Gypsum boards: features and scope

Gypsum boards: features

The composition of gypsum boards is simple:

  • gypsum – 83%;
  • shavings – 15%;
  • and 2% moisture.

All components are natural, so GSP can be confidently called a safe and environmentally friendly material. The production of gypsum boards in Russia was started in 2010 by the Peshelansky gypsum plant. Standard board thicknesses are 10 and 12 mm.

Gypsum boards: features

There are two types of GSP – conventional and moisture resistant. They have the following technical characteristics:

  • The density of both GSP and GSPV is no more than 1250 kg / m3.
  • The bending strength (mechanical stress) for slabs with a thickness of 10 mm is 8 MPa, for 12 mm – 7 MPa.
  • Linear expansion in the event of a change in the humidity level (RH30% -KR85%) does not exceed 0.07.
  • Release moisture (measured as a percentage of dry matter weight) does not exceed 2 plus or minus 0.5.
  • Swelling in thickness within two hours for GSP is 2.0, for GSPV – 0.2.
  • Water absorption for GSP within two hours – 30, for GSP – no more than 10.

The recommended price declared by the manufacturer is 150 rubles per square meter for a 10 mm GSP, and 170 rubles for a 12 mm one. Accordingly, the recommended price for a “square” GSPV is 160 and 180 rubles. The material is relatively inexpensive, and in terms of strength it exceeds the usual drywall and gypsum fiber boards.

Gypsum boards: features

Gypsum boards are intended for the following types of work:

  • arrangement of floor screed;
  • erection of internal interior partitions;
  • aligning the walls;
  • finishing of window and door slopes.

The manufacturer notes that GSP can also be used for ceiling decoration. However, according to user reviews, these plates are quite heavy – this is their main drawback. Therefore, it is difficult to mount GSP on the ceiling. However, usually there is simply no need for such a strong ceiling, you are not going to attach furniture to it. For such work, it is better to prefer lighter materials. According to reviews, the weight of one slab measuring 2.5×3 m can reach 55 kg.

Another drawback is that GSP is not suitable for exterior decoration; such plates can only be stored reliably by hiding them from direct moisture. In addition, gypsum boards just cannot be cut with a knife, they are too strong, you will have to use a saw or jigsaw. Therefore, it can be difficult to achieve perfectly straight edges for a piece of a particular size and shape. In the process of cutting there will be a lot of dust – gypsum, what can you do. No other shortcomings have yet been identified in this new building material, the reviews are mostly positive.

Gypsum boards: features

Plasterboard has more advantages:

  • the use of exclusively environmentally friendly materials;
  • GSP does not burn, so the material is fireproof;
  • the plates are mounted simply, even a non-professional can handle;
  • FGPV can even be used in bathrooms;
  • the material is resistant to impact;
  • good performance of heat and sound insulation;
  • after installation, a smooth and light surface is obtained, which greatly facilitates the finishing process.

Gypsum boards: features

Gypsum boards are an interesting and so far new material that, we think, deserves your attention..

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