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Who among us has not faced the problem of choosing a facade finish? The eternal question for any owner of a summer house or a country house: “Where to find material so that it is practical, easy to install and inexpensive?”.

I also had to face this problem when this spring I bought a dacha near Kaliningrad. I want to share with you the information that I have, so that you do not have to waste, like me, not your time or energy. I offer you a small excursion along the path of my research, I will lead you along the path of my search. I want to offer you an overview of modern facade decoration.

As you know, at the current turn of the time, the most common options for finishing facades are: wooden and plastic lining, metal and vinyl siding. This is the dilemma. What to choose? Who should you give preference to? At the same time, you need to take into account in which region I live. The Baltics are always damp and unpredictable tomorrow’s weather conditions. So, based on this, and starting from the requirements that our climate puts forward to me, I began to search.

The wooden lining was initially rejected by me, although it is traditionally Russian. Why, you ask. Because it does not withstand weather conditions well and requires annual renewal, yes, and given our climate. In addition, fire is its eternal enemy..
The metal lining seems to be not bad, but, again, the high cost, susceptibility to deformation upon impact and, most importantly, the threat of corrosion. No, it doesn’t fit again. What to do?

I go online and go on a trip to the websites of siding manufacturers. I do not hesitate for a long time and I prefer vinyl, as it is cheaper, not subject to deformation. And what is important – it accurately conveys the natural texture of wood, offers a wide variety of colors. While, metallic cannot provide an imitation of natural material. Stop one – “Mitten”. Canadian firm – manufacturer. I read and familiarize myself. Okay, I like it. True, the choice of color is small. I’m going further. “Gentek”. Also originally from Canada and, practically, a twin brother to the previous manufacturer. Let’s see what lies ahead. Vox and Variform are interesting, nice companies with tempting offers. But, somehow, they did not touch my heart, exhausted by the search, they did not hook. So, what’s this? Russian – Belgian company “Tecos”. Interesting. Only the fact that what you read contains a dear and dear word “Russian” makes you stop. Great, I like everything. Rich choice. One thing confuses – the cost. At the present time, in the era of the global financial crisis, and even with my very smart salary, you don’t have a lot of fun.

I follow further, hoping for “Lady Luck” and for the help of the Almighty. Here, I seem to have found what I was looking for. “Docke” – Russian-German production. And if you consider that all vinyl is made on the equipment of Austria and Germany, I begin a thorough study. What immediately catches your eye is the abundance of awards. Here you will find the “Golden Brand of the Year”, and “People’s Brand”, and “Company of the Year”. You immediately feel trust. Moving on. Siding “Döcke” is focused precisely on an unpredictable and capricious climate (exactly what I need). Conforms to all standards and certificates required in Russia. The outer layer of the siding is made using a special technology, which provides it with maximum resistance to temperature extremes, humidity and exposure to sunlight, and has noise insulation properties. Thanks to its innovative design, Döcke siding is easy to install and operate. The new “anti-hurricane castle” allows it to withstand any weather conditions (just for the Baltics, with its constant squally winds). Selected color combinations. And I just can’t believe there is a written guarantee for 25 years.

Wow! And look at the names: “Creme brulee”, “Kiwi”, “Lemon”, “Plombir”, “Caramel”, you read and involuntarily lick your lips, the most important thing is that this name of a color pair is easy to remember. Really “delicious siding”. Well, and the most important thing is the price. Taking into account the main facade panels, finishing materials, components, delivery, preparatory work for siding and its installation, the price can vary from $ 14 to $ 25 per 1 sq.m. depending on the complexity of the work performed and the wishes of the customer. All. I made my choice. Come and see what harmony I have with Döcke siding at my dacha. “Blueberry” in combination with slopes and corners “Plombir”. You are jealous! So don’t waste your time looking for the best. I made my choice, now the word is yours.

Vinyl siding portal www.siding.ru


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