Rules for safe and effective work with an electric grinder

Electric sharpener – a fairly simple machine. But like all tools without exception, it requires compliance with the rules of safe and effective use. Our tips site will give you helpful tips on using an electric grinder and correct sharpening of tools.


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    Rules for safe and effective work with an electric grinder

    To start – the electric sharpener must be securely fixed on the workbench so that the machine does not move during operation. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable, you will have to be distracted. Yes and such shifts are unsafe for those working with electric grinder man.

    In addition, despite the seeming harmlessness of this machine, you must adhere to the following safety rules:

    • You cannot sharpen tools in hanging clothes and loose gloves that can get under the casing on the rotating stone;
    • Have many models have transparent protective screens in front of the hood. Be sure to use them so that particles of the grinded metal fly into face;
    • Hold the tool to be sharpened so that it does not fly out of your hands;
    • Keep your fingers away from sharpening stone, make sure that the distance is safe;
    • When you turn off the machine, wait for the whetstone to stop by itself, do not brake it with your hands!
    • Neither in Never remove the protective covers, even if they seem to you to be an unnecessary part of the machine. It is they who will become the only protection if the grinding wheel suddenly shatters into heavy fragments with great destructive power;
    • Do not use damaged stones – from cracks, large chips. Replace it;
    • Do not sharpen the tool near flammable substances that can flare up when hit by sparks, which during operation will be a lot.

    Important! After purchasing a new grinding wheel, check the idling of the machine to make sure correct balancing, no vibration.

    Rules for safe and effective work with an electric grinder

    Rules for safe and effective work with an electric grinder

    Now let’s list the basic rules for good tool sharpening:

    • Clean the blade before sharpening it;
    • Wait for the stone circle to accelerate, it is heavy, it takes a little time;
    • Keep the workpiece chamfered upwards so that the abrasive grains do not run away from the blade, and moved towards him;
    • Do not use rib and the plane of the circle, only its end part. If the blade to be sharpened is wider than the circle, simply move it evenly from side to side. side. Moreover, in a handcuff is used as a support;
    • The blade should not be sharpened in parts, it will turn out unevenly;
    • You need to sharpen with movements to the right and left so that a noticeable groove does not remain on the end part of the stone circle;
    • It is important to choose the correct angle of inclination of the workpiece and stick it in throughout the entire work. Everything will come with experience, over time you will automatically choose the optimal slope;
    • Do not press the workpiece against wheel too hard, especially if the you were electrocuted with high turnovers. Otherwise, you will overload the engine and the metal will overheat quickly.

    Rules for safe and effective work with an electric grinder

    Rules for safe and effective work with an electric grinder

    Finally, a few more tips from professionals:

    • Place next to electric grinder capacity with water, you can use a regular glass. When you feel with your fingers that the metal is hot – dip the workpiece into water. By the way, have some models of grinding machines have a special pull-out tray for containers with water;
    • You can determine that sharpening is complete by the burr, which should be present along the entire length of the cutting blade. You can remove it with a touchstone;
    • The stone whetstones are greased. This happens especially quickly if products made of soft metals such as copper and aluminum. Or work on a sharpener with wood blanks and plastic. FROM brining the circle helps to fight the editing with a diamond pencil. By the way, during dressing, you can remove the grooves and other irregularities in the circle. There are also special cutters for dressing grinding wheels.

    Anyone who is planning to sharpen tools, we advise you to re-read the portal articles on sharpening chains for chainsaws, ordinary saws and knives.

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