What temperature should the hot water be in the apartment

What temperature should the hot water be in the apartment

It is good if your house has a gas water heater, storage or instantaneous electric water heater. In this case, you can independently monitor the temperature of hot water, save, if necessary, make it hotter if desired. But most of the townspeople in this matter depend on the work of utilities, on what hot water is supplied to them through pipes..

There are very clear standards regarding hot water and its quality, specified in SanPiN–09 “Hygienic requirements for ensuring the safety of hot water supply systems”. There are also changes to SanPiN The specified standards are valid for all, without exception, centralized hot water supply systems (STsGV).

What temperature should the hot water be in the apartment

So, according to the norms in force in our country, the temperature of the centrally supplied hot water to the apartment should be from 60 ° C to 75 ° C. This is a clear indicator, which is regulated by the norms adopted by the state..

However, deviations are allowed:

  • At night, from 00:00 to 05:00 – 5 ° С.
  • During the day, that is, the rest of the day – 3 ° С.

How to measure, check the temperature of hot water? After all, hot water meters ignore this indicator and simply count the cubic meters entering the apartment. It is necessary to use either a thermometer with a graduation of up to 70-100 degrees, or a thermocouple for a multimeter, or a culinary probe to measure the temperature of the food being prepared..

Important! Do not forget to drain the water for 1-2 minutes before measuring the temperature.

What temperature should the hot water be in the apartment

After you have measured the temperature of hot water and found out that it is below 57-60 ° С during the day and 55 ° С at night, you need to do something about it. After all, no one wants to pay for utilities of low quality. The sequence of actions in this case is as follows:

  1. Contact the housing authority, the management company. This can also be done by phone. If there is an accident on the line, utilities know about a drop in water temperature and the reasons for this, you will simply be notified and asked to wait until everything is working out, the problems will be eliminated.
  2. Important! According to government decree No. 354 (adopted on May 6, 2011), interruptions in the supply of hot water are allowed for a total of 8 hours per month or 4 hours at a time. In the event of an accident – within 24 hours, and during annual preventive maintenance – for 14 days.
  3. If there is no emergency, the reasons for the decrease in the temperature of hot water are unknown, the housing office or the management company will not take your word for it and will require specialists to measure the temperature of hot water in your apartment. In this case, a phone call may not be enough. In order to ensure that your application is accurately accepted, it must be made in writing and registered..
  4. Temperature measurement, according to the rules, should be carried out no later than 2 hours after the user’s request. However, in reality, you almost always have to wait for the arrival of representatives of housing and communal services or a management company. The time of their visit must be agreed so that the owners of the apartment are at home.
  5. After measuring the water temperature, an act is drawn up, one of the copies of which necessarily remains with the applicant.
  6. If representatives of housing and communal services or the management company have not paid you a visit to measure the temperature of hot water, you can draw up an act on your own by inviting two witnesses, a board member of the HOA, ZhK, ZhSK or the chairman of the council of residents of an apartment building.
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What temperature should the hot water be in the apartment

The main purpose of drawing up an act and fixing the fact that the temperature of hot water does not correspond to the established standards is to recalculate payments for low-quality utilities. If, after measuring the water temperature in the presence of representatives of housing and communal services, a refusal to recalculate was recorded in the act, you can write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor and demand to repeat the measurement..

Recalculation rates:

  • If the water temperature is fixed at a level below 40 ° C, it should be paid for at the same rate as cold.
  • For every 3 ° C deviation from the established norm, payment should be reduced by 0.1%.
  • For each hour of exceeding the norm of a break in the supply of hot water, the payment is reduced by 0.15%.

What temperature should the hot water be in the apartment

The amount of recalculation will be indicated in a separate column in the document for payment of utilities. If you disagree with how much the payment has been reduced, you will have to go to the management company or the housing office again to get an explanation. Recalculation is carried out for the entire time that has passed since the moment of submission of the written application.

Important! The organization that maintains the house is responsible for the water supply systems in the house. The resource supplying organization is responsible for external engineering systems. It depends on what caused the interruptions in the supply of hot water, who will compensate for the losses..

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that if it was not possible to achieve recalculation for insufficiently hot water in communal structures, do not give up! If you are confident that you are right, go to Rospotrebnadzor, the Prosecutor’s Office, the State Housing Inspection of your region.

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