Advantages of PVC windows

Have you replaced the old wooden windows with plastic ones? Not! Why? PVC plastic windows are one of the most popular windows in the construction market! Why are they so popular??

Advantages of PVC windows

PVC plastic windows got their name from the main material of polyvinyl chloride. The main qualities of polyvinyl chloride are durability, fire resistance, resistance to moisture and temperature extremes. Due to these properties, polyvinyl chloride is used in glazing structures for door and window openings. PVC windows are made from it.

The main elements of a PVC window are fittings, a double-glazed window, sealing profiles, drips, a window sill.

Double-glazed windows in PVC windows

Double-glazed windows in PVC windows are made at the customer’s choice. Depending on the requirements, you can choose the number of cameras and the type of glass. Two paired glasses with dry air between them are called a chamber. The ability to maintain a warm microclimate in the building depends on the number of cameras in PVC windows. Also, the number of cameras in a glass unit affects the sound insulation of a PVC window.

  • Tempered, reflective, energy-saving, laminated (triplex) glass is used for double-glazed windows..
  • Tempered glass, due to heat treatment, has a stronger glass structure.
  • Reflective glass, thanks to its thin metal coating, can reflect the rays of the sun.
  • Energy-saving glass, thanks to a special coating, keeps the room warm.
  • Laminated (triplex) glass, due to the film in the glass and its dense structure, is highly resistant to impact and damage. Also, such glass can be ordered bulletproof.

If the glass in the PVC window is damaged, the glass unit can be replaced easily and quickly. Fast repair of a double-glazed window is an important advantage of PVC windows. Glasses in a glass unit of PVC windows are connected with a metal profile.

Replacing glass in a PVC window

In PVC windows, the frame and fittings are made of metal-plastic. This combination material takes into account all the features of operation. Metal provides a reliable and durable PVC window construction. The metal frame is not subject to dimensional change. Plastic protects the metal from moisture and corrosion. This is how durability is obtained. The service life of PVC windows reaches 30 years.

In the construction of PVC windows for sealing joints, rubber sealing profiles are provided. They prevent the penetration of moisture and wind into the glass unit. They also provide sound insulation..

The structure of PVC windows includes an ebb. It protects the PVC window from precipitation and moisture accumulation on the windowsill. The ebb also prevents the destruction of the window opening in the wall.

Plastic drips

It is easy to open the window with a convenient hardware device. This is required to ventilate the room. The PVC window set includes a mosquito net. It prevents insects from entering during ventilation.

The window sill included in the PVC window kit will beautifully fit into the interior of the room. You can grow indoor flowers on it.

Installation of plastic windows

PVC windows are quick and easy to install. This significantly reduces installation time. All windows in the house can be changed in a day.

Applying PVC windows in your home, you get modern and durable windows! They meet all high performance and consumer requirements!

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