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Among the devices for searching for wiring, you can find both purely professional and household samples. The latter, although they have limited capabilities, can still be used quite successfully when self-repairing a home electrical network..

Wiring detectors belong to a highly specialized class of devices and are rarely used by ordinary people. Nevertheless, they can be very useful when doing DIY repairs, installing hinged interior parts, furniture or household appliances – where you need to mount to a wall or ceiling..

One type of wire detector works on the principle of finding discontinuities using ultrasound. In the process of operation, the device must be applied close to the wall, while searching on each new type of surface requires preliminary calibration. Unfortunately, most of the ultrasonic detectors are very expensive, which is why they are used only by professional installers..

Searching for communications in the wall using a detector

Another type of devices works on the principle of electromagnetic induction: it creates an electric field that induces currents on metal objects, and after turning off the generator, scans the return pickup. Such detectors can only be used to search for metal elements hidden in a dielectric array, including wiring. A special case – locators, consisting of a generator that supplies a signal of a certain frequency to the cable line, and a detector that is triggered when an interference from this signal is detected.

Detector of hidden communications with the generator

You need to understand that wiring detectors are quite complex devices, so you should not expect that in the budget segment of prices (up to 3000 rubles) it will be possible to find a universal device with a large scanning depth, high noise immunity and a complete absence of false alarms. Most of the samples we describe can get confused in the readings, provided that the wall is wet, or there is a metal mesh, reinforcement or foil insulation under the finish layer. But with finding a cable line in a brick wall, they all do very well..

Bosch Truvo

This is one of the most expensive (3000 rubles) in the budget segment, but at the same time reliable and accurate detectors. Uses the EM induction method, can distinguish between non-ferrous and ferrous metals, as well as wiring under mains voltage. Search indication is light and sound, the device is controlled by one single button. The highlight of this device is a three-color LED that works on the principle of a traffic light.

Bosch Truvo detectorBosch Truvo detector

Bosch Truvo is capable of detecting ferrous metals at a depth of 7 cm, non-ferrous metals up to 6 cm, live wiring up to 5 cm. Powered by three AAA AA batteries, it automatically switches off after 10 minutes of inactivity. It is enough to attach the device to the wall and turn it on by sliding the slider button, after which the device will automatically calibrate and will be ready for use – the indicator will turn green.

Bosch Truvo digital detector

The detector meets mostly positive reviews, but is rarely used by professional electricians and repairmen. The compactness and low weight of the device, good ergonomics are noted. For domestic use, this is one of the best options, but many are deterred by the relatively high cost..

E121 “Woodpecker”

At first glance, it seems like a “yellow” consumer goods, but in reality, this detector has helped out wiring masters more than once. The device works by the EM induction method, but does not have its own generator, which means that it can only find live wiring. In practice, the Woodpecker is used to determine the presence of voltage on the cable without removing the insulation. On the other hand, the device can be used to determine the permissibility of drilling: if it is silent, then with a probability of 99% there is no wiring in the wall.

E121 Hidden wiring signaling device E121 Woodpecker

The detector has 4 sensitivity levels: on the first it detects wiring at a distance of no more than 10 mm to the antenna, on the fourth – up to 350 mm, but with one caveat: in the open air. The specificity of the device operation is in the presence of an antenna, from the direction of which the device sensitivity can change significantly. The device fails in the presence of mesh and reinforcement in the wall, is not able to detect the wiring in the technological channels of reinforced concrete products, but in brick walls it easily finds wires at a depth of 40-50 mm. For its price of 500 rubles – a very decent detector.

ADA Wall Scanner 80 A00466

Another representative of the line of “serious” detectors in the low price segment. In fact, it is an analogue of the Bosch Truvo described above, including in terms of cost, but it differs in the ability to find wooden elements, plus the scanning depth of magnetic metals is higher – up to 80 mm. The principle of operation is not entirely clear, most likely, the detector uses an inductive generator and a sensor, but the ability to find a tree indicates the possible presence of an ultrasonic detector.

Metal, wire and wood detector ADA Wall Scanner 80Metal, wire and wood detector ADA Wall Scanner 80

The device copes well with its functions, including the search for a wooden crate under a layer of drywall. The business card is the backlit liquid crystal display, as well as a comfortable and durable case with anti-slip pads. Although the device does not have outstanding features, it looks like a professional piece of equipment. Powered by one 9 V battery “Krona”.

ADA Wall Scanner 80 A00466

Reviews of the detector are generally positive, but there is a low accuracy in detecting a gap between parallel wires and frequent false alarms for the slightest inclusions of metals. But by carefully scanning the site, you can figure out the location of the communications in the wall. It finds reinforcement in concrete well, and therefore is useful for drilling and drilling with crowns.

Mastech MS6812

This device stands out among the budget detector options, because in fact it is the simplest locator. Has a generator that connects to a dead line, and a probe probe that helps determine the direction of hidden wiring. At a cost slightly above 1000 rubles. this is a quite suitable device, which has practically no analogues at such a low price.

Cable tester-locator Mastech MS6812Cable tracker Mastech MS6812

It is powered by two Krona batteries and can work for a very long time on a single charge. Knows how to find places where the cable is broken: it stops giving a tone signal when passing along the damaged track. Good for exploring twisted pair and telephone wires, but has a shallow detection depth of hidden wiring.

Reviews of this cable tracker are controversial. Some craftsmen successfully use it to disconnect wires in boxes and automation panels, others use it to find breaks. At the same time, many people note that the presence of reinforcement or steel mesh in the wall greatly interferes with the operation of the device due to numerous interference.

TOPEX 94W120

The creation of a gloomy Polish genius, it is positioned as one of the most powerful wire and metal detectors with the ability to detect reinforcement at a depth of more than 100 mm. However, the low cost of 1,500 rubles. makes you wonder about the reliability of such outstanding characteristics.

Detector for detecting wood, live wires and metal TOPEX 94W120Detector for detecting wood, live wires and metal TOPEX 94W120

The device has a very interesting LED indication circuit, it can indicate the displacement of a hidden element in the scanned area. Has a smooth adjustment of the sensitivity and power of the generator, as well as three modes for searching for wiring, ferrous metals and wood. It is powered by a 9 V Krona battery, has a long operating time on one cell, which, again, casts doubt on the high power.

TOPEX 94W120

The opinion of the masters regarding this detector is twofold. He definitely copes well with the search for metal pipes and fittings at great depths, he knows how to determine the location of wooden mortgages even under two layers of drywall. But there are problems with the search for wiring: if there is voltage on the line, it confidently finds it at a depth of up to 30-40 mm, without stress it can fail, and if there is reinforcement, it shows the presence of wiring throughout the entire section of the wall.

MEGEON 40060

This is a more expensive version of the cable tracker with a cost of about 3000 rubles. The principle of operation is the same as that of the Mastech locator: at the beginning of the line, a generator is connected, powered by three AAA batteries, and then the track is examined using a receiving device. The probe is powered by a “Krona” battery.

MEGEON 40060MEGEON 40060

The advantage of the device is its very high power. The generator is capable of transmitting a signal with a line length of up to 1 km, while the detector is very sensitive and easily determines the position of the investigated line at a depth of 50–60 mm in the absence of metal inclusions. It is especially pleasant to have standard connectors for connecting telephone lines and twisted pair; the set also includes two crocodile clips. The list of functions of the device is very wide; it can detect short circuits and track broken twisted pair wires. Both the generator and the receiver have a sensitivity setting function.

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