Aluminum profile and its advantages

The use of facade glass in the design of various buildings and architectural structures has become widespread. And this is no coincidence. After all, such a solution ensures a flawless appearance of the building and its durability. Plus, it’s very modern..

Aluminum profile and its advantages

The variety of systems for this kind of facade allows architects to create a unique look for shopping centers, offices, private houses, public buildings and so on. Aluminum systems are used for glazing the facades of buildings. They are made of quality materials that are distinguished by high technical performance.

Facade glazing made of such materials provide sound insulation, retain heat in the premises. With them, adverse weather conditions cannot cause harm. Why aluminum, you ask? This material has such important characteristics as: lightness, strength, thermal insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance. That is why good companies use aluminum for the production of facade glazing profiles..

There are the following types of facade glazing: structural, post-transom, semi-structural.

Let’s take a quick look at each system. The post-transom system includes: posts and transoms, which make up an aluminum frame. The clamp has decorative overlays, which, depending on the requirements, can be of different colors, shapes and widths.

Aluminum profile and its advantages

Semi-closed post-transom glazing is characterized by a combination of two systems: structural and transom, here the glass units are fixed with vertical or horizontal clamping strips.

You have, of course, seen buildings that looked like one solid glass wall. This glazing method is called structural. The aluminum profile is not used here. Incredible design makes the building facade ultra-modern.

If you need a large space for glazing, then an aluminum profile in this case is perfect. Thanks to such property as thermal insulation, aluminum profiles allow you to keep heat and save energy. In terms of protection against weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, aluminum is superior to wood and plastic. In addition, aluminum façade systems are precise, reliable in assembly and practical to use..

The profile in question is the safest material, since it has a high fire resistance. This quality gives the aluminum profile another advantage over wood or plastic profiles. Aluminum facades are very technological, but at the same time have a simple structure. In addition to ordinary built-in windows, building facades can contain arched and dormer windows, which are perfectly combined with each other.

Among all the companies specializing in the production of aluminum profiles, there are leaders who produce profiles using the extrusion method.

Aluminum profile and its advantages

The profiles of such companies are a high-quality product, for the production of which primary raw materials are used..

There are a number of positive aspects in the glazing of facades: coatings are presented in a wide range of colors, glass for facades can be both tinted and mirrored, a wide range of sizes and shapes of facades. The protective functions of aluminum make the facade fire-resistant, resistant to temperature changes, and retain the heat of your building. The weight of the aluminum profiles is relatively low, therefore the building foundation is subject to minimal stress. In many similar buildings, transoms are equipped with remote control.

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