

  1. Power – from 1 to 2 kW.
  2. Productivity – 300-450 l / h.
  3. Pressure – up to 120 bar.
  4. Connection * – water supply under pressure.
  5. Resource – 100-150 hours.

* Most of even the cheapest models have a suction function (water intake from a tank), but the pressure that is obtained at the outlet is unsuitable (insufficient) for normal cleaning.

Pressure washers Bosch AQT

Table. Prices for household pressure washers

Model Manufacturer Pump power, kW Productivity, l / hour Pressure, bar Weight, kg Price, cu e.
Aurora A-2053 China 1.4 300 one hundred 6 62
Aurora A-2051 China 1.4 380 105 7 88
ELITECH M 1500RS China 1.5 360 one hundred 9.3 110
NILFISK C105.6-5 EU Lithuania 1.3 440 105 5.1 127
Marcato Comet KR 1100 Italy 1.4 360 120 ten 203
Stihl RE 108 Germany 1.7 440 110 7.8 290
Bosch AQT Germany 1,2 330 105 4.5 138
Herz HZ-PW1850 China 1.45 340 90 7 130
Redverg RD4380C-100A China 1.6 380 110 8.3 126
Karcher K 6.500 Germany 1.3 330 130 6.8 255
Karcher G 7.10 M (internal combustion engine) Germany 3.5 l. from. 240 up to 100 37.5 1100
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It can be seen from the table that the term “household” and weak basic indicators do not mean that such appliances are of poor quality. Serious firms are also involved in assembling compact home assistants..

Middle (semi-professional) class:

  1. Power – from 1.7 kW.
  2. Productivity – 450-600 l / h.
  3. Pressure – up to 150 bar.
  4. Connection – water supply under pressure and a container above the sink level.
  5. Mode – periodic, up to 40 minutes at a time with breaks of 10-20 minutes.

Champion HP6160 Champion HP6160

Table. Prices for middle class pressure washers

Model Manufacturer Pump power, kW Productivity, l / hour Pressure, bar Weight, kg Price, cu e.
Aurora A-2058 China 1.8 330 120 7 84
Aurora A-2060 China 2.2 400 150 9.5 110
ELITECH M 1500RS China 1.5 360 one hundred 9.3 110
Champion HP6160 China 1.6 360 130 8.6 165
Interskol AM-140 / 1800С Russia 1.8 360 140 nine 182
Huter M165-PW Germany 1.9 375 165 9.3 209
Makita HW 132 Japan 2.2 420 140 10.5 390
Karcher K7 Compact Germany 1.8 600 160 9.5 510
Marcato Trapper 2 130 GOLD Italy 2.2 450 130 13.5 1820
Prorab HPW-2500 HSI China 2.5 480 180 13.2 300

Such car washes are perfect for servicing the territory and economy of a country house – they can wash a small facade up to 3 m in height at a time or clear garden paths.

Highest (professional) class:

  1. Power – from 1.9 kW.
  2. Productivity – from 600 l / h.
  3. Pressure – 150-200 bar.
  4. Connection – water supply or container at a depth of 2 m.
  5. Mode – constant with breaks for cooling.
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Bosch GHP 8-15 XD Professional Bosch GHP 8-15 XD Professional

Table. Prices for professional grade pressure washers

Model Manufacturer Pump power, kW Productivity, l / hour Pressure, bar Weight, kg Price, cu e.
HAWK FX-V 200/15 ByPass Italy 5.5 900 200 180 1200
Marcato Comet KA 3200 Italy 2.9 600 160 14.5 1040
Marcato Comet KA 4000 Excel Italy 4.0 720 170 28 1270
Stihl RE 961 Germany 7.9 850 200 210 1350

Professional car washes can be found in factories and repair shops. The range of tasks for these devices is very wide. In addition to basic functions (washing and cleaning surfaces), they can:

  1. Take off old paint.
  2. Remove rust.
  3. Knock down ice and build-up of fresh concrete.
  4. Unclog clogged pipes and systems.

In addition, any car wash can be used as a pump for pumping water.

Recommendations for selection and operation

When choosing a pressure washer, be sure to consider the following points:

  1. Working hose length. This parameter is initial and depends on how and where you plan to use the sink..
  2. Sink completeness. Check that the kit contains all the attachments (brushes) you are interested in. The most useful is a turbo milling cutter. It increases the efficiency of pressure realization.

Attention! As a rule, attachments from different manufacturers are not compatible.

  1. Operation in suction mode reduces pressure by up to 40% and wears out the mechanism more.
  2. Washers equipped with a brush motor are cheaper, but also wear out faster. An induction motor is more expensive, but much more reliable and efficient..
  3. Buy a flow-through filter – hard water and impurities wear out the mechanism more.

A car wash is, at first glance, a harmless device. Remember, however, that the high pressure jet can injure or damage machine parts. Operators of powerful professional devices are trained not only on work, but also on safety rules. Skillful handling will prolong the life of your assistant and keep the yard and cars clean.

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