Wood carving tools

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Wood carving requires not only skill, but also special tools. Some of them are well known to everyone, but there are also specific ones that are used exclusively for this type of folk art. Let’s try to figure it out and introduce you to the main types of tools that you will need if you want to try your hand at wood carving.

As the masters themselves note, there is no clear and uniform classification of instruments. Moreover, in different descriptions there are different names for the same type of instrument..


The main type of tool that is actively used during woodcarving is a knife. However, there are several types of them, which differ markedly both in purpose and in appearance..

Jamb knives.They feature a beveled blade with a cutting angle of up to 60 degrees. Frames are used in the flat-thread process to cut straight, long lines. Jams can also be used to process the side walls of existing grooves and fill in the contour.

Jamb knives

Cutting knives.They are also called carvers or simply knives. They all have a 35 degree cutting angle, but the shape and size may vary. Carvers consider such knives to be the main tool, each craftsman has his own favorite knife, which he can invariably use for many years.

Wood cutter knife

There are also Bogorodsk knivesand tatyanka.The name comes from the village of Bogorodskoye, famous for its wooden toys of the same name. Bogorodsky knives can have a different blade size, which varies depending on the subtlety of the work. Tatyanka is just a kind of Bogorodsky knife with a longer handle, which ensures maximum transfer of the master’s efforts to the cutting edge. Suitable for power threads.

Bogorodsk knives

Bogorodsk knives for wood carving

For beginners, woodcarving lovers, according to experts, a ready-made set of knives is suitable. You should try your hand, in fact, figure out which knife will be more convenient for you to work with, so such a kit at the first stage is the best choice.

A set of knives for wood carving

Carving knife set


Various chisels are also actively used in wood carving, of which there are also many types.

Straight chisels.They are flat and easily recognizable. Used in the process of leveling flat surfaces and for cleaning.

Straight chisels

Semicircular chisels.They come in a variety of sizes – from large to tiny. Both the bending radius and the height can vary for a semicircular chisel. Semicircular chisels are used for classic volumetric carving, but can also be used for flat-relief carving.

Semicircular chisels for wood carving

Cerazik.If the height of a semicircular chisel is much greater than the bend radius, it is usually called a tserazik.

Tserazik chisel

Chisels-joints.Suitable for geometric carving, blade cut is 45 to 70 degrees.

Oblique chisel

Oblique semicircular chisel

Cranberry chisels, they are klukarezy. This is another type of semicircular chisel with a curved blade. The width of the canvas is from two millimeters, and the bends in one direction or another are 120 degrees. Cluckars are used for deepening the background, cutting curly surfaces, processing bulges.



Corner chisels.They are widely used to create narrow grooves and lines in wood. They are also called geismus or esmus. The best bending angle of the master is called 45 degrees..

Corner chisel


As the name implies, this tool is used when cutting wooden spoons and other utensils, but can also be used where a round or semicircular hole needs to be cut in the wood. Spooners can be different, there are two main types – with a curved blade and circular. Craftsmen believe that the best spoon is just a sharpened ring to which a metal rod with a handle is welded.

Chisel spoon cutter

Spoon knife


They differ from the chisels with a mushroom-shaped handle, it is more convenient to work with it when you need to forcefully cut a thin line. For woodcarving graders, the bend angle is always 15 degrees. Note that the same metal and bone carving tools look completely different. Shtikhel are used in different types of threads and for different purposes..

Shtikhel on wood

The auxiliary tools that are used by master carvers include nichrome wire and a mold. Nichrome wire is needed for burning, if it is very hot, it easily burns through thin lines, cuts out the smallest patterns and details. The pattern is familiar to all draftsmen, it is a convenient and simple way to outline a pattern on wood for further carving.

Nichrome wire

Pattern for wood carving

We emphasize that real professionals who have been engaged in wood carving for many years usually do not use ready-made sets of tools. Craftsmen choose each tool for themselves, often make themselves for one type of work or another. But for beginners, as we have already written, a commercial set will be the best option. Then, already in the process of work, we are sure that you will perfectly figure out what’s what and you will be able to create your own set for cutting wooden masterpieces.

Wood carving tool set

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